Hello, Welcome to Elif’s kitchen Today with you in the oven like a full-measure Marshmallow I’d like to share the pumpkin dessert recipe. Subscribe to my channel to be informed of new recipes and remember to turn on notifications by pressing them. There’s about a kilo of pumpkin, and this way I chopped the beans, and the inside is soft. I’m cutting it with a knife. I peeled their shells. You can leave the parts that are very green if you want to get the parts again. Slice pumpkins of any size I washed it and took it strainer and drained it thoroughly I’ll put it in a rectangular baking tray. I’m sprinkling 2.5 cups of granulated sugar on top of it. If you like it too sweet You can also add 3 cups of sugar. It’s not too sweet this way. It tastes normal. Then I cover it with stretch film. I keep it in the fridge one night. You have to leave it for at least 4-5 hours in the sugar. Look, the next day, I’m opening a stretch film. The pumpkins have a lot of water. I’m definitely not adding water. The water that he himself has unleashed is that you see Look at 1 greasy baking sheet with my hand I’m crumpling by wetting I put it in my hand, then I opened it, and I’m closing it on. I’m putting the dessert in a 200-degree heated oven. I cook for about an hour. baked for an hour I’m checking with a fork, and if the fork is easily sunk, it’s cooked. I took the paper off the baked honey. I cook like this for about 5-10 minutes to fry it. Just be careful at this stage. 5 Do not hold for more than 10 minutes over it can fry at a time. I got it from the oven. I’m keeping it on the sidefor cool. Look, you’re seeing the consistency of it’s cold now. I’ll put it on a serving plate. Thank you for watching my video.