Claudia: OK delegates, please
take your seats. My name is Claudia Webb and I
will be chairing for this afternoon. Conference, as you may have
gathered … There’s been some big news today. So to explain our Conference how
we will respond to this, please
welcome back Harry done salad son, chair of the CAC. Later I: Conference I present
to you at the end of the CAC with amended
agenda for this afternoon’s business. Copies have been provided to
delegates as they entered the hall, I’m
aware early copies have incorrect date
this, has corrected on later copies, can I remind all delegates in the hall
that to remind you to take your seats by
3.50pm for the leader’s speech. The leader’s speech will be
heard at 4pm as indicated, Conference will continue as timetabled tomorrow,
and CAC5 tomorrow morning will provide a detailed agenda. We’re sought to minimise any
changes this afternoon, we hope the Conference understands and
accept this change and as a result of the ruling this
morning as just been indicated by the chair. Conference will
continue tomorrow to ensure that all the important business of
Conference is concluded. Please come to the CAC office
should will be any queries at all arising from this, thank you
Conference. CHAIR: Thank you Harry and
thanks for the hard work the Conference arrangement committee
and its staff have done to respond so quickly to this
situation. Thank you. >>: He was a mischeffous man,
fantastic debater, especially in the House of Commons …
>>: People know they have lost a friend. Someone who was on
their side. They know it and they feel it. >>: I therefore declare that
John Smith is elected the Leader of the Labour Party.>>: He is the deep valued Prime
Minis Devalued Prime Minister of a devalued Government.
>>: The Prime Minister certainly has his work cut out. Much the same Eddie the Eagle
had. In attempting to win the gold
at the winter Olympics a few years ago.>>: When I was old they all
came around me and that helped me. And I also know there are more
important things in life than politics and that’s a fundamentally thing
for politicians. >>: That is why the Labour
Party’s priority is investment. Investment in training, in
education, in research, and in regional development.>>: In a lot of the things we
celebrate now a number of people pointed out it was John who was
the first Shadow Chancellor to accept the
principle of the national minimum wage.>>: Well we know what can be
done, and the only question the Tories are asking can it be
afforded.>>: There is no other course,
there is no other power, there is no other party that can turn
this country around. It is up to us. All of us. Together.
This is our time of opportunity. The time to summon up all our
commitments, the time to gather around us all us,
and united in our purpose it is the
time to lead our country forward to the
great tasks that lie ahead. I think of the words of John
Smith, all I ask is the opportunity to
serve. (APPLAUSE) CHAIR: Thank you Conference. John Smith paved the way for the Labour Government to follow and
that chain that Labour continues to deliver today. change that Labour continued to
governance today. We come to the international panel which is
one of the highlights of Conference as we get the chance
to broaden our vision away from the pressing matters of national
policies to look at the life and death
struggles of people from around the world. Labour is proud to be an
internationalist party and I’m pleased to report that we have over 200
international visitors to Conference this year. We have visitors from sister
parties ranging from all bana to
Zimbabwe and diplomatics delegations from embassies and high commissioners in London
. We are, you are all very welcome. In particular, I want to welcome
the three excellent international speakers we have for you for this
afternoon, I’m going to introduce each of them
in turn before they speak, but the
common theme, the common theme they are going to address can be
summed up in just one word. Liberation. We know of the incredible
struggles that so many people went through in order to win their freedom from
colonial rule, including freedom from the
British Empire. Today’s Labour Party salutes,
salutes those who took part in the national
liberation struggles, that secured freedom for their peoples often at terrible
personal cost. Yet for many around the world the fight for
national liberation is far from over. And each of our international
speakers this afternoon is going to
address one aspect of that continuing struggle. Our first speaker from Ghana, who is head
of the political economy unit of the
Third World world African section and is going to talk
about the continuing struggle for economic liberation
being waged today by communities across the global south, Conference, please
give a warm welcome to JC, you have the
floor. (APPLAUSE)>>: Thank you very much. It is a great honour to be here.
Not because I’m in Britain but because what I heard on the
floor of the Conference yesterday the debates
interventions insistence on internationalism, not simply
being a moral obligation of working class people, of socialist, of the
Labour Party but also as a fundamental requirement of your own
liberation from liberalism and austerity here in Britain. So, and I think that the debates
I listened to yesterday with delegate after delegate from the
community Labour Party’s and the doctors roots of the party insisting on the primacy,
of the unity of working people is with
a animates, the pleasure and honour of being here, but precisely what
animates our solidarity together of the so when I heard … Interest what I heard about the interventions on Yemen, on-line,
on Kashmir, where there has
actually been another earthquake today, one of the things I’m reminded on is that
there is no limit to the kind of chaos
and destruction that the global system, that neoliberalism and
Capitalism can visit on ordinary people and working people’s
lives and conditions anywhere in the world. Of course, of course it will be
no surprise to you at all in Africa
we face the brunt of such deprivation, a few months ago we saw in Mozambique
the destruction brought by cyclone, we saw an entire city, razed to the
ground, 90% of the city totally
destroyed. There was a description of the experience the first city that
was destroyed by climate change. We see the affect of rising
temperatures of erattic rainfall and violent weather patterns,
for example in the fact today two mill people
face famine in Somalia and skim bag way, hundreds and thousands
more are imperilled in places like malLouis and yet in Malawi, we know it came
to pass they are in this situation,
under the aegis of the world trade federation, British
Government, yes, these people have been forced to privatise agriculture, sell off stocks,
disinvest in services like met logical services and continue
the plunder of the international resource toss pay for debt and so on and so forth, in other
words, what we face, is a relentless
and unstoppable assault on the conditions of working people
everywhere in the world, and on the conditions of their lifehood because really, what unites us
also, is precisely because we are the one whose produce the
wealth. We are the also … We are also the ones who whose
efforts to assure social standards and social investments
in public services is being taken away from us. So, it is
not simply about the privatisation and the
eradication of essential services in places like malLouis
you have the other thing the darling project of the British
Government so far until a few months’ time or fee weeks when
you put the next Government in place … Which is which is the
internationalism of PFI, in the name of public
partnerships across the length and breadth of Africa we find
what happened is duplicated and replicated,
multi-flied, visited on the most vulnerable populations in the
world. It is not just that, it is also
the predatory practices of British and EU and other
companies in Africa. So, on a daily basis with he see that people are dying from this
silent death from pollution, one of the
greatest killer in Africa, why is this
so, because companies like BP and so on, continue to wreck the
environment in Africa. In the process, and in the
process comrades there is also a race to
the bottom. It was destroyed not because of the privatisation
of the ports and unemployment generated in the
city, it is because ago culture has collapsed in the country,
people are rushing into the cities and there’s no
infrastructure, unless it is done by companies
from profit. Unless we challenge these things in the
course of the race to the bottom more and more divisions probably
visited upon us, divisions of race and
gender and sexuality and religion and
faith, and xenophobic divisions and so on, so since we understand it is us who
rode the wealth on which all of this green and profiteering is
based on, we understand the source of our power, therefore
when I heard … When I heard about the fact that anti-austerity agenda, one that
actually unites the working class ought to be at the front
and centre of British politics today over and above everything
else, I heard within that message, I heard within that
message, that workers know how to understand very well how to
build their power through unity and struggle and then one of the most pen
negotation effects, be it in Britain,
Barnard dos, is the white horse woodsling down of confidence of
working people in their own capacity to fight. – white horse woodsling. So we . We look to the fact that you
have built the biggest political movement in Europe in the 2 success century
and take heed you will carry the fight into the workplaces,
communities and schools and colleges to ensure that there’s
a regeneration of economies and so on and so forth, because that
power is central. That power is central, without that, we end up
with a situation where when you buy a cup of coffee, for £4
as I did in the hotel yesterday, I’m not complaining but I am – only one
pence, only one pence of that goes back to coffee farmers in Africa. Why
ask it so? Why is it so? It is so for the same reason the very same reason, why small beef
farmers in Ireland are fighting back, not sixly against the EU
and common agricultural policy or big or small farmers
but against the meat processes and supermarket chain. In
Ireland, and I’m using this example so it is close tore
home, in Ireland what we see is that when a
farmer earns 2 euros out of every 10 euros,
the process has 3 Euro, think what that means in the global coffee
chains and minerals and gold and so on. And unless we are address this
question of property rights who, owns what, who controls
production and so on, we will end up even with global
knew climate deal with same inequality with one part of the
globe has concentration of property rights and technology
know how and others are … So, comrades, I’m not here to
tell a story of poverty in Africa, we
know that exists. What I’m here to talk about is the possibility
and necessity the urgency of the fight back. And what I want to
talk about is the fact you must carry that fight here in
Britain, see the examples of how these things work and we
understand … And we understand that your
confrontation against PFI will weaken at international order as
well, and confrontation against bad food will weaken the agenda the EU is
enforcing, not only people in Latin America but free trade
agreements in places like Africa as well. Internationalism, we
understand, we understand that the rival internationalism and
internationalism that disappoint mean I have to sign up to the agenda of the IMF or the
… So, we look we look above all,
we look above all to the fact that you
are highly skilled organisation, and highly capable movement
which can take advantage and deepen democratic space that is
available, be it in the Parliament, supreme courts and
so on. But above all comrades our power
rests with us, our power rests in the workplace and
communities, in our colleges, our power works on the
fact we can build independent political movements that can
lead the unification of people no matter their race,
colour, whichever part of the world they live. So our
challenge to you … Our challenge to you comrades,
build a working class movement, and working class power and
build unity and independence, and that’s how we
get closer to general internationalism and socialism.
