good morning what a wonderful day to be
a Spartan I’m Chancellor Frank Gilliam and I welcome you to the livestream of
our navigate new student convocation for freshman and transfer students today’s
the first day it’s designed to help our newest students find their way
academically during their first semester this is just one way we provide
tenacious intentional support for all Spartans and equip them to be successful
in their college journey momentarily you will see our opening event the
convocation celebration you’ll learn more about what navigators all about and
you’ll hear from a few of our students I encourage you to stay connected and
involved after the live stream is over whether you’re a parent a prospective
student an alumnus or community member one way you can do that is to follow us
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and on Instagram you’ll hear other ways to connect at the end of the stream so
let’s get started and let’s go G thank you for watching good morning everyone
and welcome it to the Facebook livestream brought to you by UNC
Greensboro we’re live today at NAV1GATE today is our first year student
convocation celebration right now we are in the Fleming gymnasium here in the you
or on the UNCG campus we are so happy that you’re joining us today thank you
so much for being here with us we’re gonna be following along all of our
freshman convocation activities today so stay tuned with us on the Internet you
can or you can watch all of our livestream this morning with us a live
stream here on Facebook and you can take a look at you using #NAV1GATEUNCG make sure you use the one instead of the eyes that is a nav one gate UNCG
so thank you so much again for being with us today right now like I said we
are in the Fleming gymnasium where all of our freshman convocation activities are taking place is that usually where our of women’s
basketball and volleyball teams play their athletic events but today it has
been transformed into the Chancellors welcome celebration and we’re gonna
be hearing from Chancellor Gilliam in just a little while so that
way we can get to know what it’s like to be a Spartan and so we’re gonna be
showing you what all of those activities are like throughout the day today so
again thank you so much for being with us this morning across campus our
transfer students are going to be doing the same exact thing so they can know
what it’s like to be a Spartan as well as our first year students so they’re
not too far away from here and you’re gonna be able to see what it’s like for
all of our students to interact with students faculty staff members here at
UNCG it’s a really exciting time here this morning I notice you can hear
there’s a lot of amazing stuff happening today all right so we’re gonna be interviewing
a couple of students here so let’s have our transfer students come on down and
we can get to talk to a couple of transfer students and get to know what
it’s like to be a Spartan hang on all right well good morning to our students
here we’ve got Alexis and we’ve got China who are transfer students so tell
us what your names are where you came from what school you’re transferring
from my name is China Joyner and I transfer from Pete Community College in
Greenville North Carolina and my major is social work my name is Alexis Boom my major is Media Studies and I’m from Greenville North
Carolina and I’m transferring from Pitt Community College also alright so what made you choose your major so let’s start with Alexis what made you
want to go into Media Studies the reason I decided to go to Media Studies is because I wanted to do Business I tried business at first but it wasn’t it for me so I
realized that I liked taking and editing Instagram pictures and stuff like that
so I got started oh my gosh I should try Media Studies and I immediately I loved it I think this is the best fit for me
China what about social work for you um well I love talking to people and I feel
like I want to go into the field with counseling because I don’t know I just enjoy talking to people I feel like I got solutions for everybody problems
that’s why and I love helping people good are you thinking about maybe doing the
master’s program with A&T and UNCG well I want to do the master’s program
with UNCG because I like it here so far and hopefully I like it enough to do
pursue the master’s program so what was the transfer process for you like and
whenever you were coming into UNCG how was the application what was the process
like for you to transfer we have had quite a struggle get to this
process we came in this together and we said we gonna finish this together so
we did everything together like the process was kind of a struggle for us
because it was a long process but we got through it though and it was quite easy
once we caught the hang of it well it was kind of different because at our
Community College we didn’t really have to do much far it’s like meal plans
like that was something really new for us so we kind of like got together and learned
