special in your life that you would like to surprise with a sweet gift I emphasize the word sweet now is your chance and our friends that edible arrangements are looking to brighten their day Vicki Hardy Browne is president of the edible arrangements Metro Detroit group good morning thank you for having us again you are very popular in the building right now because of what you have here on the table tell us about planning random acts of happiness sure so for the local Metro Detroit group this is our signature program so this is actually our eighth year doing the program and what we wanted to do is give our customers an opportunity to nominate what they would consider unsung heroes for a arrangement that they will be able to take with them and it’s based on great acts of kindness as well as little deeds and we want people to be able to celebrate one another and we want to do that with edible arrangements and we’re getting a panning camera shot of the various arrangements but this one in particular is the random acts of happiness arrangement yes so that was the selection for this year that’s our salted caramel harvest Daisy and it will also feature one of our new products which is the edible donut will be right in the arrangement so that’s actually granny smith apple dipped in chocolate and then it’s designed with with different designs and we’ll see some more later is that an edible Apple in what we were just showing the fall arrangement over here is that gonna go was that edible Apple one of those Granny Smiths yes okay so yeah people think we say edible Donuts and people say is that really a doughnut and say no it’s Apple how do people nominate somebody to get one of these arrangements so all 21 stores in the Metro Detroit area are participating in the program so you can go into your local store or you can go onto our facebook page which is edible arrangements Metro Detroit group where you’ll find a nomination form you can also call the stores as well and we just need the name of the person and a short description is why you think that they deserve a random acts of happiness this year alright and especial month it’s also about that yes so it is national dip fruit Month so it’s just a week but it’s been so popular we broadened it to a month if you like like this here it’ll be like this here but it’s also 50% off or dip fruit boxes so this normally would be $29 and now it’s going to be half off so 1950 and then we also have our six count boxes on sale as well and then there’s gonna be special in store offers from week to week so that will end on August 31st so you definitely want to take advantage of that especially for back-to-school you have two specific examples and what is this arrangement called so that is our sweet summer Daisy and we brought that because it features all your summer favorite fruit so it’s got mango Kiwi pineapple as well as watermelon those are the little ball sticks that we have there and summer unfortunately is coming to an end so this will go away in terms of the summer fruits September 4th ok and then you have your least expensive arrangement or your value arrangement right here yeah so one of the questions people call us with is hey I want to just get a little something what do you have this is our fruit flower arrangement it’s just 25 dollars and you can add chocolate to it if you’d like ok and there how would somebody order something like this like for instance you say summers ending we we got a sneak peak earlier but poses a fall arrangement mm-hmm so these are our new treat boxes and so you can have our edible donuts and these are actually pineapple drip cakes so there’s a nice chunk of pineapple underneath here really juicy covered in our signature semi-sweet chocolate and then you’ve got the pumpkin glaze on top and it’s a chocolate glaze it’s not pumpkin flavored it’s just designed to look like a pumpkin okay and anything else you want the folks at home so these are our dip fruit cones these are available every day they’re just five dollars in addition to our fresh fruit smoothies and our Froyo for those participating stores we got a claim on that from the controller you can come in and get a treat for yourself or you can order for someone else by calling going online at edible calm excellent to nominate that special someone for that random act of happiness you know somebody in your life that does deserve something good something sweet for more information visit the Facebook page just search edible arrangements Metro Detroit group that’s on Facebook man edible arrangements yes Metro Detroit group on Facebook can we commence to actually enjoying this now you may begin you probably like sneak little all the time especially the apples Tati what can I bring you I would love some cantaloupe cantaloupe ice thank you happen your fruit is always delicious so whatever you give me I know it’ll be good