Thank you very much. (APPLAUSE) CHAIR: Thank you, that was
powerful. Our next speaker, represents a
people still fighting for their national liberation over 40 years since
the departure of the rule in European power. That people is the people of
Western Sahara. Conference, I’m proud to
introduce an activist from Western Sahara who represented her people’s case
before the European Parliament and the UN and who has travelled here today to call
for our solidartiy as well. Please give a warm welcome to
our guest. The floor is yours.>>: Hello good afternoon. Wow! You cannot imagine, and I
don’t know how to tell you how pride I feel today for being
able to speak to you, Labour Party, to you, the future the
people who are going to change things for all of us, and tell
you about my country and try to seek your help for these
purposes. When I was little my dad used to sing a song to me, which said
something like it speaks about revolution in Arabic and not
just revolution but the beauty of revolution and how beautiful
revolution can be, those are the types of songs I heard when I
was little, so, I can say that I’m the daughter of our
revolution. I am the daughter of the is a
Sharjah revolution, I come from the last colony in Africa, I come from Western
Sahara, these couple of days here,
unfortunately our country is not very known by
most of the people here, so I’m going to
take advantage to not let you know about that. Western Sahara is, I repeat is a Spanish colony because according
to the unites nations it was a cloneisation process, so we have
a very big problem of Spain being responsible for us. But that’s not our only problem,
we were invaded by Morocco allowed
by Spain in this case, so, we are still a
colony which is invaded by a very
brutal and oppressive force which is more Roccio, when the invasion happened,
mid-’80s, some our people were able to
flee to the Algerian territory so if there are any Algerians
here, thank you once and every day for handing and giving us
your hand and land to leave. So, we were able to settle our
refugee camps in the Algerian territory, that is where I lived most of my
teenager years. I happened to have the
possibility to travel to Europe afterwards, study there, there and be here today
and speak in Liverpool and speak to you in English. And tell you about our struggle
OK and let you know. As I told you I group in The
Sahara refugee camps as my comrade
African said, in our case, in the
refugee camps, we didn’t have any material
things, but, we were brought up in the revolution, we were brought up holding and
embraceing our dreams and hope for your freedom the pride the
dignity and the will to be fighting so that’s why people
when they meet is a hairian people they’re shocked to see
because we can speak in the name of our country and take every
chance to do that. So, we had to organise a country
in the middle of Nowa, dessert with
the leading of the front and if a
war has anything positive in our case is the fact that as we are
a very small community women had to take a very active role so
women had to build the hospitals, and women had to
organise educational system, the health systems and absolutely as
well as take the arms to defend ourselves as well. On the other hand we cannot
forget part part of our society kept in
the territories under the Moroccan territories, there is
absolutely no pitch for freedom, there is no possibility of
respecting any human rights or anything like that. Your leader, Jeremy Corbyn had
the possibility in 2014 to visit our
territories there, and he could see although you can imagine as
having him visiting there a lot of things were hidden and secret
of course, but still, he could see something as simple as taking a picture and not being
able to have that picture because they
were all deleted so that that information could not be taken
here and show it to the withhold world and see how Morocco
violates all our rights, detains our people, makes people
disappear, tortures and so on and so forth. In the last, I now have the
possibility not many Sahara people do unfortunately but do I to go
these territories and the fact of not being able to speak
my mind like I am doing now is totally heartbreaking. I have to have the
responsibility to speak to several activists there
two have disappeared for years, who
have been raped constantly, because houses have been pulled apart, families
are destroyed because of what members of their family are
suffering all these issues once and again. In the pike territories, our
women have are constantly organise ago
peaceful resistance for those and trying to go for the liberation in a
peaceful way although it is very difficult as you can imagine. We managed to organise a house,
a building to be able to meet there and speak and speak in our language,
speak of our problems, train our women in order to be prepared
and qualified to fight for these and the Moroccan
Government forced the person, the landlady of that house to stop
that renting by blackmailing her, saying if you continue to
rent that house we’re going to kill you and do this to your
children, you can imagine the rest of the story I think. , so last July, there was an
African football club, so you imagine the oppression we’re
suffering in the streets of Li-ion our
Capital, the police ended up killing one
girl running over her because they were trying to stop the
people from celebrating the victory of
Algeria in the African football club, so, that is a very tiny
little example. So, as I’m hearing here and as
I’ve heard your original leader John Smith and I know the feeling of many
of, you’re an internationalist
party aren’t you? So, we guys, need you in this
case, we need you to call for the UN
Security Council to set a date for a free and fair referendum for Western Sahara, we need you
for that, and find independent
observatory to go to the territories and then report what the Moroccan police army
Government is doing to our people every
single day of the year. We need you to be with us, and I
want to take the advantage to call that passion, to that blood inside
you to be with us, to stand with us,
because I think that you are here for the same thing as me, you’re finding
justice, you want to might for your right, you have your own
revolution, so please, take your revolution, get in charge of
everything, and then please stand with us, and help us be
independent as well. And to finish, basically that’s
it, we need you, every single person in this room and the
people who are listening to us worldwide to stand with us,
to remember where Western Sahara is, don’t forget it, I know
there’s conflicts all over the world but we need to
get to an end after 45 years, we want to go home and unite all
our families, and thank you very much. CHAIR: Thank you so much.
Solidarity. Our final speaker, is another
tireless advocate for his people people. ? For his people’s rights to for the freedom of his parties
who will tell us a Labour Government
under Jeremy Corbyn can make a immediate
difference to bring justice to his people. Please Conference, please give a
warm welcome to owe liva . Olivia. Olivia. Respected leader of the
respected Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, delegates and members of Labour Party. It is the first to address a
major British party Conference. On behalf of all displaced
people we send you all our greetings and I thank you for
giving me this unique and memorable
opportunity to share with you, our suffering and denying
of our basic human rights. Some of our people living among
you in Manchester, many live in mar
Russian and Shay shells but none of our people live in our homeland. We have become exiled in the
most inhuman manner and story started
with a Labour Government in 1965. Prior to that, our people were
living in a simple and peas peaceful, happy life in stay
goes, in early ‘6 0s, US and UK had a negotiation on the main
island which in 1965 in the UK Government took the island from
the territories of mar Russian, and that was again united nation resolution
on deColinisation. deColinisation, the US wanted to
be sanatised there should be no-one
living on the island. Sadly great Sad great kingdom obeyed the
demand of the US . And then between 1971, and up
to 1973, we were herded like cattle
and forcefully deported from our birthplace in the most inhuman way where lives of huge poverty
were waiting for us. Even up to day, families were
split and split between the Seychelles,
mar Russian and UK, what would a
small small peaceful community do when two superpowers at a time
conspire to deny us of our basic human rights. But in the late, as leader of
the people, and inspired by a group
of women, like my own mum, decided
proceeding action against the British Government. Because, we wanted to know to
declare that what had been done to us is
unlawful. In 200, we did 2000 achieved partial success
and Mr Cook had the process of planning
the island, but that hope did not last and the Government
raised any number of reasons to break the
progress, international secretary of the
9/11, marine conservation, cost of taxpayers, et cetera. We can have these in the code
but finally the House of Lords now the Supreme Court decided in favour
of a Government by a slim margin of
two. Three to two. Now matter Russian with our
support, now mar Russian we have taken to
the international court and we have had support in the African union,
Commonwealth, members of European Union, and on the 25 th of, in a legal opposition,
said UK was wrong to deport people from
their birthplace. On that … On the 22nd of May, this year,
the United Nations assembly by
alluring majority voted a resolution urging the United
Kingdom Government to respect the advisory opinion on the ICJ and
restore the island islanders to
Mauritanian which will allow the people to return immediately to their birthplace.