it together and we kind of got it now again it’s still getting hang of like
busses and stuff like that so and y’all are roommates too so you’re really
getting through it together right yeah so what are you what are you hoping to
get out of today’s experience I know there’s a lot of stuff going on right
now but are you looking forward to anything in particular just getting to
know faculty or send students and stuff today I’m hoping that I get that I learn
a lot more about my major I learn a lot about the school and just get a hang of the school and just learn everything I need to know to be successful during
this year I also hope I’m learn more about my major also and meeting new
people and finding people that are in my major so we can like you know I study
together and things like that so I know that UNCG has a lot of different
resources and things that you can can take advantage of we’ve got a lot of
different programs that you can take part in have you all found any programs
either with your major any clubs organizations anything that you’ve kind
of struck a fancy with so far we’re both in this commit program and I love it it
is a great experience for us with learning a lot and it kind of
disciplines us we got to get up early every morning but I love it because it disciplines us and we are gonna do a lot of volunteer work within this program so I
love that to connect is like for all transfer students where we get to
be meeting up and doing like different activities going different places just
being together as a group so you know I really like connect also and all faculty
is really nice the RA’s do you have any stuff or do you have any parting words any words of
wisdom for anyone trying to transfer into UNCG
anyone who might want to come here and start their life here oh well what I
really have to say is just um just keep up with everything and just get involved
because that’s very important networking and stuff that’s very important so just
ask if you need help yeah I feel kinda the same way like China like don’t be scared
to get out there put yourself out there and just talk to people network with
people because you don’t want to be on this campus alone I’m trying to say it’s
not a good feeling being on this campus alone everybody here is so nice you’re
really gonna love it I think that’s one of the things that you’ll find at most
schools and definitely at UNCG is you’ll never feel alone I mean we’ve got a
roomful of brand new students here so you get to really know all of the
students and all of the faculty and everything here so thank you guys so
much for joining us today best of luck to y’all for this afternoon
and this morning yep you’ll have a good mornin thank you well it was a lot of
fun talking to our transfer students we do have a couple of first-year students
as well so let’s come on and have them step forward here and we’re gonna talk
to a couple of our first-year students who are taking part in today’s
celebration as well so we’ve got Ashton and Kyler so tell us what your name is
what your major is and why you came to UNCG my name is Kyler I’m what was it
okay I came to UNCG because I have some friends that go here and it’s really
close to home so if I really wanted to I could go back home for a weekend and see
all my family and stuff like that but I’m currently undecided so I’m still
looking for a major in UNCG it has a lot of like super cool ones so it’s just
finding the right one for me right now hello my name is Ashna Ram Sami and I’m
a music performance major in flute and I came to UNCG because I decided that it’s
a wonderful campus we have wonderful staff here and most of all the wonderful
community that we have it’s just amazing like just look at this we have and
everyone’s out here just yelling and having time of their lives
so did you all meet like the priority deadline whenever you are applying or
anything or did you just kind of slide on in like Chinon or like Alexis and
China did I think I applied early like at the beginning of the application
process but I didn’t actually choose like UNCG until like the last minute it
looks like my final decision because there’s a couple of other schools I was
thinking about but like I really did I decided G because it’s like as a
really big art community to which I’m really interested in so I’ll be honest I
didn’t apply to like maybe five or six days before decision day and I mean I
got in and I was just like wow I like the campus I have some family down here
so I decided I’m like I’ll just go here I know you said that you were undecided
why how did you choose your major so that way we can get an idea of what that
process is like I chose my major maybe about a year and a half ago like it was
just kind of just instant I just really loved performing for other people and
just love playing my instrument so I guess it’s kind of follow your passion
when it comes to choosing in degree whatever you want to do in life it will
just take you to it and Kyler do you have any inclinations about what you
might want to major in um I was I did change it I was BFA tech theater but I
