Sabre: I’m gonna scare Biggy Mama: Where? (whispering) Sabre: Oh I don’t know Medical Expert: I declare the last to leave the bouncy house challenge is safe- Afro Man: But screen time is not safe Afro Man: Never! Afro Man: Do you wanna watch Netflix next? -woosh- Biggy: Let’s blow this baby up Sockie: No, we have to do the challenge first Biggy: Muscles! Is that blurry? Slight technical difficulties, we need to buy some equipment for the challenge Sockie: Quick, grab some balls for the challenge Biggy: No, we need this for the challenge! Sockie: Biggy, put it back Sockie: You got the balls? Sabre: Yep Sockie: Good Awww Biggy: This train ride is so cheap. You’re the best Biggy: What’d you do when no one’s in the elevator? You dance! You Dance! Biggy: We’re English (Music: Dancing in the elevator) Now to determine the budget you can spend at the shops to prepare yourself for the last to leave the bouncy house challenge is You ride your Dinky all the way from the end line To the middle circle, at the middle circle, You’ve got to do 10 proper push-ups Then get back on your dinky ride all the way over to here Grab a ball, shoot a goal Sockie: And the first person to do that gets the highest budget Mama: Yes (Celebrating) Sabre: I don’t think I’m gonna get the highest budget Highest budget is $150 second, $100, third $50 last, $25 It’s gonna really suck for the last person Better not come last! Mama: Who do you think is gonna win? Biggy: Naz Nazzy: Me Sockie: I think me, because everyone’s gonna suck at the hoop Sockie: Because they can’t throw balls very good so I think I’m definitely gonna lose Sockie: Let’s smash that Sabre: Oh, not me, anyone but me Mama: What’s your tactic? Naz: I don’t know Biggy: Ride in style, (Laughing) Sockie: My tactic is to be fast and get to the hoop first Sabre: And do the push-ups till my arms burn and then I’m gonna throw the ball to the hoop and Sabre: Hopefully it goes through That’s not a tactic, that’s like your hope That’s a dream (Laughing) Mama: Who do you think’s your biggest competitor? Biggy: Naz Nazzy: Me Sockie: Biggy Sabre: Biggy’s really good at every single challenge, practically every single one (Laughing) Guys, I’ve upgraded to a 6 pack now Competitors, are you ready? Set! Naz, go. Sabre! Sockie! Biggy! (Scooters Moving) Oh, Naz! She’s back on first! -and Biggy! Oh Sabre’s back on! Naz is already shooting! No ones got a goal yet! (screaming) (more screaming) Sabre’s first! Sabre: How did I do that! Cant believe it! Sabre: I- I cannot believe this! So you get 150, I get 100, you get 50, 25 You gave you good view of it Legends hope yes, I have put the biggest budget because I’m actually good ball thrower It’s how you spend it and I’m smart and I’m gonna I’m gonna spend it all on toys, you know girl’s name umbrella I’m gonna bother all the best mysterious make stay in the challenge This guy joking mom’s you let us have some chicken nuggets mom actually just wanted these get grood chicken bite and said Chicken nuggets. What does this girl like better chicken nuggets or grilled chicken? Let’s say they twin beaks Chumlee pink chicken Okay, so the budget first place save up a hundred and fifty second GI Me took the third place hundred sake gets 50 and 25 you got it top 20 minutes ready? that Didn’t take anything go Go Oh I do. Thank you I’m gonna get some tops over there to make Sophie get I don’t know I think one would again. I’m going to go Where are the books legends, maybe we can buy some new mystery boxes too. Mom. All I can find is would Make me feel a little bit hungry. Oh, maybe I should get up By dancing I’m gonna be spending them. So I own the jumping off of a ditch sleeping bag and then they’re having you like Gaming books like minecraft will go up. It’s a sea and the frisbee Sorry mum because you by Biggie’s ex-girlfriends We’re just I’m gonna had any type of Minecraft bookie all alone even gaming books I’m gonna make a run for it to the next bookstore I’m being innocent, but your Quinn vibes hair kit mum And my lad go to the book store to find my three minecraft book to make me win sure sake Okay, I think I’m gonna get a nerf gun. It’s gonna make my competitor make it Have to give a chocolate so you think I miss a good hula hooper by magic taste practice kids. I Mean the only reason I’m at the bookstore is to find my account book, so if I don’t happen I’m gonna be very very angry. The advantages of being too small is that can still fit a kid sized sleeping bag and Doesn’t cost as much as the other one. Perfect. Oh my gosh, I’m taking these take out my competitive Ritually is gonna take him out Trying to do all the husband’s do on YouTube and just be super nice and acquire like ridiculously nice I’m gonna get creamed gee dad I get this so I could try beginning Escapees Nurse knots five minutes to go. Oh