– It smells, it smells so good. No, never. (sobbing) – I’m hoping for Rykel’s. – No. – Cream puffs.
– No! – Let’s start the game already! (upbeat music) – All right you guys we
have come to the store. You guys loved our Last to Eat challenge that we recently did, so
we’re gonna do it again Are you guys ready? – [Children] Yes. – What are we doing?
– Yeah. – I’m ready for anything.
– Is it about– – [Mom] No. Remember how we did Last to Eat? – Yes.
– And how it was so fun? Now we’re gonna do Last to Eat Dessert. – Sweet.
– You’re gonna have five minutes and $5 to
find any dessert you want. Ready, set, go. (bell rings) – So I have the little girls– – I know where to go! I want ice cream sandwiches. Ice cream sandwiches! Ice cream. – She’s very prepared to
eat ice cream sandwiches. – What should we get Wyatt? – Do both of us together have $5? – No. – Okay. We both each have five. – [Rykel] These are all cookies, brownies would be over here. – Cookie brownies. – Is there like, no the freezer section, ’cause that has ice cream and everything. Let’s go!
– There’s only four? – We are at the ice cream section. And these look amazing. (gasps) It’s you! Actually, I’m sorry I’m gonna get his. This looks way better doesn’t it? – Okay, goodness gracious, I kind of want like not good food, ’cause then they might not want to eat it. – Guys, I’m gonna get french toast. The french toast. The stick ones. – [Rykel] All right Cora. Got it. Let’s go. (moaning) – Mini cream puffs, in the pile. – [Mom] All right we
are here with desserts. – Oh baby.
– Boom, boom, boom! – [Mom] Okay, let’s see what we got. Shae has? – A pomegranate fruit
bar, amazing ice pop. – [Mom] Made with real fruit. Evee?
– Brownies. – [Mom] Brownies, very basic. – French toast sticks. ♪ Dun, dun, duh ♪ – [Mom] Okay what did you get? – Cream puffs. – And?
– Ice cream sandwich. – We have played this before
and if you haven’t seen the Last to Eat, I’ll
make sure to link it down below or at the end of this video. So this is how you play. We got this game from the Tannerite’s guys and it is super fun. We love the Tannerite’s so
give them a thumbs up too. This is how you’re gonna play, we’re gonna roll the dice and
the highest number goes first. This person, we’re gonna
number everybody: Cora is one, Rykel two, Wyatt three, – Four.
– Evee four. And Shae five. So when they go they roll
a number and whatever number it is, three.
– It’s Wyatt. – [Mom] They get to ask the person. – To eat?
– Are you gonna let me have a bite. – Or to not eat? – [Mom] Or are you gonna
be out of the game? But this time it’s gonna be a different change for the winner. – What does the winner get? – [Mom] Are you ready? – What’s it gonna be? – We’re waiting. – [Mom] A little longer. – I’m gonna hold my
breath until you tell me. – [Children] (gasping) (laughing)
– Nobody lasted. – [Children] (gasping) – [Mom] The winner will get a date
(gasps) to any dessert place in town. [Children] (screams of excitement) – I am in. – [Children] Yes. (bones popping) – It’s on. – I love chocolates. – I’ll just say yes. Yes, yes. – I don’t know, is it worth it? Oh no. – Game on. – All right, so they’re
gonna roll the dice and they’re gonna ask that person, do I get a bite of your dessert or are you gonna leave with your food? And you’re out of the
game and you don’t win the all you can eat dessert date with Mom. – All you can eat? – All you can eat desserts.
(gasps) – All I can eat is the whole world. – [Mom] Okay, are you ready? – Before we get started make sure to give a big thumbs up. – Subscribe down below. – Click that notification bell. – And comment on my Instagram. – Comment on all of our
Instagram’s what you want to see and who you thought was
gonna win this challenge. – Looks so good. It smells, it smells so good. No. Never. – We haven’t had dessert in a long time. (crying) – It drips. – All dripped in syrup. (sighs) (paper crinkling) – I’m not gonna make it to
the end, it’s gonna melt. Let’s start the game already. – All right are we ready in… – [Everyone] Three, two, one. (bell rings)
– (screams) – [Mom] Cora roll the dice and see what, who gets to go first. (thud) You got a three.
– Three. – [Mom] Rykel what number
are you gonna roll? (thud) – Five. [Shae] – Oh she might win. (thud) Three.
(laughs) (thud) – [Mom] One. (thud) – Three.
(laughs) – I’m gonna go first. Woo-hoo! – [Mom] All right Rykel – Lucky number one or lucky number five. (thud) [Mom] – Three. One, two, three you get
a Wyatt french toast. – Can I eat it or do you
want to leave with it? – You can eat some. – One bite.
– Not a big bite. – [Mom] Look at that dripped in syrup. (gasps) – My life has been saved. – The crust is way better. (cries) – Hurry before it melts. – [Mom] All right, Wyatt’s turn. – I’m hoping for Rykel’s. – No! – Cream puffs. – No! – With ice cream inside. – [Mom] All right ready,
let’s see what he gets. (thud) – [Children] No! (screaming) – Will you let me eat some? – Or will you run away? – [Mom] Eat it. – A little bite.
