– Hello everyone, it’s Barry here. Welcome to My Virgin Kitchen. I hope you are well. Today I’m gonna show you how to make your very own lemon meringue roulade, uh! If you do not know what a roulade is, it’s essentially like a Swiss roll, like a rolled up cake dessert, but instead of cake, it is meringue and they’re a teeny bit fiddly to make, but hopefully like all
my other recipes videos, seeing me attempt it
and you know, succeed, but you can try it too and hopefully yours will look even better than mine. So, I’ve taken the concept
of a lemon meringue pie with a meringue obviously in
a roulade and a biscuit base, there’s biscuits in the
roulade, lemon cream filling. It is so good. I really hope you try it. If you do, as always,
do send me a picture. The full method and the
ingredients on the website, myvirginkitchen.com I don’t know what my hands
are doing right there, but I feel like I’m just sort of leaning against an imaginary bar. On the last video, some of you guys said you enjoyed the Pugpauses,
but prefer an air horn, so here’s another random sound. (trumpet fanfare music) To be honest, I’m probably gonna do like one per video anyway. I’ve also been asked to do
a subscriber of the video going forward and I like this idea a lot. Ryan, who commented on the
Easter Egg hacks video, I think he got a bit excited. He put, “You had me at
peanut butter cups.” Love it, “These look so God.” I don’t know if that was an intentional, religious Easter pun, but I like it Ryan. You are the subscriber of the video. Now, I’m getting a little bit
sad, when it comes to cooking and I got a bit excited about meringue. I never thought I’d say that and last night, I played
around with my meringue and I made some meringue spoons and some meringue gummy bears, so if anyone wants them, let me know. First that we’re gonna
do is make our meringue. You wanna get yourself a super clean bowl with five egg whites in
there and whizz it up. You’re gonna use an electric whisk. If you’re using a hand whisk, it is, you’re gonna have some guns, baby, uhh! Really, really, whisk it up,
so it is super, super thick. Now what you’re gonna do
is get some caster sugar and rather than dumping
it all in in one go, so the mixture goes all
flat, (blows a raspberry) you are gonna add it in. It’s gonna take a little bit of time, you’ll get a bit annoyed by it, if you add it in a teeny bit at a time, literally a spoonful, until you whisk it all through. Make sure all of that sugar
is incorporated in there. It’ll start to go glossy
and you’ll be left with a really, really thick mixture. It’s kinda nice, I just, I
wanna paste my walls in it. Don’t do that, make a roulade with it. You’re now gonna get
yourself a Swiss roll tin, that’s been lined with some baking paper, a little bit of grease to hold it down and then spread that meringue on top. It just dollops down, it
is so thick and clumsy, you just need to spread it out and work it into all the corners and then finish with
sprinkling some almonds on top. Of course, if you have a nut allergy, I get asked this a lot, a lot of you say, “Can I make it without nuts?” Of course, just don’t
put the nuts on top, OK. We’re gonna bake it in the oven for around about eight
to 10 minutes initially, until those almonds are
just sort of, almonds, and so they’re just slightly toast, OK, or the meringue’s starting
to go lightly golden brown. You’re then gonna turn the
oven down for 15 minutes, just to warm it through. You kind of just carry on baking it, but at a really low setting, kind of like when you go sunbathing and
the clouds have gone in. Quick little plug for my
podcast, that I’ve started doing. You guys, absolutely loving it so far, that have discovered it, so thanks so much and if you do listen to it,
please Like and Share it and Comment and all that stuff. It’s really helping it grow, so really happy with the feedback. Now onto the scary bit. So, what we do with our meringue layer, which is looking nice and fine, I did make a mistake, here’s a tip, OK. Make sure with the baking parchment, leave a little lip either side. This will make this bit so much easier. Don’t bodge it like I did. I has a chopping board with
some extra baking parchment, flipped it straight on to there and as my baking parchment
was a little loose, I couldn’t really get it off. Eventually I did, that was fine. I thought I’d ruined it, but we carried on on our roulade mission, peeling back that
original baking parchment that it’s sat on, you
don’t need that anymore. It’s done its job, so just
leave that for 10 minutes just for you to gather your thoughts, think, “Is this gonna work?” and make your amazing cream lemon filling. So into another large mixing bowl with your whisk nice and clean. Whip up some double or heavv
cream, heavy cream, (laughs) until you get it just light and thickened. Then you’re gonna dollop in about five tablespoons of lemon curd. You can also do lime curd if you want, make a lime pie version, key lime pie, mm? Key lime pime? So don’t whip that through, otherwise your cream will get too thick. You just wanna sort of work
that through with a spoon to get it nice and merged in together. Once that meringue has cooled
down for about 10 minutes, you’re gonna gradually
spread that on top, OK. Do that gently, otherwise your meringue could sort of shatter, OK, it’ll be like little
icebergs, Titanic style. Get it nice and spread out evenly fine. We’ll add some extra lemon jazz to it, by grating on the zest of a
lemon all along the top of it, really nice and zingy there and then to give it
that little biscuit base from a lemon meringue pie, we’ve got some bashed up biscuits, that I’ve just sprinkled all on top. Now came the intense bit and
yep, I was worried about that. You’re basically gonna roll it up and the key is to do
it as tight as you can. I suggest basically, go for it using the paper underneath it to do it. I didn’t do it as swift and as motion and gorgeous as I probably should have, but ultimately, I got there and that was the most important thing. Ensure to keep it together
with the baking parchment and shove it in the fridge. Just burm it up. I hope that I exude confidence for you, because that is how you have to be, just bear it in mind,
when you do that process. It really is, you’re
like (expelling breath), “It’s gonna break.” Just go for it, you’ll be fine. Michael is willing me on, ♫ Shamone So, that is it. I did actually have some blueberries, that you can decorate it
with on top, if you want. Give it a nice little dust in icing sugar. If you get a nice clean slice,
it looks absolutely gorgeous, and as you can see here. It tastes out of this world. You really, really, really
must try this recipe. There you are then, folks. Give it a go. Remember myvirginkitchen.com
has over 1,000 other video recipes you can try and remember to subscribe for regular recipe videos and food fun and don’t forget to let me know down below what you wanna see next. Cha-ching! See you next time. Here’s your Pug Shot. You made it to the end of the video.