changed it just because like I want to experience more and branch out see what
everything else there is to offer and I honestly have no idea yeah so it’s just
it’s a process I’ll get there I changed my major five times so you’ve got plenty
of to decide nice it’s you’ve got time so that’s one of the amazing things that
you can do whenever you come here is you can be undecided for your first two
years and still have time to figure it out so it’s a pretty good deal what are
y’all excited about doing here today with navigate and your first couple days
here on campus I’m just very excited to just meet everyone that’s around us and
see all these wonderful students we have out here and I’m very excited to start
classes and meet professors and start this grind for college I’m excited to go
on like the traditions walk and see what all that’s about because I’ve heard a
lot of good things about it and just like see everyone excited about this at
school do you all have any parting words of wisdom anything that you want to say
to your fellow new students or anyone watching our livestream to say come to
UNCG UNCG does have a big arts community like I said and so that’s a very big
plus especially because like the Catholic if they’re really big and CVPs
kids are really like large groups so if you’re interested in any types of arts
definitely recommend GSO I guess my parting words are just that
everyone should just get along and just love each other and look around and say
hi to your neighbors because honestly everyone here is just so amazingly nice
and you’re never gonna have a disagreement with anyone so yeah well
thank you guys so much for being here today I hope you all enjoy the rest of
your day thank you again you’ll have a good
morning see ya already everyone so you got to hear it from the mouths of some
current students some new students and we definitely thank them for joining us
here today let’s take a look around at the auditorium here so that way we can
get to know what it’s like and what it looks like to be a Spartan so let’s have
a look around let’s go all right Riley and Daisy are back up
here again how many of y’all got a prize can y’all shut it up for B alright
that’s pretty good okay alright so we’re gonna bring back something that y’all
learn apps or this year does everybody remember that shoe that we tell you at
soar if now we’re gonna go over it again so if I can get a bill you gggggg charlie was that loud no that was
not loud at all I need y’all to wake up and make some noise all right y’all
ready all right yo gg gg gg gg gg
alright we’re gonna do that one more time
and each ought to get leg the Raptors shaking I’m gonna need the bleachers
like move in and everything we’re gonna get rollout in here are y’all ready are
y’all really ready alright so we’re gonna do a little contest cause y’all
seem to like contest this morning you really do swear you split everybody in
half so cause some I split you right down the middle right here so everybody
know what side they’re on we’re gonna be this side in this side and we’re gonna
say you and C G are we ready are we ready
yeah or did you keep on keep on going yeah g-g-gee alright everybody clap it
up clap it up and we’re gonna send it right back to the pep band all right cool so it’s been great
getting to know the class of 2023 through this morning and having some fun to kick
off navigating your first year before we start off the official celebration you
all got a rally rag just like this one what are you entered in this morning or
is on your seat it wouldn’t help of the pep babe we’re gonna get this place
Rocking you could also use these that all of the
sporting events that you go to and be sure that y’all go out to the sporting
events because you’re always going to get some free stuff okay
all right so I need everybody to stand up and then we gonna get this place
twirling stand up stand up keep it movin heyyyyyyyy Woo U-N-C-G let’s give it up for the pep band alright something we ready to get this
party started I’m Charlie and I’m Daisy and we’re
starting off enjoy the program there is going to be speaking here in
just a couple of minutes so we’re going to go ahead and turn over just to our
wide shots of the camera so that way we can get a good idea of what’s going on
here and in a few minutes our Chancellor is
going to speak so we’re gonna listen to him thank you so much for being here for
this livestream let’s listen to our Chancellor speak and then we’re gonna
wrap things up at just after that we’ll see you in a bit
bye from the class in 2007 welcome to UNCG from the class of 2013 welcome to UNCG from the class of 2015 welcome to UNCG from the class of 2012 welcome to UNCG from the class of 2001 welcome to UNCG from the class of 2016
welcome to UNCG from the UNCG Bryan School of Business and Economics to raising over 1 million dollars annually for type one diabetes research from the UNCG School of Health and Human Sciences for lowering suspensions and dropping rates throughout Guilford County Schools from the UNCG school of nursing’s to delivering babies at the Women’s Hospital of Greensboro from exploratory to the UNCG
