Hello friends today We are doing another video every single every single every single day until I die because of what else am I doing my life. Because what else I’m I doing with my Life? Besides staying up till 6 a.m.. Every single day watching these videos at night, so I’m sharing them with you We’re gonna be watching some moms who interrupted their kids streams. I remember when I lived with my parents I had something on my door called a lock Unfortunately not everybody is fortunate to have a lock we got a little kid here playing here CSGO He has got this. I’m sure you, im streaming to – so It doesn’t matter. Did she just kiss him on The cheek Come on little Johnny come watch a movie with mommy have some TV dinners with me. I miss you I miss my little boy what you think you all grown up now. You ain’t grown up You’re still my little boy come sit with me go I don’t want you on this game right now What are you talking? You’ve been on kill them up games all day and all yesterday I Don’t want you on this game right now Kill em up and kill them up games all day What does it kill them up? Can I play it kill them down game okay go away? I’ll play some Mario Kart cuz my new favorite game I don’t like it no I’m sorry, but you always used to Bobby call duty, but you didn’t play it much You said you’re not playing all the time Let’s just want you to play iPad or come watch a movie with me What kind of logic is that you’re gonna buy a twelve-year-old call of duty, and then you’re gonna complain about him playing csgo um? Where’s the logic once you get up this a play iPad game? I don’t understand parents what they’re like you’re playing too much playstation. Why don’t you go play xbox? Well get off that I can’t be another long game Can you don’t like to play it you’re not doing anything I can play you can do it right now. Oh? Did she say you’re not doing anything? You’re not doing anything. You’re not doing anything. She got a lowkey roast him like You’re not even doing anything what I could sit here and play and do something why do you want to hide from me? I’m not hiding I’m playing a game My embarrassing me in front of my five viewers everybody can see you. What does stream mean? I’m live By your eyes water they’re not Just lowkey roasted in this whole time you’ve been on killing buff games all day You always used to call duty, but you didn’t plant much you’re not doing anything. I’m streaming too, so it’s doesn’t matter What does stream mean. Why are your eyes watering their not ! Excuse me No buying anything just I’m done with this game. Why what is this? Windows vista or something why don’t you play this one? Yes, that’s a good game for you I don’t want to have to turn off my stuff because you’re freaking out I have stuff. I want to do I want to go holy shit mom Mom, this is you’re actually overreacting really hard here. Yeah. No yes, you are you were overreacting extremely hard Call David before you freak out here I thought I thought that you were gonna do this because you thought I was like doing porn or something. Oh my god So he’s streaming and she’s freaking out, and I don’t know if this is Accidentally streaming or he left it on it sounds like porn at all it sounds like porn, but it’s not What are they just like 12 year old kids laughing over the internet like haha like it’s stupid mom You’re telling me. She read the comments and She thought these kids were serious this sounds exactly Like my dad when I first started doing YouTube like he thought it was porn like what are you doing on the Internet? If you put your face on the internet that means you’re a porn star yeah basically Okay, not for you, but you’re gonna have to watch my screen. You don’t have to watch my screen mom I’m like I don’t have the finances to do that right now So she doesn’t like you streaming so she’s gonna be like you got to move out you want to do this this porn business Aka hey guys today. We’re gonna be playing call of duty You’re gonna have to move out all because she saw a comment that said whip out your dick But son I don’t understand People gain weight screaming Somebody just whip out a ghost and smack him. He just keeps looking over. It’s really whoa Don’t do it don’t do it ok ill stop yeah Okay What’s going on Rick you got hit with something what did he get hit with … no i’m stream, i’m stream, i’m streaming No Don’t do it don’t do it ok ill stop yeah Okay she said shut that light off I Don’t know I guess she was mad II had the light on she’s trying to sleep on a feet in your bull shit Ain’t it when I did this to change the amount. No you didn’t that’s when I changed it You didn’t because I got me in the email telling me where you changed the amount that email was sent before it changed email That’s why I changed the email your not to change the email. It’s my account when you start paying the whole goddamn bill then you may have the email so say goodbye to