– Whoah! I see it. There it is. Whoah, whoah. There it is, there it is. Wait, wait wait, it was just here, wait. Hurry Steve, come on, come on, come on. – All right Grace I got the net.
– [Grace] Bring the big net, the big net. The big net’s perfect. – Where is it, where is it, where is it? – [Grace] It was right here, right here. (beeping) – Come on Grace, let’s go. – Alrighty. – Hey, Sharers, what’s goin’ on. Welcome to the vlog. So if you didn’t see in last vlog. Grace and I tried camping
out in the back yard. We thought it’d be okay. But this was actually the first challenge that we’ve ever had to cancel because things went
absolutely, scary crazy. (clattering) – Was that a cougar? Go, go. (whispered screaming) – [Stephen] This way, this way quick. So Grace and I ran inside last night and we decided that was enough. But now that it’s day
light, it’s the morning. We’re ready to ah, clean up this tent and just like, end this
challenge for good. And Grace and I have a another challenge. So Grace, let’s quickly break
down the tent real quick. We’re trying, also
Sharers, keep an eye out for any evidence because we were throwing hot dogs like crazy back in this section. Let’s go check it out actually. – [Grace] Yeah. – We’re thinking it could
have been a bear back there. (bear growling) We’re not sure. Oh wait, Grace look. One of the stakes broke. – [Grace] One of them broke? – Yeah, look. – Wait that’s weird. – So the tent’s supposed
to be held up like this, but this one broke. – That’s so weird. How did that break? – I dunno. – Weird. – So anyways, the animal
was right back here. We’ve been kinda looking for
like, paw prints and stuff. Oh wow there’s a lot of ants. Look at all those ants. – [Grace] Oh! – [Stephen] Wow. – [Grace] Probably from the
hotdogs we left outside. – Could’ve been. So right back here is the evidence that we’ve had so far. We actually haven’t checked it today yet. (suspenseful music) Let’s check it out. – [Grace] Wait. What is that? – What? – [Grace] That rope that’s hanging. – [Stephen] Oh I don’t know, that’s weird. – [Grace] It’s like a trap. – [Stephen] Look for paw
prints, claw marks, anything. This tree looks fresh. I don’t even know how the
animal would have got in or out of here. It had to have gone this way. There’s a gate back there,
but the gate is closed. Wait, hold on, hold on, hold on. Just keep an eye out for paw. This is probably the section right here. – [Grace] Yeah, yeah. – [Stephen] Something there? – [Grace] Something big
from there, to there. – Other than that though, I don’t see any other evidence, do you? – Not really, hmm. – Oh hang on. Check it out. Hot dog. – [Grace] Oh, ew. – Oh wow. That’s where all the ants are coming from. It’s hot dog. – [Grace] It has spots on it. Oh, it has teeth marks on it. – [Stephen] Oh you’re right. Look at that. Sharers it’s bite marks. Wow. – Somethin’ was snacking on that. – Yeah, Sharers, maybe
here, pause the video on this hot dog and try
to decipher the bite marks and see if you can figure
out what animal that is. – [Grace] Or maybe it
might be finger prints, who knows? – Nah, I’m guessing it’s
probably bite marks, just looks like teeth marks. Although, we threw a lotta hot dogs. All the other hot dogs are gone, this is the only one left. – Really though, we had a
whole twelve pack or something? Completely gone. – Completely gone except for this one. So I guess the animal had enough and just didn’t wanna eat this one or maybe it’s ’cause we
were standing right here, so maybe the animal’s
actually scared of humans, I dunno but all I can say is, we need to pack up the tent. Let’s get out of here. Let’s just do another challenge. – [Grace] Yeah, we gotta
pick a new challenge. – [Stephen] Here take the
tent down, just lift and go. Take the center down. We are closing up shop, Sharers, this tent is gone. – [Grace] Alrighty. It was nice huh, when it lasted. – All right, the tent’s going down, we gotta get outta here. Grace here, you finish taking that up, I’m gonna book airplane
flights real quick okay? – [Grace] Okay. – All right I just
gotta go book something. We didn’t expect to leave this early, but uh, we figured
there’s no point in doing any more challenges ’cause
it’s kinda scary here actually. And plus we gotta get home and
get rid of the pond monster anyways, so we got stuff to do. All right, let’s book a flight real quick. Los Angeles to Washington DC flights for tonight. Ah, Grace, we have good news and bad news. – Oh, what do you mean? – The good news is there’s
flights out of here, the bad news is there’s
only one ticket available on each airline. So I’m gonna book one on
that triangle airline. – Triangle? Like, Delta? – Yes. I’ll book my ticket on Delta real quick. All right, booked. And then Grace there’s
only one ticket left, but I can get you on the
American flight at the same. – I guess that works. – It’s the only thing that’s gonna work. So Sharers, Grace and I are
both taking nine o’clock flights just on two different airlines
but they’re both going to the same destination. So Grace basically going to race home. But this is the only flight
we can get outta here tonight. So I say, let’s pack
our bags and get going. – Alrighty, we can play
a little game out of it. First one home wins! Let’s get goin’ (clattering) – Whoah, whoah, whoah. Grace I’m ready. Whoa. Oh goodness. – [Grace] Woo. All right Grace, you ready? I’m ready. – Woo, I am ready Stephen. Oh yeah, got my brand new suitcase. Woo. – [Stephen] Come on Grace,
quick the Uber’s here. – [Grace] Okay, woo! – Let’s go outside. We gotta get in the car come on. – Alrighty. – Let’s go we gotta make
it to the airplane in time. – Whoa this is heavy. – [Stephen] Uber, right here! – [Grace] Oh there he is. – Alrighty. Ah, yes, Uber for Stephen
– Hi. – Yeah, we’re trying to
get to the airport as quick as we can, we have a flight,
two flights actually, at 9:00 p.m.. – Yeah, we’re racing each other home. – Okay I’ll get this ready. Hop in Grace, let’s go. – Okay, alrighty.
