(scream ) – ($100. (shrieking) – [Girls] Welcome to Crafty Girls! – Today we’re doing– – The last one to stop making slime– – Wins $100. (shrieking) – So our mom is not on board
with this whole $1000 thing so right now we’re only gunna win $100. – She’s giving us a tenth of that. – But hopefully, in these future videos, we will be winning $1000. – Thousand dollars! – [Mom] One thousand dollars. – All right guys, you all know– – What can you buy with $1000? – A lot. – [Mom] Oh, my. – A car and a house. – No, I’d just spend it all– – If you could buy a car
and a house with just $1000 everybody in the world would be rich. – I’d just spend it all on like… Ah, I’d just spend it all on Cheetos. I’d just get a closet full of Cheetos. – I would get a laptop. And then I’d get like a ton of Cheetos. – I would probably get a gaming computer but knowing how much gaming computers cost and the one that I want, I would probably just be able
to buy the computer itself and nothing else to go with it. – Honestly, the only reason
why I want a laptop and Cheetos is because I can binge watch
all the series that I love. And at night I can be like– – Anyway, if you’re new to
our channel, I’m Annalise. – I’m Julia. – And I’m Rachel. They’re fraternal twins
and I’m their older sister. – We’d love for you to
hit that subscribe button and turn on notifications. – If you do it, you’ll
become part of our CG family. – So let us know on Instagram
if you’ve done those things and you might get a shout out at the end. – [Girls] Let’s get started! – I am so excited, I think, guys, comment down below or
comment on Instagram, who do you think is gonna win? I think me ’cause I love slime. Like I play with it all the
time and I’m always doing it and I’m always making it. – And guys– – Honestly– – This challenge has no
restraints in terms of what you can use, so this
challenge should not only be about who can hold out the longest but who can make the prettiest slime. – [Mom] Okay. – So, you guys, we just
finished lunch and it is 12:30 and so we’re about to start and we’ll see how long this takes. – Let the challenge commence. – All right, it’s not a
race, it’s not a race. – [Mom] Set, go! – We don’t even have glue! – Wait– (beeps) (Annalise sings) – I like slime. So I’m just gonna put a tiny bit of this. (upbeat music) – All right, mom? I need a spoon. – Very badly. – Mom, can you replay,
how did this happen? I don’t even know. (rewinding sound) (cannons firing) – I need a spoon. (upbeat music) (beeps) So what are you guys gonna make? – I’m making, I’m gonna
mix purple and blue. That’s light blue. And I’m gonna make a fluffy
slime and I’m gonna add flom I think. – So you’re all adding
color to your slimes. What is your intention for
the end slime to look like? – Well, I mean, it really depends. I’m gonna pick out the color
that I want in the flom. I’m kidding, I’ll take whatever. I wanna put fruity pebbles in. – You’re gonna put in fruity pebbles? – Yeah. – Actually, if you just made a white slime you could have put fruity
pebbles in and then slime, see what color it dyes it. – Well, this is so pretty, look at this! Oh my gosh, mom. – Okay, you guys, so
this is a key ingredient when it comes to making slime but there’s a cat hair in my bowl. – You gotta have your cat hair,
I mean what are you doing? – Yeah, it’s fatal not to have cat hair. Where’s the activator? – It’s here. – So thick and creamy,
I love just mixing up fluffy slime because it looks
like a satisfying dessert. Seriously, like if this were some kind of super thick ice cream
or yogurt or something, would you wanna eat this? – I would, indeed I would,
and I would not hesitate. I’d just be like, who cares
how many calories are in this. (squirting) Mom, this is so pretty. – Jule, did you use the whole can? – Yeah. – Oh my gosh. Meet my sister Julia, I don’t know if you guys know, but she literally loves shaving cream, as you can tell. – She also uses the
whole can every time — – Every time! It’s kind of her signature
move, right Jule? – Maybe? – Like Harry Potter using “expelliarmus”? – Expelliarmus! Expelliarmus means you
get your arm expelled. – Wait, how do your
arms even get to school? – [Mom] Rachael is that true? – No, it’s kind of like — – No, that means your arm– – No, it’s a repulsion charm. So it basically throws
you backward, umteen feet. You can also use it to disarm
people, so, you know… – [Mom] I’d like to have that power. – Yeah, I’d disarm you of your phone. – [Mom] No, I’d be
disarming you of the phone. – Yeah, I know, right — – Yeah, she’d disarm them of the phone, and then I’d get all the phone time. – [Mom] You too Julia! – No… – She’d disarm us of anything, like on Halloween when we were ready to take a bite of our candy — – She disarms the candy. – [Mom] That’s it. I’ll disarm you. – That’s exactly why mom needs that power. – [Mom] Yes. – To do absolutely nothing with it. – [Mom] When you’re about to
get out of bed in the morning and make a mess, I just disarm you so you can’t get out of bed. – Wait, if I disarmed mom of her coffee… – Well, we’re about to leave — – [Mom] Well, that would
