and beyond the call of duty to deliver a gift to a stranger in the hospital it’s a great story that gift just happened to be a cake here’s the rest of the story from our Brenda metoo T Linda cannon has been at the Christus Spohn hospital since Saturday I have a bad heart and while resting she saw commercial that sent her taste buds into a frenzy it was a craving somebody said something out Cracker Barrel on TV bought me some chocolate cake before Keenan’s condition it doesn’t allow her to leave the hospital though so her granddaughter sprung into action she heard I told her my mom was craving Cracker Barrell coca-cola cake and she said do you want to bet me 20 bucks I get her cake there delivered today and I said I’m not gonna bet you and the idea for a sweet surprise was in the making some say you can’t have your cake and eat it too but the general manager of the local Cracker Barrel says otherwise Lindell white received the call from canons granddaughter he was really trying she she called every third party provider and he understood the need to help you’re far away so on Monday Lindell set out to the Christus Spohn and in comes the cake and it’s really nice though and then brought me some cake for three days and out comes a smile I think we broke all the rules like if I love to break the rules Kenan says this is a cake she’ll save her to the last bite of a cake in so much going out of his way because he didn’t have to do that Brenda patootie oh it’s got to be them very good there action 10 News