College of Visual and Performing Arts to the Bryan School of Business and
Economics to the CEO and founder of coke marketing of the UNCG college of visual
Performing Arts to training future models and actors in North Carolina
transferring from UNC Asheville to UNCG College of Arts and Sciences to a high
school principal in Guilford County from the UNCG School of Education to math teacher at High Point Central High School in the class of 2019 welcome to NAV1GATE new student convocation welcome to Rawkin’ Welcome Week how are you gonna make the most out of today how are you going to make the most out of today how are you gonna make the
most out of today how are you gonna make the most out of today how are you going to make the most out of today we want you to build community with your
academic major we want you to learn UNCG traditions we want you to meet new
friends staff and faculty we want youse to know
your resources to be successful we want you to connect today to excel tomorrow
today is your day to navigate UNCG as we celebrate you in the beginning of your
successful journey good morning try it again good morning there we go
welcome to NAV1GATE to get us started I’d like to ask Charlie Taylor a fellow
member of the class of 2023 to lead us in singing the national anthem students
will you please stand thanks Charlie please be seated find your way here what calls to you
what drives you what makes you keep searching for a better answer a better
way forward find your beat your rhythm your voice your place among the
Trailblazers the visionaries those who found their way here and created a
legacy for you to build on part of a vast array of students from all walks of
life find your why your breakthrough your opportunity to transform with
educators whose passion for teaching and research inspires discovery and ignites
change find your wow your aha moment your place in a growing family of
Spartans who found their way here to a vibrant campus deeply woven into the
fabric of a thriving city find your inspiration your connection your
community a future of earned achievement pride and purpose
find more than an education find your journey your home and make a remarkable
impact every day UNC Greensboro find your way here and now Spartans please
welcome to the stage the 11th Chancellor of UNCG the guy who runs this whole
place Dr. Franklin Gilliam good morning Spartans
good morning Spartans well better pleased to be here with you
this morning you are members of the class of 2023 and whether you’ve come
from across the ocean or from down the street I’m so glad that all of you have
found your way here to Greensboro to UNC Greensboro and to the beginning of this
great day the beginning of the fall semester the new academic year is always
an exciting time believe it or not this will be my 38th fall semester as either
a faculty member as administrator so I’ve seen a few classes come and go but
I think I’m not the only one who finds this time exciting I know you’re SOAR
staff had a great time getting to know you over the summer and I think they’re
glad to see that you’re back here on campus ready to go the Housing and
Residence Life staff who I run into from time to time have been a little lonely
with no students in the residence halls and so they’re ready to see you and the
faculty are ready to get you going on your academic career every person on
this campus whether faculty or staff is deeply invested in your success now what
really matters is your own dedication and your own hard work that’s what’s key
for you to become a graduate and if you put in the hard work we will too now as
you begin your journey today you’ll learn about many resources that are
available to you as you’re starting to find out college is different than high
school and while every college does everything it does everything a little
bit differently you’ll learn about what we do
here as you go through the day you’ll have a better idea of the many resources
and offices staff and faculty that are here to assist you and you’ll take
advantage of as many of these opportunities as you need to be
successful we are all here to help you find your way as a Spartan you know it
takes courage and commitment to enter college and I congratulate you you’ve
made it this far now you’re starting on another chapter of your journey it’s a
big deal and it’s a privilege and I encourage you to take full advantage of
it not everyone has this now as I said this is my 38th fall semester whether as
Chancellor as a faculty member or as a father who has a 21 and a 26 year old
and I have got them through their college career so I’ve have a few pieces
of advice for you I think I can speak from some level of experience first go
to class you think I’m kidding I’m serious because you know what
nobody’s gonna come by your dorm room and knock on the door and say Suzy time
to get up time to go to class I think you’re gonna have to do that on your own and so you’re laying there and you’re
