(Music: We the #Legends) Biggy: If you are a true legend, you would know that us Norris Nuts hate bananas Sockie: We despise them Nazzy: They are our hatest food Biggy: I’d rather starve to death than eat a banana Sockie: This video is sponsored by the banana cooperation foundation Sabre: To encourage kids to eat more healthy bananas Sabre: Bananas suck Sockie: They’re gross Biggy: And because you legends keep commenting that we do the last to stop eating bananas challenge Nazzy: We’re doing it Sockie: And the winner is going to win A thousand dollars! Mama; Here is ten dollars each Mama: You get to go to the shops and buy any meal you want Mama: Before you eat bananas for a very long time Mama: You’re gonna have ten minutes Mama: Yep, 10, actually kinda less than 10 now Sockie: Why? Mama: It’s started Biggy: Oh no! My strategy is, I’m just going to buy a bunch of chocolate bars Sabre: My strategy is to buy a heap of soft foods so that I can eat them quickly Sockie: Normally when we go to the shops we just get apples and stuff Sockie: But this time I’m gonna get any treats. I won it just has to be under $10 Sabre: I love spending money on food. Nazzy: Mum, I need your help because I’m gonna make bunny have a party Biggy: And I said I was gonna get chocolate bars but I’m actually gonna get one donut Biggy: Hello can I please get a donut? Sabre: I need to get some chocolate Sockie: This chocolate cake Nazzy: I should get Hubba Bubba, I’ve never tried it before! Biggy: What? Papa bought a donut? Sabre: Is there Jersey caramels? Sockie: So I wanna get a massive block of chocolate Biggy: Quick! We’ve only got 5 minutes left and I’ve only got a donut Sabre: Oh no, I think they sold out of Jersy caramels Biggy: I got a donut Nazzy: These pink donuts- That’s mine and bunny’s favourite colour! Sabre: I can get Banana lollies Sockie: I’m just gonna get…um… Sockie: Just like… no, I can’t get plain milk chocolate! Sockie be more original Nazzy: There’s party stuff for party stuff Biggy: Where are the cookies legends? Sabre: Must find some yummy food Biggy: I’m gonna get the creamy choc cookie Nazzy: I’ve got an 8 candle because Bunny’s a little bit younger than me Biggy: All you’ve got is one chocolate bar Biggy: You should feel ashamed Biggy: It’s okay Sabre: Must find… Sabre you’re running out of time! Sockie: The time’s ticking, I’m at the donut store trying to order a donut Sabre: So legends, remember, I’ve never tried a Barni Biggy: So I’ve got like three dollars left Nazzy: Pink! I’m doing pink Biggy: Okay so I’m gonna get rainbow popcorn Sabre: I’m so indecisive, I can’t work out what to buy Nazzy: So I’ve got a problem, I spent too much money so I’m gonna put some stuff back Sabre: Hurry up Sab, hurry up! Sockie: I can’t find Nutella Sockie: I’m running out of time Biggy: Imagine if I spent my ten dollars on vegetables… that would just be so wrong Everything’s too expensive Hello legends. Should I get juice like you? Try my cookie-cookie Slumber party too. I think I’ll be spamming the spins again. Try some red velvet Oreos I didn’t expect you and I’m the first nurse I’m gonna replace them with cinnamon because they’re way too much money So keen as everyone else he’s finished and you have 47 seconds to go otherwise you won’t be getting any They’re Famous like always the stronger tonight who can eat the most the most doughnuts, but he’s the weakest in LA stop eating I bought Nutella – chocolate size and the chocolate donuts. I only spent 9/11 Good luck okeydoke – catch me laughs a cheeto. I’ve got rainbow popcorn almost mowing the lawn And cookies It’s gonna be super devastating for wonder it’s not We’re gonna do a challenge and then our son who loses the challenge must forfeit their last meal Devastated So the challenges who think he can travel the farthest without pushing it so you get a massive run up you push as hard as you can’t get as much speed as Soon as you hit this line, you can no longer push you just have to drift Person who drew the least will not be eating their last What’s your tactic Don’t fall off the bike what no, something’s gonna lose me Bobby Sabre, babe This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for are you ready? Everyone super straight set? Sorry You have one No Grammar so I hope A message people make our half of beasts and half of these Oh, I hate the icing for gonna have these double bonds have a cookie in Oreo I didn’t even get a bite as my side Oh my gosh now she did a good job. Yeah Bunny’s birthday. She’s turning 40 Point one that’s massive. I’ve never had a kid with the temperature that hi Justin. He’s 40 point one. I Don’t know if I’ll have to stop filming because he’s so secret Keys being sick lots of times before But I’ve never seen in these sick The next person who’s ad the competition will weed a nice salad sandwich Oh We’ll get any donut they want Stay in the competition Gets a pizza. Oh If you last the longest in the last eight bananas competition, you’re gonna have all yuning makers Mean how many bananas do you think you’ll eat per day? 23:01 every meal, which nurse not do you think will be next there? Savor savor c’est bon. So piggy sulky others choose from his competitors but they both have a weakness and that is that they And Lucas and bananas, they aren’t the same thing. So if they a bit Bullis and they’ll be eliminated so dese guys woken up He’s been laying here. Just like this for the last hour He’s watching the show that the kids make for him Just like so seek. I’ve never seen him this Sick before look at these little cheeks Shots going on. I haven’t had this in South Honey upstairs, so I think TV lemonade You like that each of you is saving or I say bah how Lucky your fingers in honey sticky, that’s just silly