So this is a clue about what today’s vlogs about Oh open it up Is it like were gonna get presents? Woah, Maybe, Oh Maybe Nah, I got a banana, yellow Fasion show, its another one of those fasion challenges Oh yeah. wait were eating bananas for 24 hours Each Norris nut will be picking a color and whatever color they pick That’s the only colored food they’re allowed to eat Oh that’s why it’s like yellow dress and bananas dress Yes! And the last man standing Gets to open one *no* of these mystery boxes either or It could be Honestly, it’s amazing if you pick the right one amazing (it’s a guinea pig) To determine what norris nut that we’ll be eating what food you have to dress yourself in a particular color You want to eat from head to toe? Okay, but there’s a twist If someone else dresses themselves in that color that you offer for you you don’t get to have it and there’s one more – You can dress yourself in any persons wardrobe More jobs, and I’m the only boy he’s a saint fashionable baby does need a bit back Oh big color, I think Maybe yeah. Oh my god, this is Different Wait, should I pick a different color? I gotta do you guys see this yellow top I’ve got My new song you’re like cardigan Green for you, the boys were to have that. Yeah I need a jumper. I don’t think I have one. No, that’s what you Have this one Oh pants. Yes, yellow pants So I’m gonna cook in these pakka I think I need a t-shirt Do I need a way green undies And as it is never complete without hair accessories gosh, you’re taking way too long you haven’t mean it left I mean it left Oh So I the fool and yellow outfit Bella pants yellow top yellow Jacket wear your shoes doesn’t other need shoes. It’s born I have a green jumper green top and green pants Don’t have green on these bows. But no, that’s okay. Tada. I found the perfect Epping I Just need shoes, I’m done. I’ve got too much laid out I’ve got to tidy up now. I think these the boots I have I have what hit been wiping jacket what dress watched opens and pretty what? The latter one No Modular water Wasting my time Trying to get you. Give me Don’t want to yeah my point of view What’s on my food are you gonna eat today? Hey Wow, hey why this yeah I’m a lemon vanilla ice cream. Vanilla yogurt vanilla malted milk. I’m gonna use I’m gonna eat scrambled eggs What are you gonna eat today? What about asparagus No, are you happy with the color you got? No What do you think’s in the mystery box I take it to play fine craft with two hours Yeah What do you think The lumps but you agree like this you’re good Who’s ready to buy their food Like fish eggs and vanilla everything that’s a bit of a bummer You Aren’t actually allowed to buy your own food Food for another Norris not Named By Biggy naught and the Norris not who just picked your name you have the Hat will be responsible for cooking Every single one of your meals for the rest of the challenge Until there is only one Norris nut standing And that’s the lucky NORRIS NUT not who gets to peek from the mystery box Feels like really bad and they gasp there’s actually a prize of a guinea pig in one of these three boxes none of the Norris nuts know that yet, but Hopefully none of them actually picked the box where it seen it. That’ll be a 33% chance of it happening easy, I’m gonna cook you a nice stir fry broccoli with So I’m fine I’m gonna get us a really really nice yummy stuff. What about it? Yellow not bananas Right quit Oh Get this one. I hope taki them spot. These bees all the all the brings up this cheesecake why me I’m gonna get Strawberries apiece. I’m a-gettin athletes in strawberry, but what’s big doing so he run off watch but also That’s it be a baby kale See this green kale big it’s all yours you Think about getting me I hate that yellow. Look at Duffy. He’s got these and green Hmm maybe some grain bread. Mama said I can’t get fed too many trees I have to make it be a bit healthy cuz then she’ll die early. So gotta get face and Becky green To it I’ve no idea if I’m gonna find babies, but it’s why? But you must help me son this you’re losing the other clients pink and all off. Oh my head so enough There we go, you know, I bought this green plum to kill it well Smack avocado on that thing canola Holy moly, I Bobo’s you’re liking this Johnny bit here I found a so let me get sake I’m gonna get fruit loose but czo can only eat green food I’m gonna just take all the green chilies out. Take it easy pink I’m gonna fry Oh Any butter it’s cream Very yummy. No, it’s not. It’s yellow. It’s green. It isn’t a green packet. Yeah A green toffee apple. I’m gonna get savor some goat cheese until looks very very why you’re gonna get food put inside a Lunch and dinner and dessert soup. Oh my god So, I mean the pasta right now I have some pink salt crack snap whoa, I’m gonna make him a salad with what I just found a Pinky cat so I what you need the salad a big juicy letter Hello car, please happens up in Japan you have the Pinkus Berries on top its wine and go to South Beach. It must have his favorite vegetable Why only go my hash brown Vaisakhi atlas really tasty there’s nothing pink. Oh I’m gonna get something The yellow cast it I’m also gonna keep my eyes peeled. Would you screen on ice cream at something flavored cream cheese? Why? Pink it’s like the hot power. So like raw chicken, that’s Pete. Well, How much Jackie Jackie would ship 114 Europe made a blaze is awesome Well done some great volume I found the answer to all my poems pink food coloring time to pay for all Biggie’s green delightful meals who you think the long starts not stains gonna be I think that Tell me I’ll have to Hope she doesn’t get it She gets in me and your high ever sent buying it 100% I’m just like every time we go somewhere always Say Justin. How about you? I know the legends are full bullied you it’s the best thing ever. It’s online boy Time to make these three breakfasts starting off with smash that up and to chula Step 1 smash the avocado We all know biggie want it nice and thick Time to roll up green apples to go for green wet Hey