Hi all today I’ll introduce you three very simple fruit trays to make at home do not hesitate to like and comment on the video to tell me which plateau you liked the most and especially stay until the end to discover my next video Start by cutting oranges in 4 Cut and then these quarters of orange in thin slices then place on a stainless steel tray and form the base of the butterfly Then arrange black grapes to form the body Cut slices of melon and watermelon and arrange on top of butterfly wings Cut a kiwi in half and arrange slices like this Then add banana slices on the underside and end with slices of watermelon melon and kiwi fruit. I advise you to add lemon juice on bananas to prevent them from blackening For owls cut slices of orange and white melon alternately each line to form the body Once this step is complete form the head using slices of white melon Then add two slices of pineapple to form the turn of the eyes and then fill the holes with slices of melon Then arrange black grapes to form the eyes to form claws and eyebrows Then add sliced ​​strawberries or half-strawberries to form wings and ears Finish with the spout and reserve cool For the shark take a watermelon cut the ass so that she can stand up using a knife cut a slice like this by avoiding cutting yourself to form the mouth of sharks Empty from the inside with a spoon, making sure you get the maximum amount of chunks Once this is done, peel at the mouth so that you can form the teeth Once this step is complete, cut out some watermelon cubes be sure to fill everything. cut a little on the sides to be able to form the eyes you will only have to add his dorsal fin by planting toothpicks in this one book finally offered an hour before serving I hope you enjoyed this video do not hesitate to tell me your favorite in the comments among these three trays I’ll tell you next week and I’ll let you discover without further delay the video of next Saturday