I’m Carl azuz with CNN 10 your daily 10 minutes of world news explain a recent report looked at 464 different types of jobs in the US it found that if you’re looking to work in a secure Profession one of your best bets is in the medical field Optometrists podiatrists nurses, we’re going to need more of them in the years ahead Also blue collar fields wastewater treatment plant workers building inspectors will need those, too And if you’re going into a stem field in general the harder the degree the better the pay Stem it stands for science technology Engineering and math there’s a school of thought there are more jobs than there are Qualified people to fill them the theory train more Americans reduce unemployment and help the economy Let’s look at the class of 2012 just 16% of undergraduates got a degree in the stem majors that seems small right the Obama administration certainly thinks so and has invested millions To increase those numbers, but is it worth it some say no they say there is no skills gap Just a lack of competitive wages and training options from companies There’s no doubt STEM jobs are on the rise the Department of Commerce predicts They’ll grow nearly twice as much as other professions between 2008 and 2018 and that workers in other fields are more likely to be unemployed So how about wages the same report shows that stem workers earn? 26% more in fact the top 10 paying majors for the graduating class of 2013 were all stamped But before you reach for that Bunsen burner Let me drop some knowledge the Bureau of Labor says the vast majority of STEM jobs are related to computers and IT Their mean wages are higher than the US average But not by much and guess what career builder says IT jobs are the hardest ones to fill so what about the big bucks? The five highest paying stem graduate jobs according to Forbes are marine engineer petroleum engineer nuclear engineer technology analyst and chemical engineer You know the easy ones so as technology evolves and becomes an even bigger part of our lives one thing is clear No matter what job you do stem will be everywhere so make sure you’re ready See if you can ID me, I’m a food that’s been consumed for hundreds of years first by indigenous people of Mexico I’m a from the seeds of a fruit tree many would say their best when ground-up and combined with milk and sugar I’m chocolate and my seeds come from the cacao tree Those seeds are used to make everything from the chocolate we eat to the cocoa we bake with to the syrups We put on our ice cream They were used as money by the Maya who lived in what is now Mexico? But chocolate as we know it didn’t get popular until the 1850s So is it healthy as part of his living to 100 series dr. Sanjay Gupta looks into that the answer? sorta Everyone likes to hear the chocolate could be good for them, and the truth is that it can be But there are a couple of caveats first chocolate just because some of the ingredients in it tends to increase your metabolic rate That’s the number of calories you’re burning just by sitting there It is also giving you some calories obviously but when you take both those things in comparison you’re burning a little bit more than you’re taking in as Long as you don’t overdo it, so there are good chocolates, and there are not so good chocolates You probably heard that dark chocolates are gonna be your best bet in addition to that Metabolic effect it has it also is rich in more Antioxidants things that will help clean up some of the dirty cells in your body cacao chocolate is not not quite as popular But it can have some health benefits as well it can lower the bad levels of cholesterol known as LDL It can help raise the good levels HDL Just a little bit you want to find about 60 or 70 percent cocoa In the chocolates you might be buying so if you want to live to a hundred you can eat chocolate But just a little bit alright besides getting our roll call what would make you happy a new phone money and a in this class There’s nothing about happiness in the US Constitution But there is in the Declaration of Independence that one of our certain unalienable Rights is the pursuit of happiness it seems to some extent how happy and positive we are starts with our mindset Penis isn’t just a pleasant thing you feel Science proves, it’s much deeper than that Feeling happy actually helps you live a longer healthier life But how well large part of our happiness is tied to our social connections in fact if you don’t have at least one close friend You’re less likely to be happy Each of us have these things called telomeres Those are tiny caps on our DNA chromosomes that measure our cellular age And it turns out they also measure how many friends we have no friends Equals shorter telomeres so by simply being social you can actually slow down your biological age living longer and happier Time for a pop quiz is this glass half empty or half full if you said half full you’re on your way to feeling happier and healthier a Harvard study found that optimists are 50% less likely to have heart disease a heart attack or stroke Keeping an overall optimistic attitude actually offers protection against cardiovascular disease Science doesn’t fare as well for pessimists They not only have lower levels of happiness compared to optimists But research shows that people with negative thoughts are three times as likely to develop health problems as they age So what do you do if you’re not a naturally happy person well experts say the key is to act as though you’re an optimist even if you’re not