– Hop in. Let’s go to the airport – [Grace] Woo! – Viola let’s go. All right have a good trip. – Okay race you home. – All right, good luck. – Bye. – Race starts now. Bye Grace. – Bye. (upbeat music) – All right Sharers that flight
actually wasn’t too long. That was pretty short and uh-oh. Hold on. Sharers, I think we might have a problem. I think we’re at the wrong airport. I fell asleep for a
little bit at the plane which is why I think it was so short, but this is not the right airport. There’s like arcade games in the airport. Something is not right here. Oh and yeah, Sharers, we’re definitely not at the right airport. We’re in Las Vegas, this is not good. I gotta call Grace right now. Hey Siri, facetime Grace Sharer. – [Siri] Making a facetime
call to Grace Sharer. – [Stephen] Grace? – Stephen hey, did you make it? No I got a slight bit of an issue Grace, I ended up ah, in Las Vegas somehow? – [Grace] Las Vegas, that’s
a whole ‘nother state. – Yeah, where are you? – [Grace] Still at the airport. American Airlines got delayed. – Your flight got delayed? – [Grace] Yeah. – All right well my flight got, I guess, re-directed to Las Vegas or
I hopped on the wrong plane. I don’t know how I ended up in Las Vegas. And you know what? Yeah, I’m gonna go try to
change my ticket real quick. – Uh, yeah okay. Make sure you get back to DC
and not another state, okay? – Okay Grace, let me know when your flight is no longer delayed okay? – [Grace] Okay I have one hour left. – One hour okay. I’ll talk to you soon. – [Grace] Alrighty. – Okay share the love, bye. – [Grace] Bye. – Okay, so the good news is I
was able to change my flight. I got an updated ticket. The bad news is I have to
stay in Vegas overnight because the next flight
isn’t until 4:00 p.m. the next day. So, I’m gonna call an Uber
right now, book a hotel. Oh you what actually? I’ll call Chad Wild Clay real quick see if he picks up ’cause I
know he lives in Las Vegas. Hey Siri, call Chad Wild Clay. – [Siri] Calling Chad Wild Clay. – Come on Chad, pick up. All right, so Sharers,
Chad was not available but what I’ll do is, I’ll
just call an Uber real quick. I’ll book a hotel room. Gimme one second. Okay Uber, perfect. Be here in five minutes. All right, well, we got
about 24 hours in Vegas, so why don’t we go ahead
and hop in the car, get to the hotel and then get this 24 hour challenge started. Woo. (breathing deeply) Oh. Oh yeah, Sharers. Okay so we are back. We’re ready to go, get this day started. I have a couple hours, let’s see. Couple hours until my flight, so I said, “Let’s make the most of Las Vegas.” Check out, it looks so amazing outside. We’re so high up and there’s
much to do in Las Vegs so I’m thinkin’, we go
downstairs, we go to the lobby, we’re going to a super special place. Let’s just say if I
were to give you a hint it has to do something
with the surprise gift that I gave Grace the other day. I’m just gonna say this
is probably a little bit meaner, greener, louder and faster. So comment down below
if you know what it is. And we’re gonna go pick
it up right now, let’s go. Woo hoo. Downstairs. Come on Sharers. Oh yeah. Woo. This way. Woo. Gotta go. (revving) Oh yeah Sharers, check this thing out. This thing is wild. Woo! This is what I’m talking about Sharers. This car is absolutely wild. Let me give you a little
tour because it’s a little bit different than the
Sharer-ghini and a little bit different than Grace’s blue Aventador, so check this thing out. First off, we got the wing. Check it out, it’s activated right now. Look how cool that looks. Lime green wing. Absolutely crazy and they didn’t put the engine glass cover back on, so you can see the whole V12 engine. It’s super, super hot. But you can see V12 it’s so
much horsepower right here. You got carbon fiber frame,
all this awesome stuff. And it even has a custom exhaust. Check this out, it’s got
quad tailpipes, chrome blue. Just like that, it looks so good. Which means, since it’s a custom exhaust, it’s super, super, super loud. So we’re gonna give it
a rev in just a second. But check this out Sharers,
if we go over here. You open a door, look at
the interior on this thing, it looks so nice. Look at this, you got lime green stitching and carbon fiber all over. This is what I’m talkin’ about. Oh yeah, this is probably
my favorite Lamborghini, besides the Sharer-ghini, of course. But I love this car because
it’s got the doors that go up. If you think we should
trade the Sharer-ghini in for this Aventador and make
this the new Sharer-ghini, smash the like button
and if we can get over 90,000 likes, we may just trade it in. Oh yes! Let’s hop in and let’s
