For some reason I’m against you now So we’re going to fight Am I missing something? (whack!) Yeah, didn’t see that coming did you? Bat grenade, bat bola! Bat smoke pellet I’m trying to be patient… Bat cell phone! Alright, that’s it! (wham!) (hissing steam) I told ya Shut up Well what did you think was gonna happen? That’s very helpful, now shut up Whatever Woo hoo! It’s super butt kicking time Dude, you’re a little late Aw man, I stopped for 10 seconds to grab a big belly Burger A what? A big belly burger…you wanna bite? I hate you Aw man don’t be like that.
what happened? why are you under the… (jet sound) Well, here comes Wonder Woman (hums to herself) She does realize we can see her. right ? Don’t let her see me like this! Did I miss it? Um, what’s going on? (chuckles) Wonder Woman, you sure look great today I know, where’s Batman? I..don’t know where Batman is For once Arrow, a straight answer Ummm…burger? He’s under the car isn’t he? Ummm.. Yeah Uggghhh So let’s talk about our little wager ok fine Did I miss it? Oh god, gross Damn, I knew I was gonna be late I made a wrong turn at the sewage treatment plant So…what happened? Umm, well… Ok fine! Hey, I heard there’s some illegal fishing or something going on at the harbor Really? I better go look into that Ow! I’m ok I’m surrounded by idiots Whew! Did I miss it? yup Aw man what happ…oh god Yeah that’s pretty much what I thought would happen ok…fine…here Thanks Batman! Drop dead Okeedokee, gotta run! Seriously, you all suck Hey true believers, is it time for my cameo ? Wrong franchise dude Oh I was just kidding (clears throat) ok here nice doing business with ya Excelcior! Chumps alright I got what I came for…I’m out So, Batman…you need any help? No I could maybe get a jack or something No Maybe if we rock it… (grunts) I’m gonna bat pummel you, go away! I can’t watch this any more I’m just gonna find a new mode of transportation (clears throat) OK, fine…here yes! You sure I can’t do anything? Shoot yourself in the face With a bow? I don’t think that possib…oh Go! Ok, ok, I’m going geez mr grumpy pants (sigh) I’ll show him I am vengeance I am the night! I managed to get my underwear on the right side of my pants this morning! (THUD!) I have super hearing too Uuugghhh