whoever you’re playing with because your not playing in my house anymore then you may have the email so say goodbye to whoever you’re playing with because your not playing in my house anymore Got it You’re Done But you won’t pull the plug Doesn’t know how to pull the plug my dad pulled the plug on me once and he put like every plug out of the wall Cuz he didn’t know which one it was How much do I owe are you gonna pay the four hundred and twenty four dollars bro? She’s talking to the stream hello people you’re streaming for are you guys gonna pay you guys gonna pay my internet bill pay up What’s my password you get into my account? I’m going to because I’m gonna go change it. Okay, cuz I’m done with you thinking you can continue to f*** me over Is F*** me over music so chill tho So get off this s*** i would recommend Pack it up you understand i am not your not gonna go to college your gonna get this little girl from i think i’m gonna go to college no from i think i’m gonna go to f***in college no You’re not just gonna sit here and take you I’m here you’re going you’re gonna make f***in decisions about your life today you understand me and if that means getting another f***in other job so you can do this some where else got it cause your not doing it here so pack it up and if it’s not packed up it’s going i’ll bring the f***in bat down and it’s going you understand that loud and clear? i am done being stressed out because my oldest chooses to f*** around Okay, I wonder if she knows he’s streaming this dude look sitting you see this abuse I put up with every single day, please donate to me There’ll be no vaping in this house. This is just Mad vaping in our house. It’s called a seat You damn boys Always missing never putting down that seat yeah I’m one of those because you’re one of those she’s just gonna come in while he’s streaming and politely Explain to everybody why he pees on the seat oh Yeah, you did I don’t you’re the only boy here, sweetheart Yeah, you did I ain’t got no man’s you the only boy here, sweetheart Okay, so this one is a dude from before that His mom called him out on porn, but she walks in on him. This is why you should lock your door This guy is dressed up and his mom walks in on him what? What What what do you have to say come in come in come on what do you have to say You want to take all you earn your money to buy those freak out costumes Why don’t you save your money and find yourself an apartment? Because when you continue doing this you will not belong with us anymore. Oh really really why is that? Why is that why is that? Crazy that’s the word you have for me Because I can’t control it The neighbors want to hear me I’ve talked to the neighbors. They don’t close the window. I love you neighbors They love me I sing for them. They come to the window and I sing for them The neighbors come to the window and I sing for them they come to the window and I sing for them That’s hella creepy I was like me opening my blinds right in front of me And the neighbors see all the bull s*** I do here and I ain’t talking about making videos, man So we got this girl right here a professional twitch streamer $750 donation and her mom is gonna come in and shut it down Her mom is the one in the tank top her mom should be the twitch streamer you know what I mean Y’all wanna, make hella money if you stream together am I right or am I right don’t at me? she’s just gonna come in and clean ya’ll gonna clean this damn house before ya’ll go on that computer Look where’s the face cam is there face cam I know I’m here Why is the camera on this bottle of lotion Over here You’re just gonna talk like that in front of your mom I will smack This kid so hard Put soap in his mouth put pepper in his mouth put other things that parents put in kids mouths when they’re bad I feel like parents mostly care if your room is dirty if your room is clean stream Do whatever you want if it’s dirty bitch. I’m gonna come in here i’ma clean this up Are you gonna move out . So this Kid right here you guys report card in the mail his grades are really bad so he threw it out and if his mom finds out Yes And let’s see No no no no, what do you mean that in the bin you haven’t showed me no, I want to see the paper That’s so easy oh my report card i’ll just tell you what i got There’s no problem, but i threw it away, but it’s okay? I’ll tell you what I got it’s obviously all A’s and B’s I threw it away Don’t throw nothin into the f***in bin till i see it Don’t you dare what? Yeah, I’m gonna stop after we already gotten into a fight we start screaming at each other We stop punches cops a bein called. Oh wait wait hold on I gotta stop my stream Calm down you play in Raymond that’s all for today – I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did make sure to hit that like button in the face and subscribe to the wolf pack I Love you guys so much things watching bye guys