good Friday evening everyone right now the temperatures have started to drop already the Sun went down just about an hour ago and the temperature is already dropped by a couple of degrees 28 degrees right now in the capital city we got just above freezing for the highs today also 28 degrees in Great Falls statewide temperatures are just about in the 20s right now now the big weather changes have not began just yet there’s lots to come though overnight tonight and into tomorrow so there’s a winter weather advisory for eastern Montana southern Montana and north central Montana for the weekend so lots of snow coming in for the next couple of days predominantly here in north-central Montana especially near Lewistown where the snow is going to be sticking around a little bit longer so this area is going to get hit a little bit harder with that snowfall so timing that out that’s really going to be starting in the next couple of hours here you can see on the radar here already starting to move in to Billings from the south the snow is kind of coming from our south and southwest is that low moves in from our south here so overnight tonight is when it’s really going to pick up you can see this large band of snow kind of moving through the state late tonight and then that will continue overnight into tomorrow morning so starting a little bit earlier in Helena than other areas in north-central Montana but are we moving in a little bit earlier and moving out a little bit earlier as well so folks around the capital city won’t be seeing as much of the snowfall as other areas in eastern Montana and north central Montana and especially Lewistown so for the weekend it’s really going to be snow here you can see this band kind of developing this band of snowfall as this low moves through so you can see large band of snow and also kind of transitioning to some rain as well for other areas in the Midwestern United States we’re going to be getting some snow here though and it’ll be sticking around all day Saturday into Sunday it’s a snowy start to the month of December here for this weekend so Sunday it will start to taper off by the afternoon hours but we still do have a chance of some snowflakes sticking around for Monday morning as well for the first full week of December here so it is going to be pretty snowy Saturday and Sunday but it should start to quiet down by Monday and we will get some drier weather for the middle of next week here now here’s some of the snowfall totals we’re looking at really not going to be as heavy in the capital city as other areas as I mentioned Lewistown good was really going to get some of the heaviest snowfall because that band of snow is really going to be focused on that area of north-central Montana but other areas going to get some pretty significant snowfall as well so kicking off the month of December with some December e weather here so for tonight temperatures are going to be in the mid 20s for the most part it should say clear for the next couple of hours but that snow will be rolling in later on so in the next couple of hours that’s really going to pick up and continue into tomorrow morning so probably going to be waking up to some snowy conditions for Saturday and tomorrow once that snow rolls in that’s really going to cool things off here we are going to have a chilly weekend temperatures really not breaking above the freezing point for most areas tomorrow maybe by a couple of degrees but for the most part we are going to stay below freezing here for a while we have about a week of below freezing temperatures even the highs not getting above freezing here for the next couple of days so anything that falls this weekend will be here to stay for at least the next week or so so here’s a seven-day forecast we are going to get that snow this weekend and then tapering off by Monday morning late Sunday night potentially it’s gonna be snowy and then the chill after that lows down in the single digits and even below zero for next week it’s going to be a brutal beginning to December really just we’ve had this calm weather here for the last couple of days but starting off December it is going to be coming in hot or coming in cold I guess you could say more accurate well good I’m glad I like the cold well good then a little bit cool some people do that’s right well it’s all about me so yes and it’s all about you now Sam what we got coming up backboards coming up next we’ll get you set and psyched for Montana State football