You know those hooks, that you buy for clothes, and they seem so convenient, but you never use them? You can use them for iPads! (stuttering) I would do this. Now you have a little mini TV wherever you want it. You could probably use it for your phone too So you don’t, y-you can be lazy like me, and just, you know Lie beside your bed and watch and you don’t have to hold it. This is brilliant. I like this I’m gonna use this. You wanna cook two pizzas at once? This is how you get both them on the tray to fit, you cut them in half and you put them Opposite from each other. Brilliant. This is how Oreos must eaten hold orders or the forks your fingers? Don’t get messy when you dunk them I personally don’t dunk my oreos in my milk so this isn’t for me But for any of you guys who love dunking here you go, this one’s this one’s for you Here’s a simple way to avoid juice on the cheeks You just cut off the corners that always happens to me whenever eating watermelon But it’s like there’s watermelon here the who autumn really here my face is always sticky and now it doesn’t have to be Popsicle has a secret tool. You just put a cupcake thing on it, and it catches all the things from dripping Honestly, I eat my popsicles way too fast I don’t have to deal with the dripping that much and I would never have access to a cupcake thing because I don’t bake But if this is your problem this one’s for you for you for tomato sauce lovers open one side of the can and you flip The can over you open the other now, I’m here thinking like you’re gonna make a huge mess But they said in brackets literally. Don’t worry. It doesn’t make a mess I Guess we’ll trust them for now so then you push the tomato sauce through the can like a push pop And then you don’t waste any tomato sauce it just comes out brilliant Or it’s scary to remove the stem from strawberries use a straw. I’ve seen this one before never tried it Let me know if you guys have tried it. I just eat around the strawberry stem, and I’m just like Cuz cuz it’s a little easier for me the perfect (smartphone holder) smartfirm lolder Smartphone holder, but who the hell has cassettes anymore Like do these even exists do any of you guys own these? I haven’t seen these in so long since I was younger pinealpple juice is five times more effective than cough syrup It also prevents colds and the flu *gasp* No way, it’s so much more delicious cough syrup tastes like shit This is way way way way better, but I love pineapple juice But did you guys know that sometimes most pineapple juices are flavored apple juice so you gotta be careful for that take the annoying? Sliver of soap rum and almost use a bar and stick it to a new bar *gasp* This is brilliant that that little sliver is so annoying if you guys know what I mean super annoying It’s just like you’re like it’s slippery and everywhere put a blue ink cartridge in a red pen because no one steals a red pen This is like for the extra paranoid You know what guys if you’ve lived life Then you just you’ve just need to accept your pens will always be stolen and you will always steal other people’s pens It’s just the circle of life the circle of pens they just they just get exchanged and life take a peek at people speak when they’re talking to you if their feet are pointed away from you the person you’re Talking to wants the conversation to end *gasp* RUDE! Really, I guess. This is reading body language damn, but then like what if like they’re facing away But really they still want to talk to you now, you’re like super paranoid But I’m not talking to you keep a card like this in your wallet ideally in a highly visible place It could save your life one day with your blood. Type your allergies emergency contact That’s really smart because if something happens to you especially if you’d like some rare allergy This is brilliant how to remove permanent marker from everything. I need this in my life because I’d get perman marker everywhere I don’t know why I just like get permanent marker everywhere. I’m like Oh Everything has covered clothes hand sanitizer walls use toothpaste or hair spray. What? Hair spray? I never knew that could remove things would use rubbing alcohol carpet use white vinegar Furniture using milk well imagine just rubbing milk on something Whiteboard used dry erase marker or a pencil rubber eraser and ceramic or glass use one part toothpaste and one part baking soda Interesting how to find a hole in your tire So you rub dish soap all over the tire and bubbles will form Where the hole is so you can find out where the leak is that’s incredible? Oh my god My life is complete my life is complete guys almost finished your jardín to tell it you know you know how you finish it you End it with ice cream. I need this in my life right now You need to clean your microwave fill a bowl with water and microwave it for two to three minutes the steam will loosen dried food But why is there a picture of a duck like what does this duck have anything to do with cleaning your microwave right guys? I’m like what okay? I’ve done this before guys to clean a blender yours soap and water in there And you blend the soap and water and it’s clean. I just like came up with it one day I was like you know what I don’t want to wash his blender. I got an idea for constant Headaches grape juice can be used to relieve severe migraines. I’m gonna tell this to Jordi because he always gets migraines I’m gonna go tell him right now. I’ve been making sandwiches wrong my whole life This is how you could sound you got everything everywhere this works with cheese or for meat or whatever? Slices now all the corners are all happy. Everything’s happy everything’s covered here It’s like too much in the middle too little on the outside This was just perfect do I believe this one I feel like this can this actually work use transparent glossy tape over a smartphone camera lens to help fix focusing such a blurry lens flare issues What I feel like this will just make it blurrier I need to try this in my life hiding your emergency money alone vacation because no one will steal your