The motion Government is committed to help with helping to facilitate
this and I can ask you that in future
visit is being organised for the knee
future. But so we will be able to go
back to our birthplace. – near future. The Labour Party, led
by Jeremy Corbyn Corbyn, who understood our case as well as anyone in the UK, will accept
the assembly verdict. So with the Liberal Democrats,
so with the Scottish National Party, so
with the Green Party, accept to do the same as Jeremy Corbyn ? The UN General Assembly, set
a deadline of 22nd of November,
for the implementation of the ICG
ruling. By contrast on the first of May this year, Jeremy Corbyn wrote to
Theresa May who was published in the guardian newspaper,
condemning Theresa May defiance in ICJ and United
Nations General Assembly resolution in
the guardian Labour, the Labour
Party states the support to both at home and abroad. And also, it is fully committed
to respect the advisory opinion. And full, to ensure the solution
will return to their home. I absolute Jeremy Corbyn for
holding his position. For nearly 20 years the British
Government has opposed despite the fact the feasibility studies by KPMG
in 2015 found that it was both visionable and practical. In 2016, November, UK Government
in a written statement had support
pack gauge of 40 million sterling to improve the condition and quality of life of
every person wherever they live, but nothing has been done up to
now. Three years later, they promised remainder, except for a few
visit our human rights and dignity cannot be replaced by visits, we want to
be on our birthplace. I often wonder if our treatment would have been different, if it had the same
profile. After many years the people are
living and still facing day to day difficulties from housing, social problems,
financial hardship, reunification of
separated families due to immigration
policies. I and our supporters around the
world fail to understand why the UK
Government has for so long opposed restorement. It is we know that more than
3,000 people workers from Filipino,
Sri Lanka, are allow today work, whereas
some are allowed to live on different
islands whereas we, we are not allowed
to live on our birthplace. During a recent visit to mar
Russian, his Holiness Pope Frances, has unconditional
people for this people. He told international
journalists, and I quote “when we have
international organisation such as ICJ in The
Hague, and other UN and give them the
capacity to judge internationally when and if we are part of humantiy, we must
obey. We want the UK Government to respect the fundamental
right” I would like to thank thousands of ordinary British people who have been supporting
us. It is high time now, once and for all to put on hand an end to our suffering and
denying our basic human rights. In the beginning of my speech I mentioned the nightmare of the peaceful people started
by a Government, now after listening
to Emily yesterday, when she said she
debates, I fully, I now confirm believe it
will be a Labour Government. The next Government with Jeremy
Corbyn as Prime Minister, that will be finally put an end to our nightmare and
support our rights of return and dually
compensate my people. I thank you for your attention. And want you to support my
people in order to be able to return back
to our homeland, thank you. (APPLAUSE) CHAIR: Thank you, that was
tremendous. Conference, this closes the international panel. And I would like to thank all of
our three speakers who have spoken
so powerfully, so passionately to us here this afternoon. You can be sure of our support
if your struggles for national, economic, and political liberation, a Labour
Government under Jeremy Corbyn will stand in solidarity with the owe
pros the oppressed, against the
oppressor, wherever they maybe in the world. Thank you. CHAIR: Conference, we’re going
to move straight to our first debate
housing, local government and transport. We are running of course a
little behind schedule but we’re going to get through as much
business as possible before of course 4pm, when of
course we will hear from Jeremy Corbyn himself. Conference we start the debate
with references back the following
CLPs have notified us of references back. Brighton Pavilion. Hackney north and Stoke
Newington, Labour international and Tottenham. Does anyone else wish to move
references back. So, because references back will
take from the floor as well but if I
can … OK. OK so if we take the references
back now and remember Conference the details of the references is back in
advance so in your Conference C AC pack 4, go
ahead. >>: Hello my name is Teresa,
first time delegate, first time speaker for
operate ton pavilion, this is page 111
of the PF report, we report the
acknowledgement of vital role to secure safety of
people on trains and at stations. We’re referencing the word “on
board” to make explicit the keys needed
for station staff to help disable
people to get information and so oranges
guard on trains are vital, but disabled people need to access
those stations in order to use those trains. Again I refer to page 111 in the
MPF report. There is no mention anywhere in the report of bus
passes for disabled people. People with disabilities have
suffered the cruelty of the sustained assault on their
security by the Tory Government. We fully support pensioners bus
passes but a referencing back on the word “pensioners” to urge
the commission to confirm Labour’s commitment to provide free bus passes to various
groups including disabled people, pensioners and young people in order to
promote that independence and reduce social isolation. Thank
you. (APPLAUSE)>>: Hi Conference, Claire
Brighton Pavilion, I’m covering the four references, first of all, 104
paragraph 2 and 3, page it is the same
references back, we’re not seeking to underpay the deprivation and suffering on the
Tories and their dreadful severity all over the country, my union leader said
yesterday fundamentally inequality is class based and as
Labour, we’re the party seeking to transform Britain in the
interests of the 99%, but dividing the
country between the haves and have-nots is between the 1% and us in the
99%, it is not based on geography and shouldn’t be adopting language of the Tories,
language that difficult divides us, the report has is right,
Labour is the party seeking to help Britain in the
have not and we want to the report to emphasise that, which
is why we made references back on the emphasis of geography. Second one, 101-102, Parliament
has to be fully representative of all sections of the community
and we’d like the report to cover all underrepresented
groups not just a couple of them, because there’s no mention
of transgroups or other groups like disabled people. And
finally our references back on page 115, 26th the report on
social housing, and afford affordiling
house building, there’s a lot of confusion around what we would
prefer to as so-called affordable housing, the
Government, the Tory Government can find affordable housing as 80% of the
market rate, that’s not affordable,
Brightons had a the least affordable housing are to the country, it is less
affordable in 20s, for private renters than
London, we should never confuse the post-by
using the language of the Tories. Our social housing or
council housing and never use the phrase
“affordable housing” thank you. CHAIR: Next.>>: I’m referencing that paragraph
on Labour’s housing policy, page 110. It was only commitment for the
MPF houses in the next ten years, there’s a risk of not
re-elected, I suggest a commitment to five years as per 2017 metal
pledge to build 100,000 houses per year in
five years, so, people across our
country have housing and we can’t afford
to let them down.>>: Pat burn Labour, moving
back on the section of MPF report for council home
building. The comrade before made the correct point about the
target is for ten years but it should be for five years. Let’s remember comrades, that
50,000 a year, which is, council homes which is our current
target is woefully inadequate. It cannot make a serious dent in
the housing crisis, and let’s remember in the 1950s, when we were
suffering from a bankrupt country after the Second World War, we were building
250,000 council homes a year. Conference, we’ve got excellent
motions coming up in composite housing
which are double list target. If we past this report, we’ve
got conflicting target and that would be a wrong thing do. I
think what we have to do is to support, refer back to this
report, support our motions in the
composite and the last point is let’s in the housing motion, housing composite, let’s
have a card vote so we get a two-thirds majority so it goes in our
manifesto. CHAIR: Thank you. OK, next delegate. Tottenham? Great.>>: Hello, Tottenham CLP. The main problem with affordable
housing and the reason we don’t need millions of affordable
homes is that people can’t afford them. That target of building millions
of homes needs to be a target of
building council homes on target rents
and secure tenancies , but, but comrades, someone in
the NPF have forgotten our policy, or
perhaps they were asleep in 2017 and
2018 pause this was Labour Party policy why isn’t it in the
report? And who’s going to be building
those homes? It should not be private
developers exploiting workers. In nonunionised dangerous
conditions with no pensions or poor pensions. It needs to be direct Labour organisations with full trade
union representation. Employed by local authorities on
the state with good pay and conditions and a good pension at
the end of the day. This is about, quality jobs. As well as
quality homes. Comrades amove references back. CHAIR: Thank you Tottenham. Our next delegate and just so
that we’re clear, if you can tell us which part of the policy
document you’re referencing at.>>: Yes, Steve Ruislip,
speaking to 103, to 10 , and the final last paragraph
of 110. Comrades, it is not good enough
for councils we control to just play
economics with wealth building, it is also important for the
councillors, on the councils we do not control to make the
change of minds, but not only of policy too, but to
make the parties controlling, to be seen for what they are. Especially those who think that
outsourcing and ignoring local jobs is acceptable. Creating circular wealth is to
be gratefully received as ground breaking policy and this is what we do
best, we should expect our councillors
though in noncontrolled councils to do the job we put them to a expect those in
the community they’re expect to work on behalf of. There are far too many vanity
councillors out there who don’t do the job they should be doing. Unless we hold our councillors
to our highest standard we fail the citizens. I just want to talk about
community transport. CHAIR: You’ve only got one
minute so you’ve finished.>>: One second.>>: OK . Buy a van and Uber are trying
to get into community transport,
allowing gig giga economies who pay giga
economies rates, without being referred , we should:
CHAIR: Reminder on references back, we have one minute and if
you say which part of document you’re referencing back, and
introduce yourself. >>: David black, the sections I
want to refer back are on page 110,
first two paragraphs, other issues. Comrades, council housing is not
another issue. Council housing is a single most
important thing I think, even above the NHS, 1945 Government, because it improves the health of our
nation, it removes the it took children and families out of
poverty and gave security in secure, council
homes built to Parker moreries standards. What I would like to say in
referring this back, is that we need to
are build the Tory housing act, especially the housing act
1988. We need to get rid of all these measures like assured
short hold tenancies and so on and
secure tenants both to council tenants, who are secure tenants but those who
were transferred by the snake merchants under the large scale transfer council
meeting to up it housing associations
don’t retain that, even though they
were promised contract actually they would. Sanctionry housing
associations where I come from, is a disgrace. It is a disgrace for the
council, tenants that transferred, they don’t get
given those rights they were promised. So, in summing up: Affordable
housing doesn’t exist unless it is council housing. We need to build more houses
just like the Government of 1945.
