(western music) (record scratching) – In today’s video, we do
a last to leave challenge. But before you get started
give us a big thumbs up and subscribe to our channel. – Hi, Soty family! It is time for another
last to leave the circle. – [All] Girls only! – Whoop whoop woo woo! – Alright guys we have all of the girls in this square actually
and we are gonna see who can stay in the longest and the person that stays in may just get a prize. – A good one. – [Mom] Alright, I’m gonna
check everyone’s feet. Are you guys inside of it? Let’s see, let’s see,
let’s see, let’s see! Alright, guys, you just may be tempted. – And we may do some
challenges along the way. – [Mom] Parker, you better be careful! Are you tricking us? – Blake is safe, Blake’s safe. – Guys I really like this challenge because all of the girls are in one spot and they’re not running
around the house like crazy. Guys are you are you liking the challenge? (laughing) Blake, you are toeing the line! (laughing) Oh, are we gonna lose Blake? Are we gonna lose Blake? – Say no! – No! No! – [Dad] Blake, wanna come to daddy? – [All] No, no! – [Dad] Come to daddy? – [All] No, no! – [Mom] I guess Blake is staying in. – [All] Stay in, stay in, stay in! – [Mom] Are you guys
liking this challenge? – Yeah! – Yeah, kind of, well, hopefully. – Alright so the question
is do we tempt them first or do we give them a challenge? – Hmm, very interesting. What do you think? – I don’t know. – The first challenge
is gonna be a dance off. – No, I’m bad at it! – I’m good at it! – On your mark, get set, dance! (upbeat music) – Blake you are pushing the limits! (laughing) – [All] Dun, dun, dun, dun! (screaming) – [Dad] Oh, that was close. Everyone do the floss! (laughing) Everyone do the twist! – [Mom] Ooh, look at that,
look at that, look at that! – Disqualified. – [Dad] Everyone dance on one foot! – Dancing on one foot! – This is so hard! – Shake your booty! – [Mom] Oh no, that’s not good! (laughing) – No more dancing, no more dancing. – No more dancing. – It’s not good, no good. – [Dad] Well girls you
survived the dance off. – Oh yeah! – I wonder how they’ll
do against my temptation. (screaming) – [All] No, no!
– I hate that stuff. – No, no! – Temptation time. – Last time we did the last to leave, Taylor did pretty good so I think I’m going to tempt her first. – No! – With a Creamie. This is a super box of Creamies. (gasping) And Taylor, I’m gonna give you the choice. You can leave the square and enjoy a delicious
Creamie of your choice– – Only one? – or you can stay in and
still have a chance to win. And you have 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. – No! – (gasping) I guess the
Creamies are all mine. I think I’m just going
to leave this Creamie right here and see what happens. – [Mom] Um… – Yes! – [Mom] Blake, you are
eliminated from the game! – Oh snap! – [Mom] Was it worth it Blake? Was it worth it? (baby talking) – [Mom} Um, I think
she’s mocking you guys. (whimpering) – Alright guys that was
fun and all but I think it is time for another challenge. Every girl needs to get in a square tile. When you guys hear the buzzer like this (buzzing) you guys will have to switch
places with somebody else. – Without stepping out
of the giant square. – [Mom] Who’s ready to
play musical squares? – [All] Me! (buzzing) – Her’s in the same place. – [Mom] Alright that was a good one guys. (buzzing) (laughing) (buzzing) (laughing) – I almost fell out! (buzzing) (laughing) – [Girl] Somebody stepped– – You guys better be
watching and making sure that no one is stepping out! Alright you never know
when it’s gonna be time! (whispering) (buzzing) – I got out. (sniffling) So give me a Popsicle please. – Alright guys, so we have lost two girls and I have a feeling that
they’re not disappointed at all. (laughing) – Alright I think its time
for another temptation. I wonder how much money
I have in my wallet. Who should I tempt with this temptation? – Eenie, meenie, miney, mo, catch a tiger by the toe, if he hollers let him go, – Eenie, meenie, miney- – Eenie, meenie, miney, mo. Alright, Jordan I have
a temptation for you. You can stay in the circle and see if you have a
chance of winning this game and you don’t know what the prize is or you can take my wallet
and have all the money inside of it, but I don’t know how much money’s in
there and neither do you. Um, that was actually really easy. Let’s see how much money
I have in the wallet. Lucky for dad he doesn’t carry a ton of money around in his wallet. – Its not lucky for me. – That’s not money. Wait a minute. Oh no, there’s still more in it. Nine dollars. – I’ll take it. Gimme, this is my dollar. – There she goes. – And then there were two. These girls are dropping like flies, guys. They’re being tempted easily. Was it worth it Blake? Alright guys, so dad has been
really good at tempting them. I’m going to try to do
a really good temptation and I think I have one that the girls are not going to be able to resist. And Payton I have my eye on you. – Wait, what? What does that mean? – Payton, I have a mystery egg right here with something inside of it. You can take this mystery
egg and see what’s inside if you just walk outside of the circle. – Mom, its a square. – Even right here it
makes a little square. – No deal, mom! – Payton, I guess you’re gonna miss out with what’s inside here. Payton, do you wanna see what was inside the mystery egg that you turned down? – Oh, I always wanted one of these. Mighty beans! This prize better be good. – Its time to determine
the winner of this thing. – Bring on the final competition! (western music) (record scratching) – For the final challenge we’re gonna do a try not to laugh, dad joke version. – Dad jokes aren’t funny. I got this in the bag. – I’m the judge! Are you ready to laugh? – Mm-mm. – Mm-hmm. – I’m ready. – [Mom] Humor and all. – [Dad] So today my son
asked, can I have a book mark? And I burst into tears laughing. He’s 12 years old and
doesn’t know my name’s Steve. – What? – [Dad] My wife is really mad at the fact that I have no sense of direction, so I packed up my stuff and right. Get it? Instead of left, I right? (baby talking) – None of these make any sense. Dad jokes are not funny. – [Dad] Did you guys know
that the first french fry was actually not cooked in France? It was cooked in grease. – [Mom] Payton, that was a close one. – [Dad] Did you guys know
that if a child refuses to sleep during nap time they are guilty of resisting a rest. – What? – Get it? Arrested. – [Dad] The secret service
isn’t allowed to yell, get down anymore when the
president is being attacked. Now they have to yell, Donald, duck! Get it? Donald Trump, but Donald Duck? Like duck? – [Mom] She’s a stone wall. – Dad, you’re telling the wrong jokes. You need to say something like this, Payton, what did the dish say to the fork? – What? – Dinners on me. (laughing) – [Dad] Girls, guess what, spring is here. I get so excited that I wet my plants. Get it, I wet my plants, not my pants. Why did the teddy bear say no to dessert? Because she was stuffed. What do you call a
dinosaur that is sleeping? A dino-snore. What has ears but cannot hear? A cornfield. What did the left eye
say to the right eye? Something smells between us. Get it your nose, smells? What do you get when you
cross a vampire and a snowman? – Frostbite. – [Dad] Frostbite. What do you call two birds in love? Tweethearts. (laughing) – I can’t. – Alright guys, Payton
has been eliminated. (blowing raspberry) – And we have a winner! And what is her prize, Dad? – And your surprise is
a delicious Creamie! – [Mom] Yay! – Yay! – [Mom] You get a Creamie! – Seriously? Everyone got a Creamie. Guys, was this worth it? – Creamies are always worth it, Taylor. – I know what I should get. You guys should all
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