Visioneer dead battery on a microphone it happens to the best of us alright back to the weather 56 we’ve got mostly cloudy skies now mostly cloudy around Great Falls as well 54 degrees southwest wind 15 miles per hour and Great Falls we had some gusts up over even 30 miles per hour so 50s and 60s here air quality is good now over the last several days you’ve been following along in the western part of the state we’ve had moderate – air quality because of a a little buildup of air stagnation here allowing some of the smoke from prescribed burns to get down into the valley locations well the wind has scoured all of that pollution out looking at the radar and here we go we’ve got a little in the way of some precipitation moving through Washington here into northern Idaho and some of this rain shower activity will move through western Montana overnight tonight otherwise fairly quiet here around the Northern Rockies and the western US looking at future track so the clouds have moved in and here comes some of the rain here notice this little gap in between the shower around cup Bank down through Great Falls there will be some down sloping some Mountain shadowing here as the precipitation comes down off the mountains it kind of dries up here a little bit so right off of the Rocky Mountain Front including around the Capital Area just east of the Continental Divide there will be a little shadowing so to speak here as far as precipitation goes so a little more in central Montana a little more in the western part of the state until Friday evening may get a few of these rain showers coming into the Hell in a valley and spilling across north-central Montana and going all the way into Saturday morning still some rain showers around and yeah even a little higher mountain snow however the rain showers will move out quickly look at that by noontime on Saturday we’re looking at mainly dry conditions and the Sun coming back out so we came not looking that bad here’s the forecast for tonight 30s and 40s here for just about everybody temperatures on the mild side look at that Lewistown 43 degrees with some rain showers after midnight and will be in the 40s around the capital here with again temperatures staying quite mild here for this time of year into Friday mostly cloudy skies temperatures once again still on the warm side 50s and sick he’s another windy day some rain showers mainly on the Continental Divide west of the divide couple them will spill down east of the Continental Divide Saturday morning a few showers around but very quickly those showers will clear out here’s the cold front and that will be pushing out of southeastern Montana through the late morning hours into the afternoon not too much colder behind that front highs in the upper 50s to right around 60 degrees it will be windy on Saturday and then Sunday I mentioned out the Pacific parade of storms coming our way here comes another storm moving in later on Sunday so it’ll be a little window here Saturday Saturday afternoon into Sunday morning and then for Monday we’ve got another front coming through temperatures a little cooler 40s to right around 50 maybe a mix of some rain and snow showers here’s the seven-day forecast for the capital so about 63 for tomorrow and some rain showers around windy mostly cloudy a couple of showers into Saturday morning before Saturday afternoon is pretty nice it will be colder in the mountains over the course of the weekend Sunday looking at some showers moving in late and all the way tala we next Wednesday it’s not looking so good maybe a couple of mixed rain and snow showers coming through on Wednesday and then for Great Falls a few rain showers around tomorrow windy Saturday will be a windy but partly to mostly sunny day and then some rain showers coming through Sunday into Monday right now if you’re planning for Halloween plan on a little wet weather I’ll give this back to you right now go team that’s what teamwork is all about and that’s why we thrive here at k2 yeah thanks for that Kurtis and speaking of thriving we got a big plate of sports coming up ahead of us don’t we say yeah yeah any we do we’re gonna have to take a look we’re gonna take a look at a capital city soccer highlights