CHAIR: Thank you. Thank you very much. And just whilst our next
delegates is coming up, can I remind people
that for those who are trying to use the hearing loops, if you cannot chat
amongst yourself because it makes it very, very difficult
for those people. So, if I can ask you to just not
chat amongst yourselves, delegates, you’ve got one
minute. To introduce yourself and which
aspect you’re referencing back.>>: OK, I’m Martin, Derbyshire
CLP, an entire national policy document there’s one references to HS2, page
111, people’s access to transport
services services. HS2 is not some undeniable good
for the country, electrification of East Coast Main Line nationally has been
sacrificed for HS2, and in my town, long
Eton, one is going to cut the town in half basically under the
covering plans, every decision they’ve made they’ve gone in the
heart of our country rather than the countryside. And, the other
thing is, we talked about the environment this morning, and it is going to an my late the
long eat ton footprint, we’re losing services because they’re
going HS2, so people will have to get in cars and go,
so please reconsider the views
towards HS2, thank you. CHAIR: Thank you, and I believe
we have one more references back in this section. Henry, St Ives>>: Henry St Ives, I’m
referencing back on paragraph one, section, on
page 101. Get my glasses in place. We have no policy in this
document on second homes. It is a particular problem for
us in Cornwall. We have in the region of 25,000
second homes in our constitution, 10%
of the total housing provision. Largely left empty throughout
the year. 6,000 of which avoid council tax
and business rates. In an area which qualifying as
one of Europe’s most deprived, we definitely and definitively need a social
housing. And the £11 million avoided by second
homes can fund this. We have been promised by members of the
Cabinet, we’re pleased they have done so, but would like to see
this in our policy documents and general election document. No references should be made
that endorses the Tory notion of
affordable housing, it is neither
affordable or fit for purpose, fit for profit and not people. We need a alternative to this
fake provision, we should return to
council, social housing homes. This should be with council
inhouse building and architects departments, remember those. We need to provide not only the numbers but well designed
spacious, comfortable homes fit for
families, well engineered, low energy and low carbon housing, I
commend this to Conference. CHAIR: Thank you. OK Conference that brings us to
the end of our references back. But could I just say again,
there are people who are trying to use the hearing loops, so
please can we not chatter amongst ourselves. Because it is very difficult for
those people. We now Conference, move to our
motions. If you are forwarding or
seconding a motion, please make your way to
the delegate desk so you are ready to be called. The first motion I’m calling is
composite 21 local authority cuts. Moved by Hornsey & Wood Green
CLP, seconded by Tottenham CLP. I ask the mover and seconder
comes forward, can I ask the composite
19 to also be ready. On homelessness. Moved by community and seconded
by east Worthen and Shoreham CLP. You have three minute toss move
the motion.>>: Mark Lake. Haringey
Council letter. Comrades I’m delighted to be
going with our motion on corrosive cuts on
local government, Lib Dem austerity
was to save money, but the false
reality is false economies of austerity we’ve seen in the
services delivered by local authorities in every corner of
the country, austerity increased cost, divisions and herd in adult
social care failure to invest in elderly and vulnerable citizens
level to falling levels of care, increased
privatisation and further pressures on NHS through bed blocking N housing we seed the
absurdity of councils spending millions of homeless in private
accommodation that doesn’t meet accepted standards
while subsidising private landlords when any responsible
Government should invest in high quality council homes, creating
jobs and giving families a better start in life that comes
from a secure place they call home. But it is in my position in
later I gay as cabinet member for communities and engame for
young people where I see close up the consequences of
austerity of the young people in Haringey,
it is dominated by advise of violence and impact on young
children, across the road from our councils there’s a
murder scene of three young people in the 18 months, issues
are complex but trauma this is creating and damage
inflicted in our communities is immeasurable. The national
debate focused on the impact of police cuts in youth
violence but Tories, wellful shameful
services for your most vulnerable families has been a
contributor, children services endured more than 30% cuts since
2015. The cuts to early years
services, special education needs support
and most youth services which have continue devastated by 40%
cuts over the past nine years is a critical factor and factor in violence . Conference, I’m proud
Haringey is reversing the years of
disinvestment and facing cut and we’re placed in improving
outcomes of children at the heart of our public health
approach to addressing serious youth violence, local government is the glue that bind our
communities together but we need national leadership and more
resource, we know only a Jeremy Corbyn-led Government will
deliver that. And finally Conference, briefly, finally, it is my birthday
today, and … And, I’m a child of 70s, and 8
0s, and Thatcher cast a huge shadow over my life, the next election is
bigger than ’78 so we must unite and win,
please support this motion. CHAIR: I’ll allow that
impromptu birthday celebration, Tottenham.>>: That was nice. First time delegate. In Haringey we changed the
previous right-wing labour leadership, that were vigorously
privatising and carrying out devastating tasks, including
closing our daycentre. Now with people like Mark Lake
in the Haringey cabinet, we will reopen
those day centres and we will put home care workers on the London living wage. But, the main problem is nearly
ten years of Conservative Government two cut our budget every single
year. Comrades, I am the proud mother
of a disabled child and we have
personally felt a huge impact of austerity. On therapies, on education, on
school transport, I could go on. But also, I’m a campaigner,
fighting for the rights of disabled children. We are not
… We are not just passive
receivers of the decline in services, we must be
active in fighting and designing our
services. The solution is to get Jeremy
Corbyn as our Prime Minister.
(APPLAUSE) thank you.
CHAIR: Thank you. Thank you Tottenham.>>: But that is not enough, we need to be organised
in and involved with people fighting against the cuts.
Nationally and in the communities where we live. That is the way to make Jeremy
Corbyn our Prime Minister and reverse austerity. Thank you
very much. CHAIR: Thank you. Before I move, ask for the
moverrers seconders of composite 19, reminders when making our powerful point,
let’s be respectful of the whole of our Labour family. So please be respectful.
Composite 19.>>: Conference, community
union, a proud steelworker and army
veteran. Conference, under this Tory
Government the number of people sleeping rough on the streets has increased by
165%. And out of that, homeless
population more than approximately 6,000
armed forces veterans are homeless. Men and women who
risked their lives for this country are being let down and
failed by their own Government. Imagine coming back from a war
and finding the country you were risking your life for has turned its
back on you. Services decks mated and nowhere
to turn. You end upen the street with no place to call
home and no-one seems to care. Conference, it is our
responsibility to care. Because fighting for the
vulnerable, has always been one of the
central tenancies of this party and one that we live by. And it is not just about
veterans like me, who just have to walk in any street in the
country, in fact just walk around the streets of Brighton
to get yourselves here today you will
begun to understand the state of the problem. But that’s just a
visible homelessness, what about the
couch surfing or people staying in hostels for years. And instead, properly funded
services, a home for every person who needs one in a
country where people really care. (APPLAUSE) , my union, my own union
launched a campaign to tackle homelessness this year, we made
a commitment to stand up and be counted and do something that
would make a difference. And that’s why I’m here today, on behalf of my union, and the
Labour Party to have a strong radical approach to this crisis, properly support
our veteran community and newest commitment to stand with our exservice
personnel and make 100 million to councils
in year one to support the homelessness, Conference, this
is a social crisis. But the Labour Party as long as
proud as working together to find a solution to difficult
challenges, to solve this crisis, we must do so again,
Conference Conference I move. (APPLAUSE) CHAIR: Thank you and just
before the we second that one, can I just ask
the moverrer and seconder of
composite 23, housing and also be ready for
the emergency motion as well. >>: Thanks. Hello Conference, councillor Deb
here east Worthing and Shoreham CLP. Thanks. First time at
Conference, first time delegate, and first time speaker. I’m speaking to the composite
homeless motion, page 17, we are living now in a time where the sight of people
sleeping rough is becoming normal. People who find
themselves homeless are dehumanised attacked and
even murdered. Conference, when a homeless man dies in a shadows of a House of
Commons, and people walk on by, then it is time to say enough is
enough. We need to do what we as a
Labour Party are here for, to fight for social justice, to
make sure that homeless people have the rights, the rest of us
take for granted. 30 years of neoliberal
Capitalism and decade of Tory austerity have
left the wretched legacy across our country, criminalising our
most vulnerable. And no more so than the people
who have been stripped of the dignity of having a roof over
their head. People living on the streets on increasing numbers and sleeping
on sofas or surviving in emergency accommodation continue to pay the most Prual
price for the way this Government stacked the system,
so that the rich get richer and the poor hit Rock Bottom. Look around you Conference, look
at the people here today, you are here because you know that
we need to change our country and because you know only Labour
can do that. this. This homeless Bill of Rights is
our opportunity to do just that – it is a set of standards, a
high promise to the homeless that they will be treated with
respect and as human beings, it upholds the equality and dignity
of homeless people, and makes their rights real and
substantial. We have a chance to change the
conversation about homelessness, to say enough is enough, to say we no
longer accept that anyone has to sleep on the street. Conference, while the rich dine
away at the grand, 20 people died on the streets on the
streets of Brighton this year alone, 20 people. Our homeless
community needs us now. They need transformative,
socialist Labour policies, because … Thank you . Because socialism is how we
deliver house, and rights and how we deliver dignity.
Conference, we need a homeless bill of right to make sure that
the sight of anyone sleeping rough is once again shocking to
us. CHAIR: Just before we move and
second composite 23, just a small update, we are going to
continue to move and second on the motion and open it up for speeches, but, we’ll be
finishing now at 4. 15 and preparing ourselves for
4.30 when Jeremy Corbyn will address Conference. So, composite 23. Three minutes.
