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way through Woodside little Manila Philippines here in New York City so if
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desserts keep watching we are going through all of the best Halo Halo
spots and trying a bunch of other desserts I didn’t even know existed yeah
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adventure and… where’s our guide… Stanford! There he is! this is our expert Filipino you know Filipino
food and tell us more about your background? My mom’s from the Philippines my dad is from Taiwan so I know the food of Queens pretty well if you haven’t
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video and let’s get going let’s do this! Take the 7 train 30 minutes outside of
Manhattan to the 61st Street Station Woodside’s little Manila neighborhood it
dates back to the 1970s just after an influx of Filipino doctors and nurses
flocked to the Elmhurst Hospital for work. Over half of all Filipinos living
in New York City reside in Queens. There are over 50,000 Filipinos currently
living in Woodside if you’re looking for authentic Filipino food this is the
place to be. Fans of the fast food chain Jollibee can enjoy a full menu at the
first Jollibee ever opened on the East Coast for dessert we had their famous
halo halo and peach mango pie. The peach mango pie is a light and crispy
pastry pocket of steaming hot peach and mango fried mango goodness halo halo means
mix mix in Tagalog (the language) it is a refreshing Southeast Asian version of an American’s
banana split. It is a layered dessert which can include red beans fresh fruit
a lot of shaved ice, evaporated milk, leche flan, crunchy rice krispies, topped
with purple ube ice cream, you are supposed to mix everything together and
eat it like a sundae. If a filipino restaurant has dessert, nine times out of ten it’s going to be
halo halo. And we’re here at House of Inasal, it’s
looking pretty beautiful. All over Asia you’ve got shaved ice desserts topped
with all sorts of things and halo halo is how it’s in the Philippines
and honestly it can be I’ve seen all sorts of things in halo halo, now here at
House of Inasal it looks like they got the shaved ice and the evaporated milk which
is pretty typical at the bottom they’ve got red bean that’s either red or
corn and those long threads those long thick threads are our macapuno which is coconut -I like coconut – mutant coconut – mutant coconut?! so you know what happened now typically
in a coconut what happens is that the meat separates and the coconut water but
without the puno it doesn’t separate so it’s it’s much it’s got a much softer
sort of jelly aqa2q texture than a typical coconut
and it looks like you’ve got tapioca pearls and this this little purple month
there is kuba Hylian which is jam made from purple yam we got a little bit of
fun there again that is like another of the in Spanish magazine in Kezia it’s
topped with PEP which is it’s essentially a Filipino
rice krispies what you do is that you take take sticky rice won’t still green
you pound it flat and then you toast it and then you’ve got blue Bay ice cream
which is a wonderful thing shall we try it yeah now traditionally you’re
actually supposed to stir it and then mix it all together probably make a mess
honest with you I intend to eat the bits one at a time okay rather than mixing it
all together but you’re supposed to mix it all together
because hallo hallo means mix mix I don’t make that a little bit so like I
kind of just want to keep it I can’t understand
okay get a little bit of this ube ice cream a little bit of those bubbles the
textures are really mixing so nicely it’s my newest book actually
traditionally based me be more likely to be used these days because you know are
so much easier to source amazing I love this purple the color it’s so pretty
this is so good the ube ice cream is amazing it’s so nice and creamy let’s
try the flan oh yeah tell me what they call on the ice cream
and it’s their take on the Filipino dirty ice cream which is it’s an Ice
Cream Sandwich so in the Philippines on the street
they’ll be these parts and they will serve you
ice cream between pieces that sounds like soft sandwich bread what it looks
like they do here is they serve it on from the south and they spread the
Hylian purple yam jam and sides and the top will be ice cream with mokopuna
coconut and people I really like them in the movie ice
cream I wanted everything from our okay all right moment the textures we’ve got
so many good textures here and like oh it’s trippy good excuse us we’re gonna
TP in a Halliburton like basically how we start poeple Darryl is like you know
we’re like more like an American bakery first that you know as we go on since I
