welcome back to weather everyone the other Curtis Andy Kurtis filling in for Kurtis greven it’s tonight and if you’re one of the many coming into hell enough for the Governor’s Cup tomorrow I’d like to say welcome here’s a live look at Centennial Park where the annual Kids Fun Run is going on right now it’s well actually it starts at 7 o’clock but you can see some of the kids a really rare and to go here behind me and temperatures aren’t back 57 in the capital city right now but it’s pretty overcast and there’s some rain clouds looming in the distance that’s because well we can be expecting rain tonight and into tomorrow up in Great Falls well you know it’s nicer than that but temperatures are 58 degrees not as gloomy you know even though it looks like it then down in the capital city but not too different temperatures around the state following suit I mean the big thing is that it’s a lot colder today than it was yesterday we’re seeing 30 degree temperature drops in some areas like like Dillon in just 24 hours but right now I’ll get my lanky body out of the way you can see Jordans 63 buttes 40 Bozeman’s 45 so not freezing by any means but definitely a colder drop in temperature as we are getting closer to summer now here’s a big story I assume if you’re watching me right now this is the big reason finding out what the weather is for this weekend it’s gonna be rainy sort of Doppler radar what we’re looking out there right now scattered showers across the majority of the state central Montana you see down here in Helena nothing too bad just more clouds and a few drops of rain than anything the nastier stuff is out to the east and there’s a little tiny right there just a sliver of a severe thunderstorm warming warning that is down in the eastern southern corner of the state that’s going to be the rarity but a majority of the nastier thunderstorms are going to be out to the east part but central Montana isn’t going to be without its rain coming into tonight into tomorrow now future track here’s what we’re looking at right there harder fallen stuff is around Bozeman but like I just mentioned Helena Great Falls central Montana we’re going to be seeing just a few drops some scattered stuff tonight and into tomorrow very early they should start to actually trickle off tonight but it still will be a cloudy conditions and some snow up into the mountains as we get into Saturday race day for many of us yes full disclosure I’m running in the 5k with my beautiful wife to be and that’s what makes saying this so hurtful because I know it’s going to be cold tomorrow marathon runners I believe it starts around 6 o’clock now I’m you guys and gals should be ok rain wise but it’s gonna be chilly chilly conditions so make sure you dress for the weather and that’s gonna be the story for the rest of us I believe the 5k starts at 10 o’clock at least that’s when I’ll be starting it so I’m gonna be dressing up wearing dressing up Curtis wives but dressing up in a hooded sweatshirt something like that to stay warm I’m hoping I really am hoping that we’ll stay dry it sure looks like that because those scattered storms or scattered showers that is are gonna be coming back into the area or later Saturday afternoon after the race should finish off they should stop as we get into Saturday night and then into Sunday look at that clear skies Sunday Funday living up to the name should be sunny should be a little bit warmer great way to end the weekend future forecast for tonight temperatures are gonna be colder around the area dropped a couple degrees from where we’re at right now 30s up a northwestern part of the states we’re gonna see 40 degrees around here so just a combination of high 30s low 40s is going to be the norm and then we get into tomorrow’s forecast temperatures in situation weather situation wise be very similar to today some rain showers overcast conditions temperatures in the high 50s low 60s so really not too bad if you could have stay dry and stay moving which won’t be a problem for us run in the race seven-day forecast high of a 50/50 8:00 tomorrow in the capital city Sunday looking good it gets even better as we start that workweek which seems to be the case all the time and then heading up a Great Falls very similar 58 some scattered showers colder temperatures tomorrow especially at night but then hey look at that once we’re back and we’re back at work it inside buildings it’s 40 74 a.m. yeah could have you been practicing for the run I practice it the world is my gym all righty so I’m always practice I’m excited to hear you talk thank I’ll bring it and post it until everybody on Monday wear your medal yeah I will and guess what you want to see some other athletes football never stop saying some future football stars will get a chance to show what they got in Bozeman that’s coming up next with me in sports