>>: Thank you. Chair of south-east Cornwall CLP. Second time delegate first time
speaker. I’m here to talk about housing composite 23. I live in
Cornwall. My family and I were evict from
privately rented home two years ago. CHAIR: Just home on a moment,
can I ask people to not clap again just for the
… Just that the people who are
trying to hear from the hearing loop. So, go ahead.>>: My family and I were
evicted from our privately rented home two years ago due to
no fault, we were put on the housings list as a priority due
to our son having chronic lifelong health condition. We
were told there was no housing available. And we would be put
in a B and B for up to 18 months, 50 miles away
from our community. 50 miles from our support network. We couldn’t take that risk for
our son’s physical health or my mental health. We had to get our-in-our family
in debt and private one of the
houses that were available, which of course took us off the
council list. Our home is far from secure, we
live with a constant threat of eviction. Like so many others,
probably so many here in this room, this threat
hangs over us constantly. We now live in an excouncil
house, we pay £800 a month in rent which
is nearly two-thirds of our income. Like so many others, we get
housing benefit support. Around £23 billion a year is
paid in housing benefit and £9 billion
goes to private landlords. 40% of excouncil houses like
ours, are in the private rental sector. We can, and we must change this. Comrades, we are in a deep
housing crisis in this country, we have
far too many families living in insecure housing, not enough
family homes and a lack of genuine ly affordable housing, we can
change that, we have particular and specific housing crisis in Cornwall
caused by a large amount of holiday let’s
and second homes, higher house prices and
much lower than average wages
compounded by seasonal work and zero hours contract, I
beg you help end this crisis and make it a thing of the pass, we want radical
transforeign mission across the entire country, including,
building an average of 155,000 social rented homes a
year which 100,000 will be social rented council houses. At least 10 billion a year
ring-fenced for council housing, and ending
not suspending right to buy. Thank you Conference, I move.>>: Young Labour national
committee, the first time delegate and
first time speaker. Conference, we all know there’s
a housing crisis in Britain. It is an issue that affects over
eight million people every single day. From young people
unable to pay their rent to families left in limbo,
to people on waiting lists and we don’t have to go far to see it for our
he was, is report says Brighton has second highest rate of
homelessness in the country. A moral society does not allow
people to die on the streets. This is a situation that’s
cooked up by the Tories and Whitehall in the past nine years
we’ve rattled our country with austerity selling council
homes, starving councils of funds, tearing up regulation,
and Conference, a crisis created by the market cannot be solved
by the market. It will fall to us, in a Labour
Government led by Jeremy Corbyn to step in where the market
failed and use the powers of the state to solve a crisis caused by right-wing, right to
buy ideology of Tory successors. Although our 2017 manifesto was
a step in the right direction, young Labour believes we need to
go much, much further, we need to fight for a future where housing a basic are human
right. So, Conference, we call on the next Labour Government to
legislate for open inned tenancies, give council to
he can questioning empty homes and particularly in coalfield communities
highlighted by the coalfield regeneration trust. Take
associations under council control, build council homes to
the best environmental standards as part of a green new deal and importantly,
cap rents at rates linked to local incomes. Conference, this
motion makes it clear that the housing crisis cannot be solved
by the private sector, either we pursue a housing policy based on
investor speculation or accept that housing a human right and
policy should be foe us canned on housing people based
on needs, Conference, housing gives people security and
insecure working class, working class this chains, so
let’s get back to representing our class,
I urge you to support for radical social housing policy
for the many not the few. Thank you. (APPLAUSE) CHAIR: Now Conference we have
an emergency motion on Kashmir
moved by Leyton & Wanstead CLMP.
>>: Hello, I’m from Leyton & Wanstead. Yesterday I submitted this
emergency position to talk about the crisis in Kashmir at the
moment. It marks a 51st day of the
Kashmir siege, and 51 days since the communication blackout and
deployment of Indian troops in Indian occupied Kashmir. Since the deployment of troops
and blackouts there have been an exasperation of human rights
abuses, of illegal detentions, and
including the detention of children, and there has been a great decline in the
peace of the region. Indian Government claims there’s
normal scene in Kashmir but there’s no
nothing normal with hospitals that lacks basic supplies to
treat the parents and cancer patients not being able to
access care, there’s nothing normal about people not able to
contact their families. Today we have learned there’s an earthquake in the Kashmir region, now, I have
family in Pakistani and Kashmir he was been able to phone and
ask how they are and check on them, however, Indian
Kashmiri dispora,s have not been able to contact their families
and ask how they are, we must urgently request that India
opens access for the Kashmir region so
that humanitarian aid agencies can go in and provide help this,
is now a major crisis, we must act on t it. What I would
like to point out is the Kashmir crisis is not new, this
is a 72-year struggle for the Kashmiri people, 72 years of human rights violations, of gang rapes and mass rapes by
armed forces this, is 72 years of mass
blinding felt guns by journalists blocked and imprisoned and
journalistic freedom being restricted, we cannot allow another 30 years, a
century of oppression to take place, we must act now, for the cash militiay
people have struggled for 72 years and endured the worst pain
while the world has looked on. For long we have said it it is a
bilateral issue and relied on India and Pakistan to talk and
fix things between themselves but we cannot do that no longer,
it has reached breaking point, and crisis point and Kashmiri
people need intervention, and we need help. And they need their
voices heard and we need the international community to step
in to empower their voices and for us to listen to them. We need representation on the UN
council, overall Kashmiri people need to be empowered especially in this
time of crisis and it is urgent we open up access to that
international observers and charities can get in in this
time of crisis, especially there’s a natural disaster
today. So I urge you, as a party
committed to social justice and internationalist party to please
help the Kashmiri people, stand in solidarity, and
listen to their voices. Thank you. CHAIR: You have two minutes.>>: Conference, in 1947 United
Nations Security Council passed resolution asking for referendum to be held
for the people to cash immediate to
Kashmir their own future, it is one of
the most heavily militaryised region in
the world they have been locked in a silence and fear. They end
a solution and end of suffering which protects their human
rights and respects to determine their own future, as Jeremy
Corbyn said the situation in Kashmir is deeply disturbing,
and human rights abusers taking place on unacceptable. The rights of the Kashmiri
people must be respected and UN resolutions implemented. Only peaceful dialogue between
India and Pakistan can stop another
generation of Kashmiris growing up in a cycle of violence, Conference we ask the
Labour Party is represented at the UN High Commission for Refugees to
demand a restoration of basic human rights including freedom
of speech and communication. Except that Kashmir is disputed
territory and people of Kashmir should be given the right of
self-determination in accordance with the UN resolution.
Conference, we want our Labour Party to stand with the Kashmiri
people fighting against occupation, fighting against
injustice, and this is vital has we stand for social justice and
ethical foreign policy. Like my colleague earlier said, we’ve been made aware this afternoon,
a 5. 8 magnitude earthquake struck
Kashmir so they’re suffering more. Our thoughts and prayers
are with the people of Kashmir but I have been contacted by
families in the noing ham who are concerned they’re
unfortunate unable to get in contact with
people. So, I hope you will show solidarity with the people
of Kashmir and support this motion, thank you. CHAIR: OK Conference, we’ve had
some very important motions put forward. We need to open up a
debate. But I want you to bear with us. Because, this debate will need
to continue tomorrow but for today, I want to take at least four speakers
today. But we will come back to the
debate tomorrow. If you have a point of order, come to the
delegate desk so they can check that it is a valid point of
order against the standing orders. In the meantime, I will take
four speakers one from each section. And so I’ll do it like this – so
in the section, to my left I will
take the delegates that is waving with the hand.
That doesn’t help, right. Exactly that delegate know no
behind you, yes you Madame. You delegate. In this section, I will take the delegate in this way, I will
take the delegate here in the front. I am now moving to this section,
and in this section I will take the delegates in the yellow card
gap in this section. The far section, – cardigan. On my far right, I will take the
delegate in black. So that should have been four
delegates. We all of the delegates we will
continue this debate tomorrow. We will not go anywhere. This
is too important for us not to debate it, but today, we are
taking four speakers. So if you can come forward
delegates, four people. Thank you. Now can I just check was that a
valid point of order? No. OK. Go forward.>>: Member of Parliament grad
Ford west. Can I first send my thoughts and prayers to all
affected by the earthquake in Kashmir and
Pakistan this morning. Conference, I stand here today
to ask you to support the emergency motion on Kashmir. Over 70 years have pasted, UN resolutions denied,
self-determinations sidelined, tens of thousands murdered. Political activist, tortured. The honour of women forcefully
robbed through rape. And now the Indian Government revoked article 370 and placed a siege
on the people of Kashmir. Two months pass with the a lock down
on the region, there is no communication with the outside
world. 700,000 Indian military personnel are placed on
guard in the militaryised region in the world. Bar bed wirings are covering the
city, political leaders under house arrest and reports of the
most more risk human rights abuses with midnight
raids, torture, rape, and murder. The path to genocide in Kashmir
is opening up and the world remains silent. Comrades, when working people
needed a voice, this party was founded to
be that voice. When women in Parliament were an exception, it was our party that
fought for real representation. When apartheid in Africa was
condoned by some, it was our party leader
that protested against fascism and
when the world failed to recognise Palestine it will be a
Jeremy Corbyn government that will turn the tide. And, legitimatise the
Palestinian voice on day one. Today, as a Kashmiri, I ask my
party I ask my comrades, I ask you
Conference, will you pass this motion and stand with me and the people of Kashmir in
the face of tyranny, oppression and
genocide. CHAIR: OK.>>: The real rod of history are
filled with regrets of silence, genocide came and went and the
world remained silent. Conference, let’s this not
happen again, pass this motion as stand
with us.>>: Comrades, I speak today in
support of composite 23 housing and
overlapse with homelessness and local authority. I want to tell you a story of
Charlene, she gave me a phone call and said I will be evicted 21, I
don’t think anyone should be evicted, there’s a reason why
people get evicted, she was had a three-year-old and heavily
pregnant and had no why to go. Landlord said she’d made the
home camp herself, the Londres, Londyn and
Londen couldn’t care he was a agent I had to deal with and
basically she was chucked out of her house, three year old,
heavily pregnant in a 21st century, which is absolutely
disgusting. She ended up, at the Townhall
door, she ended up in a B and B that
had rats and drugs in it, absolutely
disgusting conditions.. I intervened and we set up a
meeting and we’ve got a house now, it is not a council house
it is a warm house I visit her regularly but we did that
against the background of having to get the executive for
children’s services and housing all together, and to say
we’ve all overspent our budgets so it doesn’t matter, just make
sure she’s housed, we cannot continue, like this. We must build housing like we
did in 1945. We must reverse the cuts, we have to get rid of
the Conservative Government. I’m not sure if the Conference
… If it is happening, if it is
next week in Manchester, make sure you’re there to get rid of elitist, they are
so out of control, and out of touch
with ordinary people. We have to protect them, if we
don’t nobody can. Thank you Conference.