be your fatal mistake! (Rachel and Annalise laugh) – Mom, when we’re about to
leave working out or leave drinking coffee you can just disarm us — – Mom, if I disarmed you of your cat… – [Mom] No, no, that’s a bad mistake too. – My mom’s morning routine:
get up, sit on the couch, cat curls up with her, drink coffee. If you take one of
those way away from her, you will…you will… – If she doesn’t do her
morning routine, she’s grumpy! – First slime done! Let’s pour the second. – Are you a yay or a nay person? I’m a yay person — – I’m a yay. – Hopefully, you’re not a nay person. – Because then, you’re gonna have to pray. Guys, if you can eat anything right now, any dessert right now, if you could be making any
dessert in your bowl right now, what would you be making? – I would be making like a cheesecake. – I’d be making chocolate
chip cookie dough. I’m sure you’d be making pizza. – That’s not a dessert. – Oh. It could be! Chocolate pizza, chocolate pie… They call it pie but you
could actually be making a pie instead of a pizza pie. – That’s kinda gross. – Aww — – Hey Mom, what ingredients
go into ice cream aside from like milk and stuff? Nothing like — – I use milk, sugar — – [Julia And Annalise] Vanilla
extract, a little cream — – Is it literally all dairy and stuff? Or — – Basically… – You might want some butter. – Why would you put butter? – Because, it’s illegal. – You’re weird. – Don’t ask. – Why? – Why? (Annalise laughs) (Annalise sings) – Annalise, I just stuck
my hand in my slime. – Where’s the activator? – I don’t know. – It’s right in front of you can you pass it to me with your good hand? – Uh, oops! – Julia! – Okay, let’s see, can you reach? – Yes I can. – All right, slime number two. – [Mom] Here. – Can I have a bowl please? – Oh this is a smaller one. – Slime number two. (swishing) – I just spent all this time on one slime. – Wait, third slime done! – All right you guys,
it is a little flattened but here is my slime. – [Julia] It’s a little flattened. – [Annalise] Here’s my…I
did one like that before. Did you copy me? – [ Rachael] No. – [Annalise] And this
is my third one done! So I have three slimes, and
I need to work on my next! – My third slime. – [Mom] It’s very pretty. – [ Julia] Oh thank you! – [Racheal] Look at this! – [ Julia] My first slime
is my favorite slime because it’s so like… Look, it’s just… – [Rachael] I’m done with my slime. (swishing) – I’m so tired of this! Next, that’s my fourth slime! Can I put my next one with — – This slime is really nice. – [Mom] Is anyone getting tired yet? – [Annalise And Julia] Yes! – Not me. Must be my insomnia. – [Mom] Your insomnia makes you not tired? – Yeah. – [Mom] Okay. – Adrenaline boost. Yeah. – [Mom] Okay. Anybody want to quit yet? – [Annalise and Julia] No, no. – I’m not, I want the 100 dollars. – [Mom] Okay! – That’s your third? – Second. (swishing) – Fifth slime done. – This is really tiring. – I don’t like this challenge anymore. – My arms are so tired. – Hey where’s the — – Your arms are tired? Look
at all the slime I have! – Can I have the lotion? (swishing) – I’m done with my red one. It’s got some glitter
in it, it’s kinda hard. I’m getting super tired. I don’t know if I wanna — – I don’t know. I think
we’re running out of bowls… So tired of– (phone notification sound) – What was that? – [Mom] We just got a text. Okay this is kind of a little
bit of a monkey wrench, I don’t know. I don’t know if ya’ll know
what a monkey wrench is. – [Annalise And Julia] No. – [Mom] When someone
throws something in that messes things up. But we just got a text. Let me just read it to you. – Okay. – [Mom] Okay. It is from our friend. I’m not sure if this is going to focus. It says, “Hey! I know
it’s really last minute, but we’re heading to the movies and wanted to know if you can join us. We can pick you up in about 15 minutes, let me know right away. – [Julia] Yes, yes! – [ Annalise] Aww, I wanna go! [ Julia] Me and Annalise are going! Me and Annalise are going! But I want 100 dollars! – I wanna go too, but — – To the movies, or 100 dollars? I think I would do movies– – Movies! – But I’m not sure. No, no, ’cause I already — (Annalise groans) – I think– – Movies. – [Mom] You guys have worked so hard. – You know what? I don’t
get to go to the movies with my friends ever. I’m out. – I’m out. – [Mom] Are you really? – I’m out! – I’m sorry. – So did I just win the challenge? – Actually, they’re not here yet so uh…. – I did! No call backs! – Aww… – And the winner is Rachel. You made the least slime. – I did. I’m so lazy. And here is my prize. A tiny 100 dollar bill. – You wanna share like 50 – 50 maybe? – No. I think- – Rip it in half, it’ll be like 50-50. (popping) – And now, it is time for shout outs. We_love_the_crafty_girls. – Kirstendayot. – And for fun, we have 3
shout-outs from PopJam. – Princesscookie2947. – Sparkella. – And sugarplum2. – [Girls] Thank you so much for being part of our CG family. We hope you enjoyed this video. If you did give us a big thumbs up! We love you guys so much! Bye! – We gotta go, we gotta go, we gotta go! – I got 100 dollars to spend! – Ahh, you’re leaving without me! (upbeat techno music)