thinking ah heck I’d be alright if I miss today then it’s alright if I miss
another day and then you know what I’m really smart I made it to college so I’m
just gonna read the textbook that’s my favorite one when I was a professor they
said well I thought I just had to read the textbook you know we have class for
a reason we’re actually trying to teach you
something and guess what most of the stuff that’s presented in
class will be on the test I don’t imagine you can think of a
service that you pay for and you don’t go get the service all right pay for the
beauty salon you go pay to get your car fixed you go pick it up it’s the same thing go to class in fact if there’s anything I could
encourage you to do it’s to go to class if it’s the one thing that you do it’s
go to class and pay attention you’d be surprised how far that will get you
second part of becoming an educated person is learning what you don’t know
and it’s interesting that young people well I’ll put it this way my own kids
thought they knew everything when they were 18 and 19 and I think as they’ve
gotten older they’ve come to learn that they have gaps in their knowledge gaps
and their skills an educated person begins to learn by first understanding
that they don’t know everything and they need to find out some things one of my
favorite lines from young people when you start talking to them as they say I
know I know I know no you don’t know as I’ve gotten older I found out that
actually I know less because there’s so much more to know so find ways to get
your questions answered surround yourself with people who have your best
interest at heart that’s it this is an important one I’ll
say this is the third point I have a friend and he says your true friends are people
who mean you no harm right or put a different way don’t surround yourself
with haters don’t have frenemies surround yourself with people who have
your best interest at heart who only wish the best for you and who will hold
you accountable your best friend is your friend that tells you hey you’re
slipping up hey you’re getting off the rails a little bit here they’re not the
ones that are pumping you up and telling you yeah you stayed out in the club till
3 o’clock last night and boy that was great and gee you missed class no
problem that’s not a friend friends telling you hey you’re slacking but also
a friend is somebody who supports you because there will be times during your
course of during the course of your career here at UNCG that things aren’t
going to go well for you it’s the nature of life and having friends who support
you during those periods is extremely important fourth be resilient you know
there gonna be some ups and downs but the key isn’t that you do poorly on a
test one test over a four-year career five-year career isn’t the end-all
be-all but find out what you need to do to bounce back find out what you need to
do to get better be resilient don’t let one little setback totally derail you fifth strive for excellence we talk a
lot about excellence here don’t just drift through your time don’t just say
good enough it’s good enough it’s okay it’s mediocre it’s okay I can live with
that strive to be the best you can be and walk away from here with your degree
and with no due regrets you don’t want to be in a place where you say gee I
wish I had tried a little bit harder because it will come back on you later
in life you don’t want those regrets strive for
excellence and by the way back to the point about surrounding yourself with
with friends and people who have your best interests at heart
it also helps if they’re smarter than you right because they’re gonna bring
you up you know you don’t always have to be the smartest man or woman in the
class in the room in the party surround yourself with people who bring you up
strive for an excellence finally don’t be afraid to try new
things you never know when you might discover a new passion a new talent college is about is about exploring it’s
about asking hard questions it’s about asking hard questions of yourself who am
I what am I about what do I really have a passion for now just having a passion
isn’t enough somebody fall asleep up there fall you fall over bro okay I
thought maybe somebody fell asleep and went head down you know meet new people meet people who
are different than you are this is the time to do that meet people who have
different life experiences who have different political views and we can
have a conversation and explore each other’s ideas without it being an
all-out war we can have a civil this is the place to have civil discourse if you
can’t have it on a college campus then I don’t know where you can have it if you
can’t have it here I don’t know where you can have it
just because a person disagrees with you doesn’t mean they don’t like you and the
whole point of this is to explore your perspective can you defend your point of
view can you defend your way of thinking do you have to reconsider some things
and can you do it in a respectful and tolerant way there are a lot of