(APPLAUSE)>>: Conference here to speak on
the motion of Kashmir, but firstly, if you have not heard
before, and you may have listened to some of my sisters
before me, the earthquake that hit in
Kashmir, is an area that my family, my
lovedded ones live in, I’m lucky I was able to contact them. I am lucky that I’m here to be
able to speak on those that have not had their voices heard. So, first of foremost, please
share with me our thoughts and prayers
to all those that are affected by this
recent earthquake. Conference, I am a proud British Kashmiri
woman. I am a proud Unite member and
most of all, I am humbled and proud to be standing here in
front of you to talk about what is a very, very serious issue
that is taking place in front of our eyes, right here, right now.
In the early ‘6 0s, my parents moved here to the UK. Making Keighley West Yorkshire
their home along with thousands of Kashmiris, since the end of the British colonial
rule, please Conference there, is a theme that is running along
this international debate . Kashmir has been divided into
two. And, seven decades plus later,
it remains the world’s most heavily
militaryised region and one of the world’s longest running
conflict. On 5th August, Indian Government
led by Maudi. The Indian Trump, unilaterally revoked a special status of
Kashmir, seizing control, the Indian Army imposed a blanket communication
blackout on eight million people. Conference, irrespective of individual views on the serenity
of cash militia, we as a Labour movement can never ignore the
harrowing accounts of human rights abuses being
documented by the UN and many other organisations. I absolute those in India who
bravely oppose their Governments’ actions. Our movement has a proud record
of defending human rights and suffering across the world
wherever people live. We must not be silent on
Kashmir, we must put pressure on the Maudi
Government to end the state of emergency, eight million
Kashmiris need us now! Please Conference, support this
motion, and let us get their voices heard. Freedom for
Kashmir. (APPLAUSE) . CHAIR: Our final speaker in
this debate, but for today. We will be back.>>: OK. Hello Conference, Karan Hatton
PLC, second time sell GATT, first time speaker. Firstly, I’d like to thank all
the first time speakers two have irspired
me and given me the courage to speak. I definitely wouldn’t be
speaking here now if it was the first day of Conference. It could be you, it could be
you, or it could be you. And I’m not talking about the
Lottery. I mean being made homeless, look at me. I work full time yet I am one
wage away from losing my home. Housing association like to me
mind me of this every month through letters, home phone calls and mobile
texts. Your rent account is unacceptable and the homeless
team have been advised how did this start. Having been a
tenant for fifteen years, in 2017 nine months off
work sick for two operations agot in
arrears, my children cleared them. I returned to work and
having used my savings to keep my home and empty bank account.
No savings, nothing to fall back on. Just my minimum wage. I
definitely live to work. But my home is my castle and my
sanctionry. Every one of those people
sleeping rough that we walk past has a story. Commonly, mental health issues,
debt and addictions, and that could be me. If I lose my home because I
fight depression every day and addiction, two years sober in
December. So these keys, mean everything
to me. The people sleeping on our
streets at some point had keys to their home. And we should
never forget that. I know I don’t. We have to be their voice and we
need a Jeremy Corbyn Government. Conference, please support
composite 19. CHAIR: Conference, thank you so
much. That concludes the debate for today. But we have one final item of
business. Please remain in your seats, in
a little while we’ll be hearing
from our leader our next Prime Minister, Jeremy Corbyn!
(APPLAUSE) . …>>Please welcome Labour
activist and winner of the voice Jermain Jackman. (Cheering & Applause)>>Thank you. Comrades, thank
you so much for having me here today. At the age of 11, I met a man, a
man with integrity, a man with
principle and a man with a passion to improve people’s
lives. A man who, when I told him I
wanted to do more in politics, I wanted to tackle injustices and
inequality, I wanted to ensure young people can reach
their full potential. I wanted to make the world a better
place. He said to me, “Join the Labour Party. ” And I D
(Applause) – and I did. This man, as a young singer
myself, gave me opportunities to perform in front of audiences.
He developed my confidence much he would call me in the morning,
we would discuss what song I would sing, then he would base
his speech around the song I’d be singing. Lament
(Laughter) It was a great double act we
used to do. When it came to performing, he would have the
most amazing introduction for me. Well, now it’s my turn to return
the favour. (Applause) I hear people shouting out
“Jermain sing. Jermain sing.” One of the songs that he would
ask me to sing is this: # I was born by the river
(Cheering) # # And just like that river I’d
been running # I know change gonna come, oh,
yes it is. (Cheering & Applause) Thank you. In order for that change to
come, we need a Labour Government, led by the people’s
Prime Minister, Jeremy Corbyn. First, but first, let’s remember
what happened four years ago.>>Ladies and gentleman, please
take your seats.>>Jeremy Corbyn, 251,000 …
(Cheering)>>Poverty isn’t inevitable.
Things can and they will change. (Music), if>>Probably the biggest campaign
since it began.>>And in that election we will
commit to unleash the biggest people powered campaign we’ve
ever seen in this country and in this movement.>> A party and a movement
absolutely united to our common cause and purpose. (Music)>>Comrades, the leader of the
Labour Party and the future Prime
Minister, Jeremy Corbyn! (Cheering & Applause) # Oh, Jeremy Corbyn! (Chanting)>>Thank you. Conference, thank you. Thank
you for that wonderful welcome. This is an extraordinary and
precarious moment in our country’s history. The Prime Minister has been
found to have acted illegally when he tried to shut down
Parliament. The highest court in the land
has found that Boris Johnson broke the law. When he tried to shut down
democratic debate and accountability at a
crucial moment for our public life. The Prime Minister acted
illegally when he tried to shut down
opposition to his reckless and disastrous plan
to crash out of the European Union without a deal. But he
has failed. (Applause) He will never shut down our
democracy or silence the voices of us, the people.
(Applause) The democracy that Boris Johnson
describes as a rigmarole … (Laughter)
Will not be stifled. And the people will have their say. Tomorrow, Parliament will
return. (Cheering & Applause) The Government will be held to
account for what it has done. Boris Johnson has been found to
have misled the country, this
unelected Prime Minister should now resign!
(Cheering & Applause) Chanting . Johnson out!
Johnson out!>>I got that bit. That would make him the shortest
serving British Prime Minister in history and rightly so.
(Applause) His is a born to rule Government
of the entitled, who believe that the
rules they set for everyone else don’t
apply to them. That’s what today’s Supreme
Court judgment spells out with brutal clarity. There was no reason and I quote
“let alone a good reason” the judges
concluded for the Prime Minister to have shut down Parliament. Conference, he thought he could
do whatever he liked, just as he
has always done all his life. He thinks he’s above us all. He’s part of an elite that
disdains democracy. I tell you this: I don’t think he’s fit to
be Prime Minister. (Cheering & Applause) Let me quote the Supreme Court’s
decision conclusion. I quote, “Unlawful, null and of
no effect and should be quashed. ” They’ve got the Prime Minister
down to a tee. (Applause) This crisis can only be settled
with a general election. (Cheering & Applause)
That election needs to take place as soon as this
Government’s threat of a disastrous no deal is taken off
the table. That condition, that condition
is what MPs passed into law before Boris
Johnson illegally closed down our
Parliament. It’s a protection that’s clearly essential, after what has taken
place, no-one, but no-one, can trust this Government and this Prime
Minister – not to use this crisis, of their own making, to drive our country over a
no-deal cliff edge in five weeks’ time. The Prime Minister has no
mandate for a no-deal crashout, which is
opposed by the majority of the people of this country. It would force up food prices,
cause shortages of medicines and
threaten peace in Northern Ireland, thus destroying the
great work of the Good Friday agreement. (Applause) The battle over no deal is not a
struggle between those who want to leave the EU and those who
want to remain. It’s about a small, right-wing
group, who are trying to hijack the referendum result, to rip up
our rights and protections and shift even more
power and wealth to those at the top. Under the cover of no deal, they
want to sell off of what remains of our public services, strip
away the regulations that keep us safe,
whilst slashing corporate taxes even further. That would lead to a race to the bottom in standards and workers
rights and create an offshore tax haven
for the super rich. And they want all of this locked
in with a one-sideed free trade deal that would put our country
at the mercy of Donald Trump. That’s why a no-deal Brexit is,
in reality, a Trump deal Brexit. (Applause) That would be the opposite of
taking back control. It would be handing our country’s future to the US president and
his America-first policy. Of course, Trump is delighted to
have a client British Prime Minister in his back pocket. A Trump deal Brexit would mean
US corporations getting the green light for a comprehensive
takeover of our public services. I am not prepared to stand by
while our National Health Service is sacrificed on the
altar of US big business or any other country’s big business.