pigs Yeah, I was very high on your breath. But thank you Oh baby-making save is breakfast. I’m gonna make it look so fancy a Scoop of really fancy yoga We just like spreading cream cheese You’re gonna walk my meal I made you it’s very fancy and plus but healthy Healthy healthy but healthy, let’s start cooking sake a beautiful breakfast do have bananas whisking up these eggs Yeah Do you put milk in there? That’s right Just plop a member thing Guess not the neatest but It’s like not go up that back when you gonna laugh It does know really good cooking with cyber knows the people goes on the pink cereal. Oh Yes, it’s actually pink cheese, I’m gonna pour in these pink juice into this wake up So I just sit the breakfast up and none of the norris nuts have actually seen what they can eat yet so I really really liked my lumps of ice bubbles are really bland and the eggs but cooked Um, not very good either but isn’t it why didn’t you come up No, it’s great but what thought your aunt Kim Still in the challenge But I’m going to the shops now because in the last vlog when we did the where ever you act hour by challenge I bought my secret cutter chocalate and Mom ate the chocolates and now we’re gonna go to the Johnson but get some new ones Come here. Try Skippy because he always gives me this time for you never tasted anything like you might scare yourself in the process Probably what you doin under the Elvia you tell you about a mic crash Okay So he lives in America and I really hope I can like this white semi to go have a trip to America And when I’m there at America I give me yeah. Yeah when he comes back, yeah, just like a couch door I had to either would set me just jump out the door then wait for him to open it just jump out Okay Can we show the wood until after things is that you crush. No Here is my little animation I made legends, okay, I guess this is a game ferret making the feat new These are the chocolates I got her before and these are triplets that mom ate Sorry, don’t eat them again. Let’s get so he’s gonna orange apple strawberry. Hmm See I haven’t back then looks like spongebob Waiting Be shaming me Mom. What are you he’s that great no biggie Look really good. Why does not go up and down? Oh, yeah, huh It’s just whenever it’s hi it’s my lips like it was me so that brings me to the next It is he she speaks better. So she knows Spanish. Some girl has been each American girl cry I realize in the last video that like oh, okay I’m saying yeah. She’s like everybody it’s my crush. Okay You know, I looked like a little bit of us Sookie when I said that He told me so I like really bad, I’m sorry Guys quick you need to look at these just look You have to take over Biggie’s green food, that’s the catch why you have to eat the green food Guess where we’re going right now to your favorite restaurant Yeah, well you only can eat what you meant to eat green He maybe had the challenge but he get to open many street boxes Talented just ladies. It’s a favorite restaurant. Like I’m not I don’t think I’m gonna do it. I thought you could always be at kind of mine Maybe I’ll take online. I just have known that you like a salad at my favorite restaurant I mean like my my like might play my eggs and my host I love going to this restaurant and getting porn Kate, but there isn’t many things I just playing why I can have anything you want from the menu. Are you gonna stay in the talent? What about you say you’re eating So like this is a picture of my crush, I think he looks very beautiful but You could Take all the Colored stuff and then what what toast with some egg whites and the white detection. I have a green sound sake – yes Thank you so much This idea will help out we’re So good mom the way you run is like a Slenderman have you seen the Somewhere in the half it was right there before. Well, I wouldn’t sound lost there but I can’t find it. Oh No, we’re not gonna post it without a letter no way not doing that Where’d you put it, ah Thank you what your eyes sorry if I spilt some words wrong, I think you stole the name wrong that’s not just a woman I saw a versa I won’t stop I won’t so the boys are right now on their way to the post of it boy squad six post that um, You know like you swore my gosh Now knowing your passport is impossible. No, I should be More efficient to show you say always fun I’m I really like this sir one. Well you reckon she’s gonna be like no, like I maybe she already has like a boyfriend Yeah really fancy box like that Yeah, so I gotta write the name and stuff on there and somebody I think I’m really special legends We don’t actually know my crashes last name and we need it say to Something last name and We don’t know what mine is. Can you do what? Yeah what yeah skies beautiful I’ll Make it up to you Something come on. I’m writing the to and you just gotta fill out the Full boxes that’s it, and then we can send it. Oops. I forgot my name in the back What are you doing I Saw you little kingside No, I just put the lid back on because I live was all Sake. Mm-hmm. Do you think we should get even ask or say about? to eat the Greens instead of their colour Whoever misses this will get the green food color Did you find it wait you got three seconds to outgrow it one to Save it now has the green food Will be Daniel Green so now I’m gonna add some I Guess arms, but how did I get really pissed Tony now we made I have never ever tried pesto pasta. I don’t know if I try son Knows if you ate at your beer Remember all these beds whose names just sakala get you off it I swear dad And it looks really good. Are you sure? Yeah Looks amazing Did you cook them properly Did you cook the peas People as the pasta, yeah, yeah uncle Berkeley frozen peas with pasta and lettuce Now just before you open it there’s something very special in one of them like really really special Nah cuz it what do I like to do that? I know nosy, but you always pick that one. You always pick this one Yes, I’m telling you you should have it the other way (#LEGENDS it was a GUINEA PIG!) don’t tell Nazzy.