yeah that was some fresh video from just north of Lincoln yesterday then I took be very careful the avalanche conditions but I know on December 1st especially right around the Lincoln area could get up there into that Copper Creek area so snowmobilers watch out because you do have that frequent a weak layer that is persisting underneath all of that new snow and we’ve got a big area of low pressure out here in the Pacific what that will mean initially is windy and warm conditions for parts of the state tomorrow not so much wind and not so much said he warmth around the capital current temperature of 32 degrees and it will likely stay inverted for most of the day tomorrow meaning cold air trapped in the valley locations but we’ve got wind and we’ve got relative warmth in Great Falls 42 degrees lotion drop for tonight much lower than that current number right there how about Cut Bank claim to fame and one of the coldest locations in the country in the nation and we’ve got the warmest number here on the map 46 degrees and that’s because of the down sloping winds coming off of the Rocky Mountain Front right there Butte down to 19 already it was 2 below this morning in Butte America there are the current winds and where we’ve got the colder conditions it is calm allowing that cold air to sink and settle down in the valley locations but where we’ve got win like Billings Livingston Great Falls and cutbank temperatures are considerably warmer speaking of cup Bank speaking of Shelby Montana and sweetgrass and Conrad around the Browning area up through st. Mary and East Glacier this is where we’ve got a high wind warning just recently had a wind gust again right near the heart Butte area of 81 miles per hour if you’re keeping track at home that is a hurricane-force wind speed and anytime you get up above 75 miles per hour look like I had a couple of sprinkles maybe a few flakes coming off of the Rocky Mountain Front a very dry airmass so not a lot of that reaching the ground the weather pattern is favoring west of the divide right now and you could see west of the Continental Divide around Spokane’s where we’ve got a little rain some higher elevation snow and some rain out around Seattle also some rain into Northern California and the snow maker from Montana this weekend remember Friday night Saturday we had a bit a bit of snow come through well that storm moved through the Great Lakes and is now up into the north producing some good snow for interior New England here’s what happened in Montana and the West windy conditions here for tonight and tomorrow mostly cloudy skies again the Valley locations Helena Valley down through around the Deer Lodge Valley looking at calm conditions here with a little inversion until about Tuesday evening that’s when the pressure change will kind of scour out those inversions may see a couple of snow showers come down around the Capital Area tomorrow evening into early Wednesday morning Wednesday is partly cloudy and windy and notice all the stormy weather snow and some rain down towards the South here California getting some much-needed rain this system could bring some light snow up to around Montana by the time we get into Friday evening here’s the forecast for tonight these are overnight lows here at the end of November staying around 40 degrees so fairly warm that’s the windy and the warm here part of the storm outs across the High Line here northeast Montana where we don’t have any wind temperatures will be down into the teens and 20s tonight a mild night for Lewistown standards 35 overnight and the capital will dip down into the 20s here tonight here is Tuesday’s forecast we’re in the warm sector the warm front is pushed off towards the north and east here comes the cold front that will move through the state Tuesday nights bringing wind into the Valley location but the warm 56 Great Falls 51 in cutbank 52 in the have our area some late evening snow showers so along the Continental Divide maybe down around the lower elevations of parts of Lewis and Clark County Broadwater Jefferson County as well Wednesday it’s a windy day a couple of mountain snow showers in the western part of the state here high temperatures above average but not really feeling that great because we’ve got that wind to deal with here for Thursday partly cloudy skies temperatures in the 30s and the 40’s and then for Friday that low pressure coming up through the Rockies could produce some light snow here moving through the western part of the state late in the afternoon and the evening so the seven-day forecast for the capital up to about 44 degrees tomorrow tomorrow night and into Wednesday morning maybe a couple of snow showers and then it’s not until Friday Saturday and Sunday that the temperatures will cool down and we’ll see some snow showers developing continuing potentially through the weekend here kind of looks like a colder or wintry weekend for the meteorological start of winter which is December 1st that’s Saturday so it looks a little wintry and cooler and snowy and then the rest of us have to wait until December 21st is the meteorologist I know if they have all the fun all right thanks Curtis yeah well we got coming up next in sports yeah coming up next we’ll have the bull the Calgary Stampeders won the Grey Cup and what it means for one former um player coming up next