all right welcome back everybody happy made to all it was another chilly morning here for a lot of the stage all right maybe not everybody hit zero but take a look at this Newland Creek that’s out in the little belt Mountains northeast of White Sulphur Springs zero was the overnight low last night into this morning yes that’s cold but almost historically cold that zero is the coldest Montana May temperature recorded in the entire state since 2006 now to put that into perspective the coldest ever temperature recorded in Montana in the month of May five below zero in Polebridge and that happened on May 1st back in 1954 so this morning was one of the coldest ever recorded in the month of May here in Montana that’s saying something in the capital one degree off of a record low the record this morning was 20 and we hit 21 currently 52 and it feels a little cooler than that with that west wind gusting up over 30 miles per hour Great Falls had some great sunshine earlier now the clouds have moved in and we’re at 50 or 51 here so 40s and 50s even 38 down in West Yellowstone still significantly below average but a lot warmer today then Sunday when we all were looking at highs in the 20s and 30s remember that blizzard yeah that was just a few days ago up across north-central Montana not a blizzard but I do have a couple of sprinkles and a few mixed rain and snow showers especially up on the Continental Divide a lot of this should quiet down here through the overnight hours the big picture showing another round of severe weather down into the deep south yesterday 25 tornadoes officially confirmed in the deep south and a few additional tornado warnings down there Texas and Oklahoma here’s what will happen though for Montana obviously you want to look at Montana here but also look off towards the north and you’ll see that big spin that big circulation in Sterne Canada that is really driving our weather that’s not going anywhere so notice as we go through tomorrow here we’ll have a little in the way of some mixed rain and snow showers maybe a rumble of thunder here we are for Thursday afternoon tomorrow so a little piece of energy comes down around that bigger circulation still we’ve got that big circulation here on Friday and another piece of energy will come down here Friday night into Saturday morning here’s the front and it will likely be cold enough by Friday night ten o’clock after midnight for a little snow around have her around Lewistown around Great Falls maybe around the Capitol Saturday morning could have a little mix of some rain and snow and then that will go away by Saturday afternoon snowfall accumulation near that low look at that accumulation up off towards the North not much going on by Sunday maybe all along the Canadian border but heading into Sunday night and Monday we could have a little additional snow accumulation down off of the Rocky Mountain Front here’s the forecast for tonight temperatures down into the 30s some mixed rain and snow showers here early this evening not as cold as last night fortunately but still in the 20s and the 30s for much of the state so another frosty morning and here’s the forecast for Thursday scattered showers maybe a thunderstorm a little in the way of some snow shower activity up into the mountains it will be a breezy if not windy day here for a lot of the state Friday actually not so bad ahead of that front look at all the locations in the 50s and the 60s but here comes this front late Friday night into Saturday morning a little mix of some rain and snow Friday night into Saturday morning Saturday more clouds a little cooler a little warmer though if you’re heading out ahead of that front look at Missoula and Dillon at 67 and then Cinco DeMayo could be stinko DeMayo for a few locations with yet another front coming in late on Sunday I’ll be honest with you like I always have it’s a little difficult to time outs all of these fronts that’s coming through because of that big area of low pressure just kind of grabbing energy and it’s sending it down our way so I’m thinking the timing Friday night into Saturday morning then again Sunday evening ish into Monday morning will be the time of the next front and for Great Falls again Friday night into Saturday that front comes through we have a little break Saturday into Sunday morning before another front comes through with the potential of more mixed rain and snow keeping us on our toes Thank You Curtis and same way