In this video Evynn and Harrison are
making their debut as YouTube creators. They will be demonstrating how to make a
lemon cake filling, a recipe from their grandma Lola’s book. That’s me. The first
things first we clean our hands. This part here is really bitter so you only want the outside colorful part. This is the lemon juicer. We’re gonna need three
quarters of a cup. We’re going to cut the lemon. I’m juicing the lemon. If you don’t
have a lemon juicer you can squeeze it by hand. This is a mesh strainer. And you
see how the holes so tiny? that’s why it’s um called a mesh strainer. The next step is to put one cup of sugar
in the juice and then stir! It’s time to crack the eggs and when you do you need a bowl and you crack them like that. You need eight eggs. I’m going to pour these eggs in the bowl. so
the next part you’re gonna have an adult do because you have to put it on
the stove and cook it. Pour your lemon curd into the bowl. This cake is gonna be delicious when it’s done. Then you cover it with plastic wrap. And you poke some holes into the top. Refrigerate your lemon filling until
completely cooled and enjoy. If you like what you see please subscribe and ring
the bell. Also please let Evynn and Harrison know
what you think of their debut on YouTube and we’ll see you in the next video.