Sydney Kramer: Los Angeles might be known for its fancy avocado toasts, but that toast has to start somewhere. Customer: Definitely the best
place to get bread in LA. Sydney: We’re here today
at The Manufactory. They make bread everything here. It’s a sprawling space with
a huge kitchen in the back, and all they make in there is bread. I am so thrilled to be
here today and eat bread for the next, I don’t
know, couple of hours. So let’s go inside and see how they do it. The Manufactory is a collaboration between San Francisco’s
iconic Tartine Bakery and Phoenix’s legendary Pizzeria Bianco. They occupy a 40,000-square-foot facility in downtown Los Angeles. They can produce 4,000
loaves of bread a day. Ah, that’s some ASMR if I’ve
ever heard it in my life. (crunching) Ooh. Oh, yes. There are over 200 employees in total, and the team goes through over
4 tons of flour every day. Louis Volle: We’re very
proud about our ingredients because our sourcing is unique and, also, the way in which we’re
using flours is very unique. Using good ingredients
is always important. There’s a functionality that
goes into choosing flours and then also just the flavor and the aspect that you’re looking for. What we’re currently using is our single variety, so they’re, the identity is preserved from the field and through the milling process. So, we’ll use a single
variety, like chardonnay. In this case, for the country
dough it’s Yecora Rojo. Most commodity flours are just blended based on the season and the harvest. Customer: It has more flavor. You can taste the sourdough of it. You can taste the sesame and the oat in it, on top of it, like, sometimes the sesames
in other breads are too, like, toasted and you can taste it, but this is just, like, great. Customer: It’s a good crust
and it’s a good crumb, so you can’t go wrong. Customer: But when we look, were outside, the smell, so good. Louis: What really distinguishes
the flavor is the process. So the types of the fermentations. A levain, or a sourdough,
as opposed to a poolish or something else. And then also ingredients, and kind of how we use them
and how we employ them. And then it comes down to recipe. Victoria Moreno: I think
my favorite reaction is when I see my dad
and my mom eat the bread that I bring home. Because their face just,
like, completely lights up, and it changes everything. They just, they brighten my day
when they eat the bread. Sydney: It’s so, like, soft
and doughy and squishy, and all of the little holes on the inside are the perfect thing for
catching butter or jam or cheese or whatever it is you wanna put inside this beautiful-looking baguette. (crunching) Mmm. Ahh. They should really make perfume that smells like freshly baked bread. I’m very lucky today. The Manufactory also roasts 40,000 pounds of coffee a week and
distributes the java beans to restaurants all around LA and beyond. After all, you’re gonna need your energy if you’re about to tackle
a mountain of bread. The poached egg with trout roe, chives, and za’atar-rubbed toast was calling my name. I might as well just die now, ’cause I don’t think it gets
any more delicious than this. I should stop. Next up, the famous smoked-salmon tartine with cream cheese, preserved lemon, and pickled mustard seeds. (crunching) OK, let’s talk about this, ’cause it’s so delicious. The lox are super, super…do
I have food on my face? I’m a huge mustard fan, I love mustard. And having those little
grainy bits of mustard on top add a nice pop of texture. And then you have this little bit of dill. Which obviously pairs
perfectly with salmon. But this bread, like, the bread can hold the
weight of all these toppings, and it’s phenomenally good. They are magicians here,
’cause this is true magic. OK. I need to go to the gym. Filming me eating more of this. It’s just really good, OK? But before I hit the gym, since my diet is already
out the window for the day, I had to try the famous patty melt. It’s made with Russian dressing,
cheese, and juicy beef. All piled on freshly sliced pullman bread. Hot, hot, but worth it. All right, I’m gonna go wash up. After I went home and
slipped into a food coma, I have to say, this is truly LA’s kingdom of carbs. Stop filming me in my
secret place of shame.