hi there everyone it’s amanda here welcome to my channel first of all sorry because i didn’t post a video last week that’s because I really needed a rest after a few weeks of a lot of stress and not a lot of sleep so that’s why I took a few days off and didn’t post any video and now if you want to know about these things when I don’t post a video or when I have all the news you can follow me on social media where I always tell you if I’m going to post or not or if I do some extra post without videos etc so now about the project today this is going to be the last Christmas projects of the year and I’m making two very quick and easy Christmas tags however I chose to color with prismacolor pencils you can call with other pencils too but my point is that I didn’t use any blending technique which makes the process much longer so you want to cut it in half the process of coloring you can use a blending solution like for example gum soul or you can use the blending pencil that you can buy from prismacolor and that is very inexpensive I’m also using Quran – luminous pencils together with my prismacolor but as I said you don’t need to use the exact same brand however if you want to know which colors I’m using today you can go over to my blog where I will have none listed together with the other supplies and here I apologize because my camera was not working and I did not realize but you can see that I hidden boasted the sentiment twice using white embossing powder I’m adding a few dots on the background using a white gel pen and that will finish up the stacks so I hope you liked it thank you so much for watching and remember that all the supplies that I use are always listed in the video description it’s also on my blog so thanks again and I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend see you next time bye you