no, I Actually have no idea how much time we have left we only have a minute left when you use my charm really wisely (Idea sparks into Biggy’s head) Six-pack I only spent 22 does I’m a bit worried about that since I probably should bought more. Well, I bought a Harry Potter collectable I Got more inflatable things to knock off my siblings in case one breaks. I got another three With my $25 I Spent $19.50 so I had a budget of $150 but I almost spent on invoices. I’m responsible I would guess cooked off my sausages by deep by cinnamon crunch. It’s like an American cereal The girl said I keep sleeping bags – the others in thing else month to get a bath and Baffles pub is boring because you haven’t seen the bouncy house is gonna blow up. Yeah. I think it’s too much pressure He’s a complaint alleges. He’s a complainer. No, it’s not He might not work because we’ve never ever blown up a bouncy house in a lie, and we didn’t test it before hand. So We’re gonna do if it doesn’t work Well, we’ve got nothing to lose except all you legends Looks like good things gonna take a whole hour to blow up This whole dot is an hour I think I don’t think any blood in one meeting and this is Papa’s favorite thing in the whole world to do Packing up and set boys Love it What could be wrong? Okay Go for Justin So now authority in and she can’t come out nothing matter what who stay feet she doesn’t ever go to Pregnant I’m pregnant It’s been two hours legend I’ve been studying the nutrition back from the back of the cinnamon toast crunch box This book is keep me quiet pain I’ve been playing with brandy In 30 seconds I’m in the car with legends and we’re going to the glasses shops because my eyes have gone worse and the glasses that I recently Had don’t work for me anymore So I’m gonna go pick out some new ones and you let it’s a good judge with like widget glasses You like the best that I’m gonna put on me Oh The Dominion I’m looking for lightweight glasses with maybe like a blue of see-through Option C. And I only like that but I normally just like to put one on say it’s fine But if I come home with like a really bad UPS your mom told me no girl like that He’s like, sorry Papa this is your chance. Take one pair of glasses for me to try and then the legends can judge. Okay big fun winning big I like him Clinic a little bit of small. Yeah a lot and they black which is kind of like I Think This cards your terms literally break and eat whatever he first touches that He touched these ones first, but he grabs the one there I’m like chocolate movie banana chocolate chip snap These the glasses that dis kept it to me and these are the glasses that pop a bit for me and now to my turn to pick and I decide It’s unlike you you because like see-through For me Like this quiz 1 but they feel really nice. Thank goodness. How’s this about to make an appointment? If you watch that you have the option of a I try very hard I try on three You like them pop up yeah, I like them about like my better I think this game Okay, so I vote for my line cover both behind And disco vote for mine. I’ll take this go. Oh Okay legends you have to vote which glasses you like this sorry the key keys to come before We do that, can you guys get the price the ball $2.00 Is $14.99 We do that part, but how quick was that Pretty good. Doesn’t it like 10 minutes Nick mom will approve My quick no, but you like to go to hours in deserve last job. That’s a very quick shot that yeah, and I am too Very Similar majors gonna really grab some milk We went to America and we can have this every single day like this. We’ve opened this rifle Oh such a like, you know, that’s a Very much being be supportive in sake this is like it says your job get milk my job get Apple Because Milk Hey sequined trolley probably not. What does she want? Ladies But I think with it light and bubbly month like the angriest now so he’s gonna quickly Don’t get hurt chocolate that’s been queasily your book He’s gonna have a big surprise for you I’m gonna have a pop now. So I need you fill this up. Okay? So the kids can eat it So maybe I should surprise her with the chocolate then and then she might give me a bite in Return of my nice. Oh, let’s do the purple bath on this property. But you know, where did it go? Get the kids some gorgeous gourmet burritos, Betty Oh my gosh, look at a face, it’s so easy. Oh the sweet pain ago the bra Okay, you can have temper eater I Wonder what song he’s doing right now, but he loved to see nice. We’re gonna prank them and we’re gonna get salad They’re gonna be like what they probably think he’s probably gonna cry That’s really satisfying Do you approve besides 80 feet? It has I think I’ve decided to get you a pet. You have a phone That’s what you’re gonna do I really want to save up surviving on $2,000 diamond earrings for my aunt