Our NHS is not for sale! (Cheering & Applause) In the coming general election,
Labour will be the only major UK party willing to put our trust
in the people to have the final say on Brexit. We need to get
Brexit sorted and do it in a way that doesn’t leave our economy
or our democracy broken. The Tories want to crash out without
a deal and the Liberal Democrats want to cancel the country’s largest
ever democratic vote with a Parliamentary stitch-up. Labour
will end the Brexit crisis by taking the decision back to the
people with a choice of credible leave
alongside remain. That’s not complicateed. Labour is a
democratic party that trusts the people!
(Applause) After three-and-a-half years of
Tory Brexit failure and division, the only way we can
settle this issue is to bring people back together is by
taking the decision out of the hands of politicians and letting
the people decide. So, within three months of coming to
office, a Labour Government will secure a sensible deal based on
the terms we’ve long advocated and discussed with the European Union, trade unions,
businesses and different European governments. A new
customs union, a close single market relationship and a
guarantee of rights and protections.
(Applause) And … within six months of being
collected, we’ll put that deal to a public
vote — elected, we’ll put that deal
alongside remain to the public. As a remember Prime Minister, I
pledge to carry out whatever the people decide.
(Applause) Only a vote for Labour will
deliver a public vote on Brexit. Only a Labour Government will
put the power back in the hands of the people. We can bring our country and our
people together, which is what I’m trying to do all the time. Let’s stop a no-deal Brexit and
let the people decide. We must get Brexit settled, not least
because it’s dominateed our politics for far too long. The coming election will be a
once in a generation chance for real
change, a chance to kick out Boris Johnson’s Government of the privileged few
and put wealth and power in the hands of the many. A chance to
give our National Health Service, our schools, our
police, our public services the money they
need, by asking those at the top to pay their fair share. (Applause) A chance to take urgent action
on the environment before it’s too late for our children. And thanks to those wonderful
young people that spoke to Conference this morning and gave us a lesson in
what environmentalism is about. (Applause) And, a chance to end the Brexit
crisis by letting the people, not the politicians, have the
final say. In a shameless bid to turn reality on its head, Boris Johnson’s born
to rule Tories are now claiming to be the voice of the people.
(Laughter) I know it’s hard, but bear with
me. (Laughter) A political party that exists to
protect the establishment is pretending
to be anti-establishment. Johnson and his wealthy friends
are not only on the side of the establishment, they ARE the
establishment. (Applause) They will never be on the side
of the people, when supporting the people might hit them and
their superrich sponsors where it hurts. In their wallets and in their
offshore bank accounts. (Applause) So, let me send this message to
Boris Johnson: If you still lead your
party into an election, we know your
campaign will be absolutely swimming in cash. But we’ve got
something you haven’t – people. In their hundreds of thousands.
(Applause) Rooted in all our communities,
all our age groups, all our diversity, all across this
country. And we will meet you head on
with the biggest people-powered campaign this country has ever
seen. (Cheering & Applause) If we win, it will be the people
who win. Labour stands for real change in Britain, real change after years
of Conservative cuts and failure. We will rebuild and transform
our country so that no-one is held
back and no community left behind. As
you may be aware, we live in a country where the top chief
executives now pocket, in just
two-and-a-half days, what an average worker earns in a whole
year. In other words, by January 3,
the top chief executives have earned what the average worker will not get
until the 31 of December. How can you call that fair or equal
or just in a modern society? (Applause) Where Thomas Cook bosses were
able to fill their pockets with unearned
bonuses, while their workers face redundancy and 150,150,000 holidaymakers are stranded. We were created to share
wealth, and to share power, that’s what we’ll do in
Government. Bold, radical measures, such as giving the
workforce 10% stake in large companies, paying a dividend for
up to 500 a year to every employee.
(Applause) And we will bring about the
biggest extension of rights for workers our country has ever
seen. (Cheering & Applause) We will scrap zero-hours
contracts. (Cheering & Applause) Introduce a £10 living wage,
including for young people from the age of 16.
(Cheering & Applause) Give all workers equal rights from
the first day in their new job. And take action on the gender,
disability and ethnicity pay gaps. And introduce flexible working
time for workers experiencing the menopause.
(Applause) It’s Labour that will get more
money into your pocket, rather than line the pockets of the
multimillionaires. And, we will give people a
democratic voice at work. Allowing them to secure better
terms and pay for themselves. So, within the first 100 days of
our Government, we will scrap the Tory trade union act.
(Cheering & Applause) And by the way, Labour will
never, ever tell people they have to work until they’re 75.
We simply will not do it. (Applause) A Labour Government will mean
better wages, greater security and more say, putting power in
the hands of people. And we’ll bring rail, mail,
water and the National Grid into public ownership.
(Cheering & Applause) So the essential services we all
rely on are run by and for the public
not for private profit. It’s quite simple, that’s what
we’re going to do. (Applause) Yesterday, near Brighton, I met
Lewis Walker, a wonderful nine-year-old boy. Bright,
bubbly, lovely boy. Lewis is living with cystic
fibrosis. Every day he needs four hours of
treatment and is often in hospital, which obviously keeps
him from school and from his friends and the
normal lives of a nine-year-old. Lewis’ life
could be very different with the aid of a medicine
called orcamby. But Lewis is denied the medicine he needs
because its manufacturer refuses to sell the drug to the NHS at
an affordable price. Lewis and tens of thousands of
others, suffering from illnesses such as
cystic fibrosis, hepatitis C or breast cancer are being denied life-saveing
medicines by a system that puts profits
for shareholders before people’s lives. Labour will tackle this. We will redesign the system to
serve public health, not private wealth. Using compulsory licensing to
secure generic versions of Pate epted medicines. — patented medicines.
(Applause) We’ll tell the drug companies if
they want public research funding,
then they’ll have to make their drugs affordable for all.
(Applause) And we will create a new publicly
owned generic drugs manufacturers to supply cheaper
medicines to our NHS. (Applause) Saving …
(Applause) Saving our Health Service money
and saving lives at the same time. I just say thank you to
Lewis and his family and so many other families going through the
same level of stress, which despite all of that, they find
the time and the energy to campaign for others. Thank you,
Lewis, and thank you to his family.
(Applause) We are the party, the Labour
Party, that created the National Health
Service, only Labour can be trusted with its future. My parents’ generation, that
wonderful post-war generation, fought hard to establish the principle of a
universal Health Service, owned and run by the public. They
left it in our trust. It’s our duty to defend it. We will end the sell-offs and
privatisation. Our NHS is not for sale, not to
Trump or anybody else! It’s our NHS, for our people.
(Applause) Conference, we will make
prescriptions free in England. As they’ve been in Wales since
2007, when charges were abolished.
(Applause) And I say thank you to the Welsh Government for
abolition of those prescription charges in Wales.
(Applause) We need it talk about social
care as well. When older people, who have paid
into the system all their lives, need a little help, we
shouldn’t deny it to them. We really shouldn’t. It’s wrong. So, we will introduce free
personal care for those who need it as the first step in our plan
for a national care service. (Applause) I believe Government should
provide a platform that allows everyone to reach their full
potential. That’s the principle behind the
national education service that the next Labour Government will
create. Free education for everyone as a
right throughout life. Not a privilege.
(Applause) So, no more university tuition
fees. (Cheering & Applause) Free child care and a new great
Sure Start programme. (Cheering & Applause) So all children get help when
they need it. Free vocational and technical education and free training for
adults. (Applause) And when it comes to paying for
our public services, Labour will
raise tax but only for the top 5%.
(Applause) The Tories will cut taxes for
the highest paid. Labour will make the big corporations pay
the tax they owe. The Tories will give them tax breaks. How can it be right that the
largest companies and the wealthiest individuals are being given tax cuts whilst
at the other end, mums and dads are
missing meals so they can feed their kids. Shouldn’t it be a source of
shame to our country that the United
Nations, yes the United Nations had to take our Government to task this year
over the shocking fact that 14 million
people are living in poverty in ours, the
fifth richest country in the world. Let me quote directly from the
UN report: It said, “Much of the
glue that has held British society together since the Second World War has
been deliberately removed and
replaced with a harsh and uncaring ethos. ” Doesn’t that sum up the
Tories, harsh and uncaring ethos in the fifth richest country in
the world. (Applause) Labour will stand up for
under-paid workers and for all those struggling to make ends
meet. We will start the largest Council house building
programme in a generation. (Applause) Because Labour puts people
before privilege. We will end austerity and help
rebuild your community. We’ll restore local pride,
revive the high streets that are the centres of our community. You know, those high streets?