So it’s all gonna come down to this moment heads mean sabers in tails means she’s out so we’re hoping for a heads Its tails sabers Which breaks us we can talk to her If you want I could eliminate myself then you could be in the challenge well, that’s really fair because Like I it was like I had my things not only did like that’s obviously like that That’s my fault. Like I chose to you guys. Just wasn’t thinking As you can see let him be gaming is super competitive and I know trying to bribe him out it’s not gonna work He’s just too strong for that, but I’m going to rattle him by making him at this track This is definitely not likely you’d be making these tracks, but I want to win so badly Sometimes just go do doing work a Ball run away like a little family time to open my crushes gift He got for me if I’m people avoiding all wait for this. It’s gonna be like So good sorry legend I had to take a break from my district when biggie and I had to go to shop Yeah coming. So we in the colleges because this guy’s not feeling really well and we’re gonna go game some panadol excited feel better this guy Do you wanna watch me open tsunamis? Packages find the pan though this guy we got that one. Yay. What puppet you should get the one two five Just like we got anymore I feel like all these presents show how much tsunami No, I think so. They really have felt. Oh my gosh It’s like she actually knows who you are. I didn’t even know she knew who you were you know, I mean, I’m also gonna get paired off a month because she’s doing a bit see What? We’re paying now and the only mum will get like some chocolates but since we’re doing the last stop in bananas, I can only happen as Well, I’m in Big Easy You read me they accept thank you, thank you. Hey Sue, thank you so much for everything. You send me I really loved everything. I hope you like the Lamborghini I really like your videos. I hope to meet you soon and don’t mind my dad. He could be weird sometimes TV TV TV oh yah on TV Wow Thank you so much it was really really nice and I Just wanted to give you some gifts and I didn’t even mind if you’d even reply at the first bit, but Thank you so much food I’m glad I thank you for this we have to go and get a doughnut because that’s what the place get Yes forever, so he does D strike team so he’s just tracking it back. Oh Please no challenge. So, you know, I mean Chuck. No, I’ve said it wrong No one do you make you diss track on me? Because they know by the time the districts done. I’m gonna be gone I’m gonna lose. Are you ever gonna get necessary pain? Yeah, Tina she gets gonna have a look at some shops and say they say that I’d look after her the one legend city think they’re quite hotdog Arthur Like I think I love light does that mean same idea long poops? As you know we did these tracks against each other so, you know right away they have the competition and sorry we’re not including The biggies dis track looks nervous Too crazy About use the kind looks like it’s Okay sake will yours must be pretty good then if you think B’s is pretty bad That was coming that was so good so Baby, who do you think that? Um, I like bees baby Rickett a Lot, really like suck. He’s very real. I think you soon were you gotta pick one So we’re right now driving to the doctors to make sure that this goes okay because This guy’s been really seeking he was like up or not crying All you have to do is dress up as a banana and the person who dresses most like a banana Get to eat the chocolate scot-free Grab a vlogging camera you have five minutes six minutes I know me. I hate yellow stuff in my wardrobe, so I should definitely win this So many things I should wear a yellow dress Black thing on his head showed a black hat or something and your help check out for a proper banana Look, I’ll go for like a yellow and look. This is such a beautiful dress I should wear Who Jerkins gonna win the lots are being bananas challenge? Don’t know the undo there’s a new outfit but I also have a jumpsuit just like it I have top and pants dress down Nappies and shoes. I have a Bernard backpack and a banana Chocolate Disk you do really well and lost something else. These are baby my shoes they pretty yellow Five four three two, watch the complete They worry about mine, I love my outfit think being they’re gonna win this for me though. Yeah. You know what? I think you’re windy. I think I will challenge. I just don’t know why did socks with high years Oh I had the yellow Benna the yellow the yellow Jackets and dance pants and some silver shoes See this, it’s so cute. I think that he’s like oh I feel like being in yellow shoes and I look down I’m out Disco was so unhappy at the doctor’s but he’s so happy now like he’s got an apple Toward me so he came to me and she said she wants to get out of the gym No, he can’t amazing sake is translate. We’d both be ok, and then he wanted to win the first prize Yeah, but and I told biggie biggie. It’s been like 29 hours Yeah, one of this hat like a star bat and then like we both can’t do that inclusion No, we’re both going to get at at the same time by eating this chocolate at the exact same time Biggie I think I won because I think my chocolate touched my time just a little bit before. No. Hmm. No It didn’t mmm no, so a few weeks ago anything in here, I think I’m the way that My tongue you touch first or the B same time by eating this chocolate at the exact same time Hi, please have the barbecue bacon lovers burger small fries six pack of chicken a get two chocolate medium fish ate a Hot apple pie. Okay, so I’m gonna order my pizza To make flurries. We’ve Oreo and M&M two chocolate donuts a mud muffin banana bread a bacon and egg McMuffin Cookies another cheap set medium 6 chicken nugget what?