different folks here let me know I’m always curious about this how many folks
here are not from North Carolina raise your hand so we have some we have some
out of Staters all right we need to welcome them show them that hospitality
you southerners are famous for I’m from Minnesota so I don’t know anything about
it I just learned what a grit was last week not really good I’m always curious how many people are here from a town of
smaller than 25,000 people how many people are here
whose town does not have a Walmart that’s how I always know how small your
town is I say that to say people come from a range of experiences they’ve
grown up in big cities and how many people do we have here who are from out
of the country international students welcome welcome you see there are lots of different
people who have found their way here and that’s what this place is about it’s a
place where we think everybody can find a place to fit in everybody can find
their passion everybody can find a career they’re friends everybody can
find a path you know we’re a campus that’s not dominated by any one thing by any
one group I’ve discovered that we have all kinds of I don’t know Kim or
somebody probably can tell me how many clubs we have and organizations but
somebody tell me in the hundreds I guess how many 300-plus clubs and
organizations you can join last year I learned that we even have a Quidditch
team I did not know what a Quidditch team was because my daughter took me to
Harry Potter once and I fell asleep but we have a Quidditch team and I saw I
went out and saw the Quidditch team play a tournament and it was interesting its
co-educational it’s full contact and they run around with the broom between
their legs didn’t quite get that last part but but I did see them as part of
the Spartan family and I didn’t like the way their gear look
they didn’t look like a team so we went out and got them official Quidditch team
jerseys hey it doesn’t matter Quidditch soccer basketball you are part
of this family and there is a place for you here we think we have a great
University we have a great team we have a great support staff we are known
nationally for student success that is to retain you that is to have you make
it year-to-year and have you graduate that’s what we are all about we’re here
to make sure you’re successful take advantage of it today will be the day
where you’ll start to learn the resources that you have available and
let me end by giving you one last piece of advice and I’ve learned that both of
my own children and particularly my years as a professor
if you’re having trouble if you’re having trouble in your classes if you’re
having trouble in the residence hall if you’re having trouble in the dining hall
wherever go see somebody you’re gonna learn today about all kinds of folks who
are here to support you I think the biggest fear many students have is all I
I don’t wanna I’m a little embarrassed I’m a little ashamed I’m I don’t really
want to go talk to somebody and what happens the problem gets bigger and
bigger and bigger and all of a sudden you have a real problem when I was a
professor I used to tell students look I have a lot of sympathy for you in the
early parts of the semester when you’re half you come to me and you say hey I’m
having trouble with this material but if you wait until three days before the
final exam and say I haven’t understood anything you’ve been talking about for
the last 8 weeks I have no sympathy for you I have
none why because when you knew you were in trouble you should have come to see
me don’t be ashamed go get the help it’s what will make you successful don’t be
ashamed that’s what these people are here for that’s how we pay them for to
help you to help you figure out your problems to help you get answers to your
questions don’t be afraid to ask for help and for many of you you’re big
stars in your high school your smart kids in your high school guess what
there’s a whole bunch of the smart kids sitting next to you you’re not the only smart one in the
room and sometimes you’re gonna find yourself up against it go get help
so I really I guess the two things if there’s only two things I could say to
you go to class and get help if you get in trouble if you do those two things
you’ll graduate you will graduate thank you for the amen
I keep forgetting I’m in the south and if I start preaching I’ll get
call-and-response we don’t get that where I’m from but thank you it’s going
to be a great time here today what am I supposed to say one more thing I think
oh yeah go Spartans I’m Lauren Kahlo and I’m Jamie McMillan
I’m a junior from Gibsonville North Carolina majoring in marketing and
entrepreneurship I’m happy to be serving as your Student Government Association
president this year and I’m a junior from the 919 Raleigh North Carolina I’m studying information systems
management and I’m a proud brother of Alpha Kappa Psi the professional
business fraternity today we’re here to tell you more about
what your day will be like and also give you an insider’s perspective on why we