chapstick Crazy idea and then it’s like easy to put anywhere But now if you’ll lose your chapstick and now your panicing your look those were chapstick, I lost it Everyone’s like white caps like I had a thousand dollars in there. Oh to get little shells out of the egg You just make your fingers wet and it makes it easier to grab them So kind of gross to touch the stickiness of the egg *gag* Finally someone invented the solution to this so if you guys are like me you always lose the end of the tape But if you just put a safety pin there you don’t have that problem. I usually sometimes just like fold it over But then that’s always annoying I feel like this is just easier. This is the same amount of effort It’s probably the same amount of effort, but I like this better for taco lovers That’s me for crunchy taco shells turn your muffin pans upside down, and you put the little tortillas here I want to do this right now. Bye bye I’m kidding use velcro strips to prevent kids/pets (and myself) from constantly moving the rugs This is so smart How many times have you guys almost wiped out on a rug hello? So this is amazing turn an old bottle into a simple little cord holder Look guys, this is so smart sometimes like you don’t have anywhere like close to a plug to like put your phone You don’t want to leave on the floor because then people can step on it Now it has like a little holder. You can just plug it in I need this in my life every time I carry grocery bags it hurts your hands so much so now you just put something round through it I’m gonna use this putting dry tea bags in smelly shoes and gym bags will absorb bad or odors I didn’t know that this is also handy guys use a hair clip to organize long wires I’m never gonna do this my wires will forever. Be messy. I just can’t keep track of them There’s too many and they’re too tangled it’s too far gone guys tie a small piece of bright colored fabric to your luggage Saves a lot of time to check if it’s your bag or not this this this is smart. I’ve always thought of doing it I’ve never done it, but it’s all the bags look the same I mean I do have a pretty colorful bag for the most part all of them look the same You’re like which one’s mine This will make sure you always know which one’s your bed cut open toilet paper rolls and uses a cuff to save your wrapping paper And keep it from unrolling really wrapping paper makes such a mess This is amazing do something unusual before locking the door before a long trick Etc to remember that you’ve definitely done it. This is smart because you know how many times I’m like did I lock your door did I lock the door? But now you don’t have to come back and check because you’re like oh yeah, I locked the door And then I did a back flip so I remember I did I lock the door But you it’s got to be different every time that we don’t confuse it with the time before So you might have to do a back flip one time the time after that you might have to I don’t know spit I don’t know why that’s the first thing that came to mind don’t spit That’s gross what it’s talking over the end of a vacuum to find tiny items like earrings This is so smart because if you didn’t put the sock there It would get sucked up all the way But this way you can find little things that you’ve lost under your bed and under your dressers Things that you probably don’t even know are there anymore power scrub like a boss Scrub is a lot easier like this side, but this is so smart if I cleaned I would use this Here’s how to put two bowls in a microwave. This is terrifying. I feel like they’re gonna break I’m not I mean if you guys are brave. You should do this one. I’m not brave Sorry, if you accidentally close a tap control shift T. Reopens it. Why are they using ducks again? What does this have to do with anything the right way to eat a cupcake okay? So you unwrap it you cut it in half you stick the bottom on top, and you eat it like a sandwich This is so smart because then you get the icing Distributed evenly because the cupcake all the fun is at the top, and then you get to the bottom And it’s not as fun, but this way you enjoyed the whole thing. I like it I’m doing this don’t boil the eggs bake them. You can boil up to four dozen eggs for 30 minutes Why would you have to heat that many eggs? This is like good if like you’re having a party and everybody wants to have boiled eggs which Usually I don’t serve boiled eggs at parties, but anyways this is for you you Save space again these hooks are back to the rescue guys. You can use them for this This is so sore because I never know where to put the lids do they always do take up a lot of space for real But now they don’t have to the right way to make cookies in the summer is this is a joke are they being for real? Like on the bright side your whole car would smell delicious. It’s the easiest way to create an ice-cream sandwich guys This is brilliant you just Cut you just cut the actual tub You can make so many I’ve seen this before if you want to make something cold in the fridge You wrap it up in like a wet paper towel Whether it’s like a can a can or a bottle and then you put it in there And it’ll cool down really fast use a sticky note to clean your keyboard. This is so smart I always get crumbs on my keyboard, but now I can finally clean them I’m always like trying upside down banging it And then I’m like why didn’t under my keyboards work rub a Walnut into wooden furniture hide scratches what how does this even work some of these? I’m like who even discovered this did somebody just like fall and like rubbed a walnut and thinks it ah Now who was the first person to do this and what won’t pour what were they on zippers always find no problem you just put one of these rings on it and put it up against the the Button and it problem solved use dental floss and perfectly cut cakes brilliant. This is so slick up look how perfect It is I could never cut like that with a knife. It would be so messy see look at him doing it again It’s perfect cook your fried eggs inside an onion ring. It’s the perfect circular. Egg look how perfect it is