a show-stopping dessert or cookies can be the highlight of any party wedding or holiday and now you can learn to decorate them like the pros in a single workshop we want to welcome back Meredith Bruckner the community news producer with all about aren’t Ann Arbor calm and Heather Levitt owner of the bakery sweet Heather and in Ann Arbor welcome thank you good to see you again Heather tell us about your bakery okay well I own sweet Heather Ann and Ann Arbor and we specialize in very artistic creative wedding cakes and dessert displays and we also teach classes which is some what I’m gonna kind of be talking to you about today which is super exciting because everybody wants to dish up their treats with all the holidays coming up what caught your eye Meredith about this bakery yeah I have one Instagram I follow some event planners in Ann Arbor and saw their wedding cakes as you can see on display here they’re just stunning and everything is like right out of Pinterest it’s like this is real it’s so beautiful so then when I found out they do workshops I was like oh we have to get him on the show this is so cool so so we’re gonna learn a bit of your tricks yes very definitely are so I know it’s summer but we’re gonna do some holiday decorating because we have a full lineup of holiday classes on our website right now and I wanted to kind of show you guys what is insert for that so we do macaron classes as well as cookie decorating and I’m going to do the sugar cookie decorating so these are our brown sugar cookies okay maple Roy I see I admit yeah these are the brown sugar cookies with maple royal icing and something about our cookies that’s important we always think a lot about the color scheme and just really bringing that together really beautifully okay so this Sarah maple royal icing and I’ll do a little demo for you and then you guys can try it don’t good to me all right so I’m gonna do a little design with some berries on it it’s good alright so let me get the outside first and you kind of get your outline and if you don’t like your very first outline you can kind of go over it and the technique I’m doing now is called flooding mmm so you want like ultimately this icing is gonna dry flat so you want to go like filling it in yeah and you design on top of that yep exactly you can always give it a little tap I know and so then I’m gonna do a series of just dots and then use a toothpick to create the design so I’m just making little dots here this is reminding me of the nail polish like oh yeah I think it’s very similar yes because you’ll see when I bring up the toothpick I just kind of swipe through oh and then sometimes they get a little stuck is that just gonna swipe through it’s more dots oh this is all gonna be kind of fun foliage take that I’m just gonna take my toothpick and pull there oh good you know if we can get a camera shot of this this is so cool yeah so basically what she did is kind of gives this technique or this look rather I should say can we get a shot at this kevie just so we can show it because I can’t tilt the cookie yeah or can I take a cookie not this one but I have this design okay so let me hold this up okay I do have this design here oh here it is yeah so this is what I said yeah boom she just did that in like a couple minutes amazing Nessie that is simple not that I feel like I could pull this off yeah and the thing about the classes that are awesome is you know tons of different people can come yeah try it all right yeah so basically okay let me know if you need help okay I will so yeah you want to get your outline and then just fill it right in but it is like you can’t like they look really beautiful they look like you wouldn’t be able to do it but consistently everyone comes out with really beautiful cookies oh yeah absolutely so that is a little bit of a trick this the pressures of the you final you’re doing great he’s doing really well yeah she is I’m cheating I’ve done this before it’s quite like this yeah really oh my you’re doing good yeah so listen the cookies what else do you what else do you guys create let’s talk about your wedding cake yeah really wellness that is what we’re really well know yeah so for the wedding cakes I would say you’re doing so yeah so we I went to art school and we kind of have a team of artists who really specialize in very artistic cakes some other ones you see here are there yeah and we just love it like it’s something that we’re really interested in and we like to display the couple’s you know sweating style or their style in general and it can be a really personal part of your day so I love it I love so we how do you teach everyone how to do this how to end up for classes yeah um so they’re right on our website so we know they’re gonna calm and there’s a workshop just a page that says workshops yeah we have all of our December lineup on right on right now so I would say you know what get in there I know almost full plan ahead did you know those are the people I hope to be one day yeah then we have plenty of them they’re not awful but we I can’t believe it I put them up in July and they’re okay boy get nice and learn how to do it better than me you’re honestly if you came to class I would like totally we’ll work on it on the commercial oh you can eat all of it alright to learn more about the cool businesses and other events happening in Ann Arbor visit the website all about Ann Arbor comm which is made possible by our friends at wall side windows and Concordia University