as students think these things are important as Chancellor Gilliam
mentioned you all are sitting with others who have similar interests to you
and there’s a reason for that in just a few minutes when we wrap up here most of
you will leave the gym to go hear from professors that teach in your areas of
interest and your school or college team you’ll learn more about what is expected
when you take classes in different subjects and what is required for
certain majors I remember being a little intimidated the first time that I went
to speak with the professor but trust me I’m glad that I went
professors want you to do well they want you to ask them questions if you don’t
understand something they love to talk about the areas that they study and
teach so it’s great to have some time to spend with them before classes even
start after that you’ll learn about some very important campus resources that are
critical to your success during GPS or the getting prepared for success session
you’ll learn about a little old tool called canvas now I’m pretty sure many
of you have heard of canvas before but if you haven’t canvas is an online
web-based program that your professors will use to communicate with you upload
course materials and the course syllabus if you don’t know what a syllabus is
it’s okay you’ll learn about that too but you’ll also here about what your
professors expect from you as far as communication and the quality of work
Drake doesn’t just drop anything so your work should have that same level of
excellence you’ll also hear about this thing called academic integrity and what
that really means in the college environment when I first joined college
I was thrilled that all the freedom I had especially in comparison to back
home and in high school but with great freedom comes
great responsibility so you may be thinking about now when’s lunch and
trust me I am too after GPS you will head to the
Kaplan Center for wellness we will have guides taking you there and on the way
you’ll experience some cool UNCG traditions and spirit once you head to
the Kaplan Center you’ll get to eat lunch all that you have to do is swipe
your card in addition to lunch you can enjoy the blue and gold dessert bar
laser tag bubble soccer exploring the year first year zones the health and
wellness zones and much more that’s the last stop of the day based on our
experience we think today will get your semester started on the right foot
we hope you find it valuable our advice is just pay attention during these
presentations and get to know some new people along the way on behalf of the
Student Government Association and all of my fellow Spartans we are so excited
to have you here get involved have a great year and don’t get be afraid to
ask us your professors or all of the wonderful staff here for help if you
need it we’re lucky to have a beautiful campus world-class faculty and some
pretty amazing school spirit I think that you’ll find that this is a great
place to be and we believe that each and every one of you can succeed at the G
explore Greensboro find your passion and get engaged if you’re a sports fan help
build a Spartan sphere section-8 games if you’re all about giving back visit
the office of learning and civic engagement for to see all of the ways
that you can get involved and make a difference in our community each and
every one of you can find your place here you’ve made a really great decision
to become a Spartan and the really great thing about being a Spartan is that
there’s so many people here that are dedicated to help you succeed don’t ever
forget that enjoy today listen learn and make new
friends tomorrow is the beginning of a new adventure we’re so excited for you
go Spartans hello again my name is Rachel Opticar
and I am a member of the UNCG Alumni Leadership Board as it happens at this
time years ago I was sitting in your very shoes I’m also proud Spartan having
completed my degree in Communication Studies here Oh
as in any comm studies yeah anybody okay just me great as a member of the Alumni
leadership board I’ve had the pleasure of getting to see this great University
from a completely different perspective and I have to tell you that my
experience in this role has made me even prouder to be a Spartan like Jamie said
you all have made a great decision to be here and like Chancellor Gilliam said if
you give your all the faculty and staff will also give it all to help you be
successful and I hope that you follow Lauren’s advice to get involved it’s
such an important experience when you’re in college
this may seem overwhelming to you today but I look forward to seeing each of you
in your cap and gown at commencement sounds like it’s gonna be far away but
it’s not trust me it’ll be here before you know it to give you a little taste
of what that days gonna be like we’d like to end the day by sharing the
legend of the bell with you the legend of the Bell is the story of the
university belt that has been rung through the years to mark the passage of
many students before you both a student arrived to campus and as they graduate