Dominated by clothes shops, by graffitid roller blinds, a
couple of pay day loan shops and that’s about it. Destruction of the centres of
our communities, the place where people come together to
socialise, to meet and feel part of a community, destroyed
by austerity and destroyed by under funding of local
government. So, it’s our job to reverse
those cuts. Because all those cuts added
together have caused violent crime to
double and caused underachievement to increase.
It’s our job, our jobs as the Labour Party, to get our economy
working in every town, every city, and every region of this
country. with record investment, a blitz
on the problems of this country and the investment we need and we’ll
boost the devolved budgets in Wales and Scotland as well.
(Applause) We will upgrade our transport,
energy and Broadband infrastructure
with 250 billion of investment. And breathe new life into every community with a further 250
billion of capital for the businesses and
cooperatives. Investment on a scale our country has never known, bringing goods, new
jobs and fresh growth to every area where you live in this
country. That’s the scale of ours, of
Labour’s ambition. No more tinkering around the edges.
(Applause) These aren’t abstract numbers on
a spread sheet. They stand for economic transformation that
will change your daily life. Let me give you a concrete
example. Labour will invest in cross-rail
for the north to link our great northern cities.
(Applause) From Liverpool to Hull and to
Newcastle in the north-east. (Applause) And we’ll restore the bus
services that have been cut all over the country.
(Applause) Leaving people isolateed from
their communities. Better trains, a proper bus service,
that’s what Labour will bring. For decades, decades, we’ve all
been told the economy is beyond our control. It’s an irresistible force that
can lay waste to entire communities while we can only watch on as a passive
spectator to the disaster before our very
eyes. You know what, it’s not true. With a serious industrial
strategy and a radical Labour Government, the economy can be a tool in our hands
rather than the master of our fate.
(Applause) And where the Government is prepared
to intervene, we can prioritise the things that matter most, which is
precisely what our times demand. Because nothing matters more
than climate emergency. That means taking on the big
polluters that profit from the system. Bringing our emissions
down to net zero won’t happen it by itself. It will only be
possible with massive public investment. In renewable energy and green
technology. That’s not a burden, it’s an
opportunity to kickstart a green Industrial Revolution. (Cheering & Applause) And that green Industrial
Revolution will create hundreds of thousands of high skill, high
wage unionised jobs as we triple solar power, double
on-shore wind and bring about a seven-fold increase in offshore
wind projects. That’s why, we announce today
that the next Labour Government will build three new battery plants in South
Wales, in Stoke-on-Trent and in Swindon.
(Applause) ||FORCEDWHITE The climate and
environmental emergency we all face is an issue of global security.
We’re seeing ice caps melting. Coral reefs dissolveling,
dissolving. Wildfires in the Arctic Circle. And Bolsinara fiddles while the
Amazon rainforest burns. It comes from
international cooperation and diplomacy and
addressing the root causes of the threats
that we all face. Our foreign policy, our
international strategy will be defined by our commitment to
human rights and international justice, not
enthusiasm for foreign wars that fuel rather than combat
terrorism and insecurity. (Cheering & Applause) So it really does beggar belief
that this week, Boris Johnson is
openly talking about sending troops to
Saudi Arabia as part of the
increasingly, very dangerous confrontation between Saudi
Arabia and Iran. Ed in an apparent bid to appease
Donald Trump. Have we learned nothing? Time
and again, over the last two decades, the British political
and military establishments have made the wrong call on military
intervention in the Middle East. Spreading conflict rather than
settling them. (Cheering & Applause) We must not make those mistakes
again. Under a Labour Government,
Britain will be a force, a pressure, for
peace and for international justice. Dangerous , international interventions
have exacerbated the community tensions at home. When Boris Johnson compared
Muslim women to letter boxes or bank
robbers, it wasn’t a flippant comment, it
was calculated to play on people’s fears. As was pointed out in
Parliament. (Applause) Displays of racism, Islamophobia
or anti-Semitism are not a sign of strength, but a sign of
weakness. (Applause) This Conservative Government, as
well as the far right, has fuelled
division in our society. They’ll blame people’s problems
on the migrant worker, trying to make a
better life. They’ll blame it on the mother
who’s struggling on Universal Credit. They’ll preliminary it on young Muslims, young — blame is on
young Muslims, young people or anyone or their backers who
benefit from a grossly unequal and rigged system that. Is what
Tories do. (Applause) Labour do the opposite. We will bring people together. A Labour Government will
transform our economies and our communities. We stand not just for the 52% or
the 48%, but we stand for the 99%.
(Applause) The Labour Government I need
will take on those who really run our country. The financial speculators, tax
dodgers and big polluters, so the real wealth creators, the
people of this country can have the jobs, the services and the
futures they deserve. When Labour wins, the nurse
wins, the pensioner wins, the student wins, the office worker
wins, the engineers win. We all win!
(Cheering & Applause) The politics we stand for is
about giving people, who don’t have a lot of money and don’t
have friends in high places, the chance to take control of their
own lives. My job as leader and our job as
the Labour Party is to champion those people, to stand up for
those communities and deliver the real change our country
needs. I want it take this opportunity
to thank you, every one of them, all the members of our party, our
collected representatives, our trade unions for making our
party such a strong and welcoming place in every
community. (Applause) And in every part of our
country. I want also to say thank you to
my community in Islington North in London …
(Applause) … who teach me so much every day
as their local MP. You know what, you learn from
people when you listen to them. (Applause) And, I want to say thank you to
all of my widest family for their
support, their help, their advice, which is often freely
given. (Laughter) And generously, and frequently!
(Laughter) But I want to say thank you to
all of them for their tolerance and
forebearance and the intrusions they suffer from some of the
media and the abuse that they suffer.
(Applause) I also in particular want to say
thank you to my wife Lara Alvarez,
for all that she tolerates. (Applause) I have what might be considered
a different view of leadership,
but one people are used to. I do, I really do.
(Applause) I do believe that leaders should
have strong principles that people can trust. Bollards must also listen and
trust others to play their — leaders
must also listen and trust others to play their part. You
know what, there are leaders in every community driving change.
Many of them and I know many people would never dream of calling
themselves leaders, but they are. I’m thinking, for example,
recently of a mother I met who campaigned on behalf of the residents in her block of
flats to make the landlord remove the damp. She was a
leader. She is a leader. (Applause) In their campaign it empowered
her, it empowered the whole community and they realised, yes, they could
achieve change by that strength together. I think of workers in
fast food outlets organising amongst their colleagues, often
working in terrible conditions, to demand a decent living wage.
(Applause) Those are leaders standing up in
their community, trying to improve the
conditions, safety and bring about good for the whole
community. So Labour is working with and supporting all of these
campaigns. Our philosophy is to trust the people and give them
the power to make change in every community and work
place, not hand more power to politicians. That’s why, if the British
people elect a Labour Government in the coming election, I’ll be very proud to
be your Prime Minister. Because I will be, I promise you
this, a very different kind of Prime Minister.
(Applause) Not there from a sense of born
to rule entitlement. Certainly, absolutely promise
this, not there on a personal power trip.
(Laughter) Shadow Cabinet would confirm
that. (Laughter)
That’s because I want to put Government on your side. It’s
what power and wealth into your hands. There because I believe
Government should work for you and together
we can go beyond defending the gains
made by previous generations. We stand on the shoulders that
went before us. But we have to take it further. It’s time we started to build a
country fit for the next generation.
(Applause) A country where young people
don’t fear the future. Don’t look forward with terror
of what lies beyond school or college or university or debt or
mental health problems, but a country&society
where our young people can look forward to the future, with
confidence, with hope and with a promise that the whole community
is with them and supporting them on their life’s journey!
(Applause) The tide is turning. The years of retreat and defeat
are coming to an end. Together we can take on the privileged
and put people into power. Conference, the Labour Party and
our movement thank you for all you do, thank you for the
campaigning you do. Go forward to win an election for the
people of this country! (Cheering & Applause) (Cheering & Applause)>> The singing of the red flag and
Jerusalem. # The people’s flag is deepest
red # It’s shrouded on our martyred
dead # They grew stiff and cold # Then raise the scarlet
standard high # Beneath its shade we live and
die. # We keep the red flag flying
here. # Raise the scarlet standard
high # Beneath its shade we live and
die # We keep the red flag flying
here. # # # And did the feet in ancient
time walk upon England’s mountain green. # And did the holy lamb of God
on England’s pleasant pastures sing # And did the countenance divide # Shine forth across those
clouded hills # And was Jerusalem builded
here, among those dark satanic mills. # Bring me my bow of burning
gold # Bring me my arrows of desire. # Bring me spear. O clouds unfold
# Bring me my chariot of fire. # I will not cease from mental
fight. — strife. # Nor shall my sword sleep in my
hand # Till we have built Jerusalem # In England’s green and
pleasant land. # In Albin’s green and pleasant
land. (Cheering & Applause) (Music)