– [Both] Hey guys! – It’s Deja. – And Di-V. – [Both] And welcome back to Squared. (whimsical music) (bell dinging) – We’re your Saturdays here on Squared. – And for this week’s video, we are going to be talking to you guys. We’re going to be answering some frequently asked questions. For basically going into college. – A little bit about our high school experience Senior year, and basically what we’re looking forward going into our first year of college. – And it’s basically just a video, where it is back-to-school
themed, you know. – Related.
– Back-to-school. But it’s just really so if you guys are thinking about how it is going to be applying for colleges,
because that happens as soon as you get into your senior year of high school, first semester. Or if you just want to know, maybe you’re not in high school yet, but you want to know, or maybe you guys just want to know what we’re doing. – Then stay tuned. If you guys like this video, be sure to give it a big thumbs up. Subscribe down below
to the Squared channel if you’re new here. So we are first going
to start off by talking about our senior year. – Of high school.
– Yeah, of high school. And what it was like. – And we’re going to be sharing pretty like, I guess
you could say personal, but I mean not very personal, we’re basically just going to tell you how our senior year went. We had two classes together. – Which was our English class, and our – [Both] AVID class. – Which for us, AVID is a program that helps you get into college, helps you with everything. – Helps with so many things. If you’re not in AVID and you have an AVID program, get it. – Basically, for us, we
had two classes together. We did not have lunch
together, which sucked. – What we did over the summer,
we did an independent study program and we wanted to get
ahead in some of our stuff for school, so we took health
and economics over the summer. – The independent study school that we went to was awesome. We wanted to go there
for complete senior year, but our parents were like – [Both] No. – Because they don’t have
– [Both] AVID. – But, either way, it
was great. (both laugh) So we took those two classes. That way when we went into senior year we were already ahead, but yeah. The classes that we took senior year were AP Literature. – Yeah, AP Lit. – I took PreCal Honors. – I took Integrated Math Three. – I took Spanish Two. – I took Spanish Two. – AVID. – AVID. – Government. – I took Government as well. – And then our last class. – I had Music Explorations. – And I had Film Studies. – And then we were TAs second semester. – Yeah, the second
semester, since we already took Economics and it was
like you do Government one semester, Economics
the other, we switched so we got to be TAs for second semester. But those are the classes
we took senior year. – Senior year is very stressful, we’re just going to say that. There were so many times I went through so many ups and downs. I was crying left and right. I was having anxiety attacks. It was horrible, especially
for me because I do have anxiety, Di-V has anxiety
as well, we both do. – Actually, senior year
I had a panic attack. – She had a panic attack
on the way to school and it was scary.
– It was so bad. – It was the weirdest thing ever. We were both stressing
out the night before and then we were walking
to school and like she kept saying like she was
seeing stuff all around her. – I know, guys, it was crazy. I was seeing things I was hearing things. – We had to go home early. She was crying the entire day. I don’t know what happened, but it was just so weird.
– It was weird. – Senior year is really that stressful. – However, it’s also what you make of it because if you’re on top of your work and you’re always doing your stuff it will not be as stressful
as other people who aren’t doing their work
when they’re supposed to. That’s what we recommend. If you’re scared about
senior year and the stress that’s going to come with it, do your work and you’ll be fine. – Yes, and then you’ll be fine. – There’s always those things
teachers have in classes, deadlines are closer than you may think. – [Both] Closer than they appear. – And it’s true, deadlines, you might have a project due next year. It’ll get there like as
if it was due next week. Do something ahead of time. That’s why we took our two
classes over the summer because we’re like, let’s just get ahead. Let’s finish that already instead of needing to do that during our senior year and have more classes
to actually worry about. So we were just like
no, we really don’t want to do that during our senior year, did it over the summer,
got it out of the way. So if you can do anything ahead of time, try and do it ahead of time.
– Yes. (click) College process. Now, the college process
for us, it was pretty easy. We applied to four UCs,
four Cal States, and one – [Both] Private school. – Which was the school that we got into. And we got accepted into, four schools? – Yeah, four. – All the UCs denied us. – Forget you guys. We didn’t want to go
there anyway. (both laugh) Just kidding. – We saw that happening. And yeah, other than
that, we got accepted into the school that we wanted to go to, the school that we’re
going to, so we didn’t really care about any
of the other schools. – The UCs that we applied
to was UC Santa Cruz – [Both] UCLA – UC Merced, and UC… R.
– Yeah. The Cal States that we applied to. – Cal State Long Beach. – [Both] Cal State San Francisco, Cal State San Bernardino, Cal State Monterey Bay. – And we got accepted into
Cal State San Francisco, Cal State Monterey Bay, and Cal State San Bernardino. So three Cal States. – Cal State Long Beach
did not accept us, though, did we mention that? – Cal State Long Beach didn’t accept us, but with me, they were going to let me in if I applied through a different thing, but I didn’t want to go there. – We didn’t want to go there. And then the dream school
that we applied to, the private school that we
applied to (laughs), we got into. – Are we gonna say it? – [Both] Thanks for watching. – If you guys enjoyed this
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