Welcome to Lasso TV I’m Cheney Keck and i’m Eamon Sugarman this week we get post-election reaction with origin and Thanksgiving dinner with Ellie but first the annual blood drive for anyone over the age of 16 is November 22nd in the aux gym this event is done by Inova Hospital and all donations will be used for medical research. Last Friday the George Mason Model United Nation club traveled to the College of William & Mary on these expeditions for the model un club students get to simulate real-life United Nation conferences teams from schools take on the role of countries from around the world and must negotiate with other countries to create resolutions for current international conflicts. And speaking of conflicts let’s talk about this year’s election do you really want to right now well we won’t be expressing any of our personal views on this show but origin rain has gotten a look at the reactions from our Mason students after this historic election today here is truly will Stewart Manor Hills principal of George Mason Jack Walton this is calvin sure sure so what’s your general reaction to the election i was very disappointed i’m slightly really slightly angry I am absolutely disgusted with this country and its populace definitely little surprise short few sentences i think the flashing process is more important than how I feel like losing one was because of all the advertising I think the outcome is always good and bad pros and cons of different perspectives I think what’s great about America is you respect the outcome look as a whole team this was good the best part that the Congress believe because of that no matter was runny White House oh she will be doing a great job and make America great again are you worried about the outcome of the election Cory question being a former government teacher I believe stronger strongly in democracy i think that our founding fathers put together a system in place that allows for checks and balances and so I believe wholeheartedly if we trust our system and we believe in everything we’ve done for the last you know 275 years and we’re gonna be just okay don’t worry because everything is a new change but you have to embrace the change give yourself competence and face that 21 together absolutely i’m worried that a lot of my friends mean may be affected by is racist xenophobic insects as policymaking alright i would have been happy either way I think with Hillary your trunk are you surprised at the winter or the margin probably more so by the winner and is there anything you’re looking forward to our worried about with our home so we’re all more development policy on healthcare not really sure what’s going to go on I’m not personally very big supporter of obama care but I mean who knows what could happen also a mother was signed with the funding for example the National Science Foundation have somewhere with my father works for that so on my you know probably my increase his age for retirement that makes his job more difficult but some things I’m looking forward to probably be maybe relations innocence of foreign policy i saw that Hillary zone a little too aggressive in what you sayin with their campaign especially about what you want to Ukraine the public’s it’s included so I was overall pretty have relieved about that was because I one seed from really having any kind of intend on escalating what’s going on in Estonia Lithuania what’s going on currently in Ukraine on personally I’m not a fan of you tricky government so I mean I’m fairly happy was have somebody who’s not really a big supporter overall with natives getting currently yeah that’s really important thanks arjun politics are really getting heated this year that’s right but after a stressful election we still have thanksgiving to look forward to we all look forward to the delicious selection of food on Thanksgiving every year but have you ever wondered what the best dishes are element wire ask some of our students their favorite meals i am here with Lauren Lauren if you could have one food for thanksgiving what would it be and why probably my grandma’s filling which is pencil you kind of talked for like stuffing I don’t know she just makes it differently than normal people so it’s better yeah I love like homemade things from family recipes i’m here with that looks that if you could have one food for thanksgiving what would it be and why I guess we just a turkey because that’s like the basic things that everyone enjoys and I just grew up eating that I didn’t grow up with anything like stop being so turkeys like the basic things that we would eat yeah probably stuffing because that one had that has like it soaks up the turkey juice for like the entire day and it just tastes about yeah i agree I’ll i like mashed potatoes because I love potato they’re just delicious you have any for fried pork it makes you feel good looks really worth it that’s not an answer referred hey I’m Ellie McGuire after interviewing some students and teachers i’ve come to realize that some students like to keep a traditional while others like to put their own cultural twists on food man I can’t listen to people talking about turkey and stuffing without wanting to myself all you need after decorated stuffing is a dessert that’s true and speaking of dessert we have an exciting new episode of Andrews cooking show and this week’s recipe may be the perfect treat to have after a delicious Thanksgiving meal everybody Andrew here and today and in the kitchen with Angela we’re going to prepare pumpkin pie a delicious treat just in time for the holiday season so let’s get started and we’ll go over the ingredients here we have 15 ounces of pumpkin puree make sure it is not pumpkin pie filling because will be way too sweet for your filling here we have 12 ounces of evaporated milk 2 eggs 1 egg yolk here we have half a cup each of brown and white sugar for our spices we have a teaspoon of cinnamon half a teaspoon each of nutmeg and ginger quarter teaspoon of clothes and half a teaspoon of salt some vanilla extract and here we have pie crafts which we’ll line our pie pan with and pour the filling in the first step in making this delicious pumpkin pie is to make the pie crust first so here we have a 10 inch pipe and we’re going to great grease and spray with vegetable spray and we’re going to line it with our pie crust here in a second let’s play this well so it doesn’t stick perfect and here we have our pie crust and what we’re going to do is we’re going to line the pan with it and make sure that it’s evenly placed in the pan that’s perfect now take a knife if you see what is there any excess on the edges just trim it off like that and i’m going to take this and just set this aside until we are ready to use it so now we are going to make the pie filling so first we have a pumpkin pie filling and we’re going to lick it together so let’s get the liquid and the mass that has been separated so now first we’re going to take our eggs and sugar and what we’re going to do now is mix this fairly well just give it a quick myth mix and so next we’ll take our milk and we’re going to add it in in two stages if we add it all at once will make sure will be too lumpy 2.2 the price process we’re going to add the last bit oh right now the last thing we’re going to do is we’re going to add in our spices and our salt just going to bed again and then last but not least we’re going to add our vanilla extract about a teaspoon should do it all right and there’s are feeling so now we’ll get ready and pointed to the pie crust everyone before you start baking preheat oven to 425 degrees now we’ve got a feeling put together now we’re going to carefully pour it into the crust and make sure it’s even which I think this that’s perfect and so now we’re going to carefully place this in the oven so after it’s been placed in the oven for 15 minutes turn down the temperature to 350 degrees and continue cooking for further 30 minutes alright ipod has been in the oven for 45 minutes total gonna let this come and cool to room temperature once it does that will put it in the fridge for four to six hours and once it’s done we’ll cut it up and serve it ok it’s our pie has been in the fridge for for at least four hours so now we’re going to do we took a slice out of it and now we’re going to put a dollop of whipped cream and we’re going to sprinkle a little bit of cinnamon just to make it look nice it’s just the pinch to make it look like it’s in the magazine ok so now we’re going to test it tastes this is a really good i hope they all try this recipe for the holiday season please like comment and subscribe to in the kitchen with Andrew if they tuned for next week’s episode child well that looks delicious sure does and that’s all for this week on lasso TV I’m Cheney kick and i’m aimin Sugarman thanks for joining us