Hola amigos! Today is a Spanish cuisine collaboration day. There are five chefs who are participating in this collaboration. Let me introduce them to you. Here comes Rockin Raffi’s Home Cooking. Raffi is making the first course meal which is called Salmorejo, also known as a cold soup. Salmorejo will help you cope with a hot summer season. You will appreciate it very soon. It’s a good Spanish tradition to pair delicious food with great wine. Here comes Jeff from Wine&Dine with Jeff channel. He is making Sangria cocktail and Piquillo peppers stuffed with tuna for this dinner. Are you still hungry? Here comes chef Fucci from Tiny Kitchen Big Taste with the main course dish seafood Paella. Seafood Paella is much more than just rice and shrimps. Check it out! Here comes chef Ellen from Ellen’s homemade delights with Patatas Bravas. Crispy potatoes with spicy garlic and chili sauce will amaze you and make you hungry again. If you watch that far, then you deserve a special treat. Chefs Russ and Nadia from A Kitchen Advisor are making Leche Frita. Also known as Fried Milk. Let’s begin! Peel the orange and lemon skin. Dissolve 1 cup cornstarch in 1 cup milk. Add 1 tsp vanilla extract. Pour the remaining milk into the stainless steel casserole, add lemon and orange skin, cinnamon stick and sugar. Bring it to boil, remove from the burner. Close the lid and let it stay for 15 minutes. Mix the milk well, take out the lemon and orange skin as well as cinnamon stick. Whisk in the cornstarch mixture until it becomes smooth and creamy. Cover the food container with plastic wrap. Transfer the mixture into a food container with a spatula. Wrap it and let it cool down to room temperature. Then refrigerate it for a couple of hours. Beat a couple of eggs. Coat the cream with flour and then cut it into small equal pieces. Heat the skillet and pour oil. When it is hot, fry the milk on each side until it is golden brown. Coat each small piece with flour and beaten eggs, then coat with flour one more time. Transfer the fried pieces to the paper towel to absorb the oil. Mix 3 tsp sugar and 1 tsp cinnamon powder in a bowl. Coat each piece in this mixture. Look at this beauty! This is so soft and spongy. Yummy-Yummy, go to my tummy. Visit our chefs by clicking the links below in the description. if you enjoyed our videos, don’t forget to leave a tip for everybody. Press the “Like” button. Subscribe to our channel, So you won’t miss any International Cousin Collaboration episodes in the feature.