Yummy Loki Halwa/Ghiya Halwa/Gourd Dessert Peel off the skin of Gourd/Loki and grate it with grater In a wok, boil 2 litre of water and add grated Loki in it Let it boil for a minute Now drain out the water and keep it aside Ghee 200 G, Sugar 200 G, Khoya/Mava/Milk Shortening 200 G Almonds/Badam to Garnish. Cardamom 6-7 In a wok add Desi Ghee/Butter oil and heat at a medium flame Add Cardamoms and fry until they start to give fragrance. Give it 1-2 minutes at a medium flame Keep stirring meanwhile Now add grated and blanched Loki/Gourd in it Keep stirring and fry until it lighten its color We need a lighter green color, not lighter brown Be patient meanwhile! you’ll see it happening soon It has changed its color. Add sugar in it, keep stirring to avoid caramelizing Cover it with a lid and cook for 1 minute After 1 minute, remove the lid and add Mava/Khoya/ Milk Shortening Mix well. It is ready to serve. Garnish it with your favorite dry nuts I prefer peeled almonds I have removed excessive Ghee at this stage Enjoy this quick, easy and delicious Halwa in coming winters But before that, give it a try and taste the true flavor It is a best substitute to Petha Halwa. Thanks for watching this video. Please Like and Share this video and Subscribe to our Channel Bon Appetite.