So we have a dessert today called halo-halo Man: That’s pretty good!
Xiaoma: Isn’t that great? Wow! What’s in this?! Three two one, what’s going on everybody, it’s Xiaoma And we’re back with another Filipino special edition Okay guys Alright guys I was looking for that amazing Filpino dessert halo-halo recently You guys know it, it’s delicious it’s tasty And I was looking all around New York City But I couldn’t really find it I went to this new Filipino café called Kabisera And I was asking around, “do you guys have halo-halo?” They were like… “We can make it for you!” So they did! And so they were able to make me a bunch of halo halos And…we tried some And they were freaking amazing! And they kind of showed us the whole process of making halo halos And they were really authentic and super delicious And so me and John tried some, and we were like, damn! These are some good halo halos! And so…we thought, guys… Here in New York City’s Washington Square Park We got all kinds of New Yorkers, all kinds of Americans, people from around the world Who’ve never had halo halo before, this amazing Filipino dessert And so you know what, we got a sack of halo halo! And we’re just gonna give them to random strangers today, on this hot day And see what they think, because these are freaking amazing! So if you guys want to check them out you can go to the Kabisera café Because they were super nice for just giving us a bunch of these halo halos And they also make ice cream too at a store nearby called Angela’s as well Which has really good ice cream And if you guys like this video remember to subscribe You can click over here to see all the other Filipino videos That we’ve done, because they’re all really great And if you guys have any suggestions for future videos Feel free to message me at @xiaomanyc on Instagram or Facebook For suggestions about future Filipino videos that we could do So without further ado…we’re gonna see what NYC strangers think about… The best halo halo in the world today, it is so good, I’m so excited! It’s really amazing, alright, let’s go guys Three two one go! It’s a dessert called halo halo, have you guys heard of that before? I have actually! You have? Okay What is that??? That is…may be jackfruit actually! Oh cool, alright So, do you guys want two spoons, or one? Oh one! We’re dating Alright, cool! Well hopefully this makes your date very sweet! Oh thank you! Mmm, that’s tasty! Isn’t that great?! Damn, that’s great! Yeah! Really good! Good! Have you guys ever had anything like that before? I haven’t with fresh fruit like that Yeah That’s really tasty What makes it…Vietnamese or whatever? Filipino Well it’s…like the fruits and stuff that they would use Like for example, that’s ube Which is Filipino root vegetables that they use a lot in their cooking Interesting flavor! Does Jollibee do stuff like this? Jollibee actually does have their own version of halo halo Right, but that’s sort of a less authentic version… Or it’s not a full version… This is more of a traditional one Hell yeah, really good! Can we have this now, is it ours? It’s yours Thank you so much! Thank you! So this is a dessert called halo halo, have you guys heard of that before? No! Does it have acid in it? I hope not! No acid! Not really trying to do that right now… It’s just really good… Just kidding! So it’s condensed milk, crushed ice… Bunch of candied fruits, ube, red bean, jackfruit You want to get the reaction! Right, we want to get people’s reactions, exactly Oh my god, I don’t know what to expect! Should you get everything all at once? This is like one of those videos!!! It’s different! Tastes like…it’s cool, it’s like tapioca! Tastes like potatoes! What?! These taste like potatoes, taste one right now Okay I don’t want to try that, don’t want potato in my ice cream! So those are ube, which are a root vegetable So is this healthy or what? Girl: What is the string…?
