So yesterday we were at the tourism
information bureau here in Lima and they told us that there’s a free walking tour
that happens at 9:00 was at 9:40 it starts at 9:50 at the central so it’s
about 30 minutes away and that’s what we’re gonna do today there’s a whole
bunch of guys over doing exercise at an outdoor recreational park alengka over
and take a look at that one thing I like about this is said this is like an
active people you know it’s a the weather’s nice it’s not hot I’ll be
sixty degrees here in Lima today as opposed to what I just looked up 81 or
85 degrees in Atlanta so we’re not complaining no this is good and they can
exercise next to the Pacific Ocean yeah that’s right that’s cool all right so
let’s get going run after this run run run run run run so we are here finally and the tourist
information center and we just signed up with the free walking tour and it’s
about to start any time now we have to come in and have to sign up just to make
sure your name is counted for you have to pay you solace to the guy because
we’re about to hop on the local bus down to the downtown area where the tour
gonna start so that’s gonna be an experience by itself we are successfully getting into the
station where we about to board our public transportation to attend trolley Central Station and we are here in calm in a station
this is where we officially gonna start our walking tour and the bus ride is a
bit hectic because it’s like the busy hour and a lot of people are inside the
bus so today we’re on a free walking tour in Lima and we’re starting at a
place called San martín square san martín is the guy who liberated Peru a
couple hundred years ago this square was built in 1921 to commemorate the
hundredth anniversary of the liberation of Peru a lot of really important
buildings around here but it’s not the main square in Lima it’s beautiful out
today it’s about 65 degrees which is about you know 17 or 18 Celsius and
we’re just enjoying it right behind me there’s a hotel that’s known for its
best pisco sour it’s called the hotel Bolivar and it is not just all guys
saying it’s hard to get the business but this is actually a very good place and
internationally known to get the best pisco sour in town and right behind me
there’s a bakery that’s supposed to be the place where you get the thoroughness
dessert the name of the bakery it’s called Estelle areas and Martin some
people in our tour girl bought me a dessert and I have to give a try and
supposed to be very sweet it’s really coated in honey and get some sprinkles
in it this interesting is definitely not like
a sweet honey that you are familiar with in a Western culture but it has a unique
flavor to it it’s really really good messy bring wet wipes kids one of the stops that we have to do is
in Kazan Mohegans here we unfortunately have five minutes
but this is a museum where you can find a lot of traditional costumes of Peru so
proof is obviously more than just Lima and Cusco and here you can learn more
about it and definitely worth checking out we are currently in the basilica de
santo domingo which is the basilica here in Lima and this is basilica because
they have two relics of Peruvian Saints and this right behind me here santa rosa
de lima and then some Martin de Porres which is the poor saints so those are
the two Peruvian Saints and now we’re gonna go to the main square and we watch
the changing of the guards right now we’re at the changing of the
guard in downtown Lima and the music is very very impressive but one thing I was
little bit disappointed in is that you can’t go in at the gates closed so the
only way you can see any of it is through heavily guarded gates but it’s
still very impressive and we really enjoyed it up here it’s a no but it’s actually
pretty like I mean obviously I understand why the letters are here it’s
just right you know in the middle of the main square and it’s pretty in the
background but yeah so many tourists is lining up and I’m gonna fight for my
spot unless Michael really wants to damn tourists they’re everywhere they’re
everywhere it’s just like a starburst tastes better
than a star I noticed that she did skip over the
meaning of the houses all the favelas up in the bottom I don’t know if that was
intentional but I had to ask about it to get an explanation so we know it’s poor
Pete we knew it was well it’s more curious about why she skipped it and
just told us about everything we’re gonna stay here and our walking
tour is done our feet are sore my legs are a little bit wobbly there’s a long
walk and I need to use a blaster and Hollis really needs to pee so we are
going to find a place to sit down maybe grab something small to eat maybe
a coffee yeah and our tour guide actually recommended
one Street here in the main square and she said if you like to try some
Peruvian food this is the place to do it but again highly recommend the free
walking tour it is Lima walking tours you can find them on TripAdvisor but
we’re gonna leave a link in the description for this blog I don’t know what to say he is the
person that liberated Peru so back about a couple hundred years ago I don’t even
remember the date do you remember the date