have a background and I’m Filipino you know I I’m from this neighborhood as
well so we tried to like introduce or reintroduce Filipino flavors all over
again young from the desert from the cupcakes to the donut and now obviously
you know now we start hopefully do you guys come over and see what it is like
we could we could offer something like a cupcake but instead of having just
chocolate vanilla we have in purple yam mukha panel which is coconut and an and
really reintroducing again you start this Asian flavor not only Filipino and
to the world wider variety of you know nationality we are here at purple dough
and I am so excited to try this this is huge this holla holla is so big it’s
actually a really impressive see you’ve got Jack’s room in the side
you got white bean red bean and it looks like candy chickpeas and a big chunk of
Lube a Hawaiian purple purple yam jam long blue bad ice cream mango ice cream
and guinea pig which is Filipino crisp rice mm-hmm
hmm I really like the taste of the red beans all the beans the ube yeah Maya
it’s so good I just had some ain’t gonna be ice cream yeah missmiss flavor is this mango mango
mango ice crusher Philippine mango ice cream say no more I understand now I
understand mmm I love mango so good so you’re supposed to mix it all
together but that appears to be impractical and
also you ruin the presentation I agree presentation right here this is
front and center but apparently we’re supposed to mix it up so to mix in all
of the flavors basically exactly so this is a shaved ice that once mixed up it
kind of gives it all that flavor throughout yeah so good once it’s mixed
up it becomes this slush with all sorts of stuff in it okay and it’s so cute so
cute it is so that purple color again comes with it moving that purple yam is
free deep purple color it looks like they’ve used to go to hell Ayanna has
the place just to the coconut also yeah let’s try it hmm really slapped really moist I love that
coconut on top is so good I really like this makes purple dough here would son
come here try all of these things so good and we have more coming yes or do
we have more coming too so what is this one
these are Sylvanas they are individual certain size portions of a Filipino
dessert called as Santa Rudolph II now such about cake is based on the French –
Claus what happened was that Filipinos went to France study and they adapted
the de cause to the Philippines addict waz is a meringue of hazelnut or almond
but since we don’t have those in the Philippines we substitute cashews
instead traditionally but here they also do pistachio version oh I can’t detect
it – again a time both where should we start which one start with the trans
that’s traditional okay that’s the classic I gotta try the traditional
cashew can I break it yeah can i I don’t know if I could see it’s
good it’s gonna be harder in the middle but it isn’t me out isn’t it don’t be
afraid so snap it babies not snappily straight I just did a great job of
breaking it’s not breakable it’s that soft which I think it’s gonna be a good
texture it’s a mess but I’m gonna I’m gonna try it out the truth about the
combination of the meringue and the buttercream oh I like this it’s very
soft the meringue I can taste the meringue the soft
what is this sort of like doughy bottom I think that would be the meringue
that’s the marina yes you’ve got it looks like it’s great there’s no raggy
butter peanut butter cream sandwich buttercream and then again gosh
cashew awesome hmm try the other one really okay fine I’ll try the other one
fine maybe just take it bite it this is what might be easier I think I might
just take a bite yeah I’m trying to break it was not no successful I love pistachios so I think this is
possibly my favorite probably over the cashew but Tasha is more traditional
good to try both and that buttercream like you can’t get it screwed over that
creaminess yeah it’s like a mini little cake that’s exactly what it is that’s
exactly what it is so if you want cake but you don’t feel like getting a whole
cake and eating it all you get this little mini cakes so far so cool I’m
crashing from the sugar rush we ate so much food I know there’s a Kim I can’t
believe it if you’re not and you’re still hungry watch her videos video and
food in your channel I think I need to come back to try more it was just like I
don’t know we barely scratched the surface even though we did eat a lot but
there’s a lot of good Filipino treats here in an area I agree so come here try
for yourself go check out your channel with all of the best food and yeah if
you like this video comment below your favorite thing that you enjoyed watching
and you want to try next and with that as always say yes to new
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