give this thing a rev, it’s gonna be so loud, so if
you’re wearing headphones, be careful. Let’s do this. (revving) That is what I’m talkin’ ’bout, oh yes! Smash the like button now! Woo, Sharers and we are back. That was an awesome time with Adventador. Now it’s time to go catch a plane ’cause we don’t wanna miss it. So uh, let’s go catch a plane, we gotta home. Grace is hopefully at home waiting for us. Let’s go to the airport. (whooshing) Oh yeah Sharers, we made it back home, finally 24 hours later. By the way I bought this hat in Vegas before I hopped on the plane
because it was so hot there. It’s a lot better here though. Let’s go find Grace. Let’s go check in with everyone
at the Sharer family house. Grace doesn’t even know
I made it back yet. I hope she made it. I forgot to call her, but I’m
pretty sure she’s back home. Let’s go inside real
quick, see where she’s at. Where is everybody, my goodness. Okay. (suspenseful music) Grace? Mom? (whistling) (kissing) Cooper? Otter? (whistling) Grace? I’m gonna go check her room real quick. Grace? Mom? Grace? (knocking) Grace? Grace? She’s not in there. But we can’t show you her room yet, ’cause she hasn’t given her room tour yet. All right, maybe she’s
down in the basement. Hey, Grace? Are you back yet? Oh. Grace? Grace? Oh wait there she is. Wait. She’s like running. (dramatic music) Oh, wait wait wait. Oh, the pond monster might be back. The pond monster might be back, quick. Let’s go get shoes. Pond monster might be back, quick. Whoah whoah whoah. Come on. Pond monster must be back. That must be why she’s down there. So Grace is home. The pond monster must be spotted. Quick, lemme get my shoes on, oh quick quick quick the pond monster must be down there. Let’s go. Come on Sharers. Grace, I’m coming. I’m coming. Quick this way Sharers, this way. Grace? – [Grace] Stephen, come quick, come quick! – There she is. What’s going on? – I’ve been running around
here because the monster is definitely spotted and is back. – Where though? – So’s just been going back and forth, back and forth. – Swimming in the water? – Yeah, everywhere. – When did you get home? – I got home yesterday,
but I didn’t realize till this morning, I heard a lot of noise so I came down here to
figure out what’s happening. – Okay hang on, let’s go check over here. Sharers comment down below if
you can see the pond monster. We don’t always see
everything when we’re filming, ’cause we’re filming live, but. Hang tight Grace. – [Grace] Wait. Movement. – Movement over there. – Okay I have an idea, I’m
gonna go grab a net real quick. A couple nets. – Yes, good idea. Get some good gadgets but be back safe and fast.
– They’re right in the basement, I’ll be right back okay. Good luck Grace.
– Go fast, go fast. (dramatic music)
Whoa whoa whoa. I see it, there it is, there it is! Whoah, whoah there it is, there it is! Wait, wait wait, it was just here. It must be under the boat. The boat looks very far
away, it must be under it. It must be under it. Whoa whoa, oh! There it is, there it is, there it is. It’s going. It’s going this way, it’s going this way. Stephen hurry, there it is, there it is. Whoa whoa whoa. There it is, there it is, there it is. We need capture, we need. Oh, wait, it just ducked under. It just ducked under,
I can see the bubbles. Hurry Steve, come on, come on, come on. – Coming Grace, I got the net.
– [Grace] Bring the big net the big net’s perfect. The big net’s perfect.
– Where is it, where is it, where is it? It was right here, right here. In this teeny tiny shade spot.
– [Stephen] Grab this net. – [Grace] We need this fast. – [Stephen] Probably part of the drain. – Yeah. – Just as we expected. Okay shady spot here. All right. Keep an eye for it Grace. This isn’t good Sharers,
can’t have this pond monster in our pond. We have a lotta stuff we gotta set up for. We have our big party
coming up and everything. – Yeah, we’re about to have some fun. – We have a giant slip and slide party coming up Sharers. We gotta get this pond monster out. So if you’ve any ideas
on how we can get this pond monster out comment below. Wait there’s a ton of bubbles right there. Check this out.
– [Grace] There are. – [Stephen] Hold on
ready, three, two, one. Hiya!
– [Grace] Go, go go! Anything? – Nothing. Okay we’re gonna keep surveilling the pond for a little bit. If we notice anything, we’ll let you know. Stay up to date, by
following me on Instagram we’ll post anything there. – Yeah.
– And in the meantime and you’ll see us then next vlog. So until then, – [Both] You know what to do, stay awesome and share the love, peace. Woo!