– Oh no he gets a whole puff. – Whole puff. (gasps) – These were delicious. – [Mom] Rykel’s second turn. – I’m hoping for ice cream or popsicle. Cora’s or Shae’s. – I hope mine melts before anyone gets it. That would be awesome. (heavy breathing) – [Mom] Gross. – One or five, one or five. (thud) – [Wyatt] Five! – [Rykel] Will you let
me take a bite or no? – [Mom] Or are you gonna
leave the challenge. (dramatic singing) – Keep it over the plate! – [Mom] It’s extremely melted. Oh he’s not gonna get much of a dessert. (slurping) – This really does taste
like a pomegranate melted. – [Mom] Are you gonna
leave with your food? Do you want to get out of the game? (crying) – [Mom] Is that a yes or a no? – I don’t want to share with anyone. This is mine now. – [Mom] He’s gone. – [Cora] Can I go? (slurping) – [Mom] Oh snap. Shae is out!
(buzzer) – [Children] Bye Shae. – Now I roll to see who goes.
– Oh that’s right. Rykel roll
(thud) Four. Evee gets to roll. Evee what are you hoping for? – I’m hoping for me, Rykel or Wyatt. – [Mom] So she just does
not want ice cream sandwich. (thud) And she got Rykel’s cream–
– No! – Can I eat it or you gonna leave with it? – Oh wait. (gasp) – Oh Rykel is out.
(buzzer) (screams) There she goes. – [Children] Bye Rykel. – Okay we’re changing the numbers – [Children] One, two. – Three, four – Five, six. Let me see who I get. (thud) – Or who goes next. – That’s Wyatt’s. – No that’s me.
– What number? No three, four. – Can I eat it or you gonna leave with it? – Eat, eat.
– Let me have some syrup too. Mmmm. That is quite good. – I am in this to win it. Woo-hoo. Mama ma mama. (blowing)
(thud) – [Mom] Oh six. (crying) Evee’s, oh no. – Can I eat it or you gonna leave with it? – Eat it. – I need a fork. – [Mom] (mumbles) just
lift it and take a bite. – No, no. Fork, fork, please– (gasps) – That was too big of a bite. Next time I’m gonna eat that rest. – Mmm, mm, mm. – I’m hoping for any actually. I like everyone’s. (thud) Five. Can I have some or are
you gonna leave with it? You can have some. Thank you very much. (laughs) So good. Oh, how disgraceful. I’m so sorry, my lady. You took a huge bite. – [Mom] Kay who’s next? – Cora’s next.
(squealing) – [Mom] All right Cora gets to roll next. – I want myself or Evee,
well mostly of it, any. I just love chocolate, yum! (thud) – Three. – Can I eat it or are you
going to leave with it? – You can eat. – Yummy. – It’s my turn. Yeah! (thud) – One. – Can I eat it or are
you gonna leave with it? – It’s mine but I want my whole. A tiny, tiny, tiny, like that small. Okay.
– Okay. – [Mom] Oh it’s so droopy. (slurping) – Good, good! Put it down, put it down, put it down. – I want to lick the ice cream. – No. My turn. I mostly want Evee cause I already tried a bite from Wyatt. Or myself. Please Evee, please Evee. (thud) Yes! (laughs)
– No! (laughing) – Can I eat it or are you
gonna leave with your food? – Hmm. Let me see should we let her have some? I don’t know. – [Mom] Okay Evee, eat
it or leave with it? – Hmm, since there’s still
more, let’s see, hmm. (laughing) – [Mom] She’s gonna leave with it! Evee is out!
(buzzer) Everyone say by Evee. – [Children] Bye Evee. (laughs) – Yes I just want Wyatt. – [Mom] Change numbers. – One, two, three, four, five, six. – I just want Wyatt or myself. – I’m totally gonna win this. Cora’s weak. Yeah that’s her. (laughs) – I just hope for Wyatt or me. Mostly me. – [Rykel] You can only get you or him. – I mostly want any but mostly me. (thud) Yes! Myself! – [Mom] Look how yucky it is. See if you get out, the sooner you get to eat the whole thing. (silly music) – Is it my turn again? (laughing) – I want to get Cora’s. It’s a soggy one. (laughs) Soggy from ice cream not water. – You don’t want yourself? – I want myself but mostly Cora’s. (thud) – Yeah!
(screams) – Can I eat it or are
you gonna leave with it? (laughs) – [Mom] It’s pretty soggy. What’s your choice Cora? – Bye bye. – [Children] Oh! – [Mom] Cora is out!
(buzzer) Wyatt is the ultimate winner. (party horn)
(victorious music) – [Rykel] Mom, look at Cora. – [Mom] Oh it all squished all out. – No no no. (slurping) – [Mom] What, Shae, ew. Shae’s popsicle melted all over. Looks like Evee’s enjoying
her chocolatey face. – Wait, what, there’s still more on me? – [Mom] And Rykel ate all
of her nice cream puffs. Wyatt is the winner!
(party horns) (victorious music)
(bell ringing) – No winning without–
– No! (screams) No! – [Mom] Evil, evil Rykel, evil Rykel. Hey Wyatt. Oh my gosh, this is the messiest. All right Wyatt, where you gonna go for your all you can eat dessert? You want baked goods like
pies and cakes and cupcakes, or you want ice cream or you want what? – I want Cold Stone with all the ice cream.
– Oh nice. All right. Let’s get going! – Thank you guys so much for watching. Give this video a big thumbs up if you really liked it, cause I loved it. Because of all the food and yummy food. And subscribe down below and
hit that notification bell. Bye! (upbeat music) ♪ Do, do, do, do, do, do ♪