Xiaoma: It’s healthy in moderation Jackfruit maybe? A lot of candied fruits in there This is almost like a beet! It’s ube! It tastes like beet, yeah! It’s kind of like a potato or taro This is really cool, is it… Cool, you guys like it? I like it a lot, it’s not bad I do like it, it tastes healthy Yeah, for sure! Is it healthy? What’s the selling point? Besides that it tastes cool The selling point is just mostly that it’s really good Also, in the Philippines, this is their national dessert So today we have halo halo Do you guys know what that is, have you heard of this before? Nope This is like the national dessert of the Philippines And what’s this called? Halo halo, h-a-l-o I think Anthony Bourdain did… Had an episode about this Yeah he did, he went to Jollibee They have this in Jollibee Yes, and he liked the Jollibee version The purple is ube right? It’s so good! You were not lying at all [about it being good] No! Wait, this tastes like patbingsu, which is Korean Is that the thing you get at the end of the meal? It’s like shaved ice, it’s a dessert I think I’ve had this before They have red bean in it, and ice It’s very similar But we don’t use as much coconut Oh coconut, okay Coconut syrup What’s this yellow thing? I think that’s the jackfruit Sort of thought it was pineapple or something Where are you from? Korea originally Korea, so you might know some of these They look kind of familiar Might be something that you’re familiar with But this is the national dessert of the Philippines Xiaoma: And we want to see what people here would think about it
Guy: Should I open it? Yeah, go for it man! Big bite! I like it! You like it? Yeah! Refreshing, coconut… The aromas, the beans… The red bean, yeah And the red bean, yeah Is there anything similar to that in Korea? In Korea there is So, in Korea there is something called bingsu Which is shaved ice with red bean… And things like that It’s pretty similar Usually it doesn’t go with coconut or anything like that This is more tropical, but… Cool, man, thanks so much, have a good one! Really appreciate it dude! Interesting, this is… Is it fruit? Yeah, so there’s a lot of candied fruits, and… Ube, and red bean, and stuff like that Interesting Yeah Umm… I don’t know! I don’t know! Too sweet for me! Too sweet?! I think the… The texture… I’m getting stuck on the texture Like of the fruits, the gummies? You don’t like the gummy flavor Sorry! I wish I could say I did like it No that’s alright, we really appreciate it guys Thank you guys! Appreciate it So not everybody likes the halo halo guys, alright Let’s keep going It’s pretty good Isn’t that great?! Wow! What’s in this??? It’s like… It’s good! I can’t describe it, it tastes familiar though Yeah, so it’s got red bean, jackfruit Other candied fruits, ube Ice cream Condensed milk Some flan as well Yeah, I was gonna say that, it tastes like flan It’s delicious! It tastes like…I don’t know if you’ve had it, it’s called rice… I guess rice porridge I guess? Oh, like rice pudding? Rice pudding, but it’s like… It’s like a Caribbean, but kinda like an African dessert, in a way It’s like a rice… Yeah, it tastes like that, it’s basically rice, and we just kind of made it watery It’s very wet, and you put condensed milk in there It has that flavor That’s awesome It’s pretty good! It’s a dessert called halo halo, which is a really popular thing in the Philippines Alcohol in here? No, no alcohol! Damn! You can add some if you want! If it had some alcohol it’d be good! What’s in it, is that chocolate? Candied fruit Ube Wow, that’s actually really good It’s good right? What do you think about the flavor, have you had anything like that before? It’s like real… Like a cheesecake, kind of Cheesecake! Yeah Real like… Cheesecake, milky, real milky From anywhere in particular? Every place has its own regional variety, but… In the whole country it’s really well known, it’s their national dessert almost For real? Here we have apple pie This is the apple pie of the Philippines This is good, I like it a lot! Does it have a name? Halo halo That’s very tasty! That’s…I don’t know what I just ate, but… No, I’m serious! I don’t know what that was Ube, it’s like a root vegetable It’s kind of like taro, or like a potato a little bit Yeah, that’s really good Is it sweet like that, or did you make it sweet? That’s naturally sweet Oh really? That was good Have you ever had anything like that? Never in my life! I haven’t been out of the country either Never had anything like this, it’s very delicious A little bit of the Philippines for you man! Hey, my pleasure man! Hey thanks guys, I appreciate you guys Thank you man, really appreciate it! Wow guys, we just gave away all this halo halo “Hahlo hahlo” (I can’t get the pronunciation right, lol!) And people really loved it! So that was so much fun! If you guys liked the video feel free to subscribe Let me know in the comments what other vids you guys want to see And uh We’ll see you next time, bye bye!