– Don’ be scared. Don’t be mean. Today you’re gonna need a ramekin. Hello, everybody. It’s Barry here. Welcome to My Virgin Kitchen, the YouTube channel that
inspires people apparently. Welcome. I hope you’re well. Today, we’re making a lava cake, and not just any lava cake, no. You see the chocolate
lava cake very often, but no, we aren’t doing that. No. No. Insisting, no. We’re doing a lemon lava cake. That’s a combination of lemon curd and it’s got some white chocolate in it. So you’re still getting
that chocolatey goodness, but mm, with a citrus burst. You’re gonna love it. If you’re not on the My Virgin
Kitchen website right now, head on over for the full method writeup, ingredients, all that stuff. Without further ado, let’s do it. Okay, first thing you need is a ramekin, and we’ve all been there before, right? It’s Christmas day. You go around to relatives
for Christmas dinner, you have to take a chair around. But generally when it comes to cutlery, sometimes they’re running out too, yeah? So, you know, you go
and have a nice glass. You’ve got three glasses, and some of you end up
drinking out of like a jug or, I don’t know, a kettle or something. This is my example in ramekins. So I used to have four of
these, but I’ve still got two. So that’s cool, all right? I’ve also got this ramekin and this one. So I’m kind of creating Christmas Day in the form of ramekins right now. I guess my point is, it doesn’t matter. And now I sort of wanna like play music. (Barry vocally imitates a beat) Meanwhile, back to reality. All I’m going to do
here is get some butter and just grease the insides
of all of me ramekins. Ramekin. They’re all like different
depths and sizes, so they might bake
differently to the other ones, but that’s all good. These ones are actually quite dainty, but they have a nice curve on them. Those of you that are
concerned about the aesthetics of your fondant, this one’s
for you, but there we go. Lubricated, greased, good. So all I’ve done is put these
ramekins on a baking tray, and we’ll just put it to
one side for a minute. All right, out appliance of choice is going to be the microwave right now. Cha-ching! Just bring you down. So in this bowl right here is some butter and some broken up white chocolate, okay? We’re just going to shove
it in the microwave together and do this on very,
very short blasts, okay? We don’t wanna burn the chocolate or make it all bubble away. Just maybe 10 to 15 second blasts, stirry, stirry, stirry. All right, 15 seconds, and I can just start to hear
the butter starting to sizzle. So what we can do is use the residual heat in the bowl or the butter, and of course be careful not to spill out. So I’m trying to show you
just to mix it through, let the butter break down that
chocolate a little bit more. It’s amazing how even though
this isn’t in the microwave, it can still melt the chocolate. So this is really important. It keeps it moving as well. Otherwise if the chocolate’s
settled at the bottom, you’ll just like, burn it. I’ve one that before, trust me. Not good. (microwave beeps) Another 15. Wow, I shut that microwave
aggressively there. Cook! Just gonna top it off with another 30 seconds,
just in case I need it. Little bit more. See, it’s starting to break down. It’s getting a bit more creamy now. You get the idea. I’m going to keep doing
this until it’s melted, and I’ll let you know how long it took. Okay, so there we go. Love how Michael Jackson’s slipper is just casually hanging
out in the background. Using him today. I love how this is actually
starting to look a teeny bit lemony, even though there’s
no lemon in it whatsoever. But as you can see, this will taste very,
very nice, by the way. Basically butter and white chocolate. But it’s nice and smooth now. So that’s good. So let’s take this smaller bowl out of the way and come
to this bigger one. We’ve got some icing sugar here. So I’m gonna get that in first so the cloud, you can see that there,
whoo, is not as bad as it would be if I chucked
it in towards the end. We’ll then pour our white
chocolate butter mixture on top of it so it sort
of grabs that icing sugar almost straightaway. When I say icing sugar, for those of you in other countries, that’s
also confectioner’s sugar. Some of you guys, my gosh,
what’s this icing sugar? That’s crazy. Actually in that voice. That’s my thing. I think that all of you
have that voice, okay? We’re also going to add
in some plain flour. As it’s a lemon lava cake, we’re going to add in a good
tablespoon of lemon curd. I’d actually quite like to do a recipe on how to do your own homemade lemon curd. This is just one from a store. Little drop of vanilla extract. The zest of half a lemon. We might save a little bit at