the University Bell first sounded in October of 1892 for the opening of UNCG
then known as the State Normal and Industrial School for Women first called
the Farm Bell its ringing regulated every aspect of student life for wake up
meals study periods classes quiet hours and lights out it also marked special
events on campus On January 20th 1904 Josephine Scott Hudson climbed the
Bell’s wooden frame to rank ring it and evacuate students from the brick
dormitory fire the sound of the bells saved 300 lives which could have been a
disastrous situation as the entire dormitory was completely destroyed in
1938 the university began to use electric bells and the original bell was
stored until 1953 when it was mounted at the corner of College Ave and Spring
Garden Street this is now the site of the Vacc Bell Tower that was dedicated
April 15 2005 the original bell is mounted on a
rolling frame as you see here on stage and is used in university celebrations
such as commencement homecoming and reunions when alumni returned to campus
to remember their days here at UNCG today we continue the tradition at UNCG
and we ring the bell to signify our new students you guys introduction into the
UNCG community of scholars upon hearing the legend of the bell I hope that you
will all accept your membership into the UNCG community to help us ring this bell
I’d like to invite one of your own Jocelyn Marencik for a freshman from
the College of Arts and Sciences to join us on stage Jocelyn is a Blue and Gold
Scholar and computer science major from Richmond Virginia and his founder and
manager of Got Tech Richmond I now ask that you all stand as we ring the bell
for the new academic year please also remain standing as the
Spartones join us for singing the alma mater we raise our voices let them swell in a
chorus loud and strong the Rolling Hills send back the sound of our triumphant
song for in one great unbroken bath with loyal heart and true your sons and
daughters sentencing University to you Thank You Spartones all right so the bell
has been rung the alma mater has been sung and it’s time for you to navigate
along to the next part of your day before we head out I’d like to thank all
to have been working so hard to plan the celebration this morning and all the
other activities for you today it’s taken a lot of time and energy to get us
here so please join me in thanking the pep band Charlie Boren Jamin the
Spartans the navigators and the committee of faculty and staff who have
made this day possible I hope you all have a wonderful day and
best of luck as you begin your journey tomorrow class of 2023 I’m looking
forward to having you all gather again together at commencement go Spartans Thank you so much for joining us today I hope the Chancellors words will have an impact on you I know the stream has been a little bit
glitchy and we’re gonna work on getting an actual recording of that out to you so that way you can watch the celebration Thank you so much for joining us If you want to come back to visit your student you are always welcome to do that our family and parent weekend is going to be September 27th through the 29th so we definitely encourage you to come to that also
homecoming is in October that is on October 19th so you’re always welcome to come to
that thank you so much for joining us now we’re gonna let our students be
dismissed and we will see y’all a little bit later on see ya bye don’t forget to help us capture the day on Instagram and other forms of social media so you’ll need to follow the Chancellor on Instagram yes he has an Instagram and use the #NAV1GATEUNCG and tag UNCG and if you follow and post the tagged picture or video today you’ll have a chance to win
a $50 Spartan cash gift card and who doesn’t love more money Chick-Fil-A
because I know I do so in a minute we’re gonna begin
dismissal so you’re going to dismiss to where your colleges will be meeting
your Dean’s and your faculty so make sure you have your Spartan card ready to
go and you’re going to be swiping into your next destination and I’m going to
call out the order in just a minute and make sure my navigators already make
sure you have your signs up and ready to go and students go ahead and start
gathering your stuff but don’t stand up just yet we want to make sure that
everybody is exiting quickly and safely behind their specific navigator so we’re
gonna go ahead and start so on the floor we have the College of Arts and Sciences
and you’re gonna exit out the doors behind you the same way that you came in
and head to the middle college gym please be careful Z turn around and for anyone who could not hear the
dates for a family weekend and homecoming because our band was playing
I do apologize the dates for a family and parent weekend are September 27th
through the 29th so you’re more than welcome to come out for that and also
our homecoming celebrations are on October 19th so we do encourage you to
come out to see homecoming in to see your students all succeeding here at the
G again thank you so much for joining us today and we hope to see y’all here