the end, just to garnish it. Push that in. Nice. One egg, two egg. One extra yolks, and two extra yolk. I feel like I should make
an egg pun right now, so we’ll just go for the
simple one, cracking. Or eggs-cellent. All-righty. We’re just going to whisk
this all together now. We’re going to break down
the kind of jellyness of the lemon curd, whisk
together those eggs, the wetness of all of that, with the dryness of the
powdered sugar and the flour. Get it all combined. Of course we’ve got that
butter and chocolate in there. So we really wanna
whisk this through well. At first, just let it mingle like that, but then really… See that? Give it some elbow grease, baby. Try and get all the lumps out. Feeling that burn. It’s doing well, and the dogs all right just
chilling out down there. Playing the floor is lava
with a cardboard cutout is just a bit boring, really. You just carry it. I’m not sure why I’ve had
a chopping board there for the whole video, but
we’ll just go with it now. And also I’m not sure why I’ve
added it to a measuring jug. You don’t have to, but why not, just to make it easy to pour. So remember these I
lubricated with the butter? Why do I use that word, lubricated? So we just pour that into the ramekin. Ooh, I might not have
enough for all of ’em. No, I’m not. I made a bit of a mess. Okay, this one isn’t going to get to go to the Christmas party. He can come back in New Year’s Eve. If you’re interested, that
made just under half a pint of the mix, so you can
quite easily double this up if you wanna make more. But three’s good. I mean, I’m may eat these for myself. I’m hungry. In they go for 15 minutes. What we’re looking to do is
just get the tops nice and firm. You can see my foot. All-righty then, just while that is in the oven, thank you so, so much to
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very good at anything, and obviously cooking is quite good now. For example, I’ve just ordered a ukulele. I don’t even know how to read music. So I was thinking of picking up a camera and me showing you guys like, my first challenge is learning
to play a song on a ukulele. Then it might be a Rubik’s cube. It might be whatever. I quite like that idea. Wiring a plug. Being a good dad. (Barry gasps) I don’t know, I just wanna
keep this channel very foodie with lots of other new characters
coming onto it as well. So, it’s just an idea. All right, I’ve just taken
them out of the oven, and I’m just going to show
you the one we have got. Slightly lightly golden
brown top on there, like so. It hasn’t spilled out, which is all good. Just leave it to cool for
like, three or four minutes. And what I will just do
is get a pallet knife and just loosen it from the sides, just working my way down. So I’ve got my little plate here that I intend to serve it on, and I’m gonna just stick it down on top, turn it over, whoa, like so. All right, twisting it a little bit, tappy tappy tap, sandcastle style. And hopefully, hey, it’s popped out. Little coat in icing sugar. That’s actually quite a lot. Little extra lemon zest. And why the heck not? Now, I can see there was a
little hole on the top there where it was trying to burst out. So if I just do a little nick down here, hopefully, there you go. There’s our lava cake. See? That’s pretty awesome. I’ll just try with another one. This time, I’ll use the board. Ooh, oh, look at that. (Barry laughs) I didn’t even need to do that one. Well, maybe this one’s
slightly more well-done, ’cause of the metal. Either way, again, icing sugar on top. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. Lemon zest. I’ll get some on this side as well. There you go. I love it now. And for this one, let’s go for a bit more of an aggressive cut. I’m going to go right in, and then go right through it, okay? So hopefully… Ah, you see that? Look. There’s that lava filling in that lemon lava cake. Here we go. Oh, my word. That is like, citrus heaven. Oh my gosh. That is so smooth, and just enough citrus. It’s not too over-apparent, and then you get that white chocolate… It’s kind of like a creamy hit. I love it. So there we go, that was
the one off the board, and this one’s still completely untouched. We’ve got that gooey lemon
filling wanting to pour out. I would say, keep in mind
whichever type of ramekin you use. Obviously the metal ones can make the outside a little browner, but either way, it tastes good, and that lemon does just ooze out. So play around with the recipe, and let me know how you get on. But that is it. If you try it, send me a picture @MyVirginKitchen on any social media. I love to see your pics, and I’ll like and retweet
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