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I am Ann Reardon Today we are making chocolate pencils and
paper. This is a great fun social dessert that will get the conversations rolling. Serve
them with a candle so you can run the chocolate pencil through the flame and use it to draw
a masterpiece. The first thing you will need is some melted
chocolate, for this one I suggest you use compound chocolate or fake chocolate, which
is chocolate which does not contain any cocoa butter. It doesn’t taste as good as real chocolate
but it has a higher melting point so the pencils won’t melt on you guests hands when they hold
the pencils. Put your chocolate into a piping bag or a
plastic bag and cut off the very corner. And then squeeze the bag to fill up the drinking
straw. You need to choose cheap straws so that they are easy to get off later, if you
use really thick quality plastic straws you wont be able to peel them off without breaking
the chocolate. If you have flexi straws like I do then don’t fill up the bendy part. Place them in the freezer for 10 minutes to
set then using a craft knife cut along one side of the straw. Open the straw at one end
and peel it back all the way to the other end, then place them back in the freezer until
you are ready to use them. To make your chocolate paper take some white
compound chocolate, melt it and pour it onto some non-stick baking paper. Add another sheet
over the top and use a rolling pin to spread it out thinly. Then working quickly peel off
the top sheet and put it down flat so that you have two really thin sheets of chocolate.
If you are working on a cold bench or live in a cold climate your chocolate may set too
quickly to do this neatly so instead of working on the bench put your baking paper onto a
baking tray that has been slightly warmed in the oven. And that will give you a bit
more time to work. Before it sets take a knife and split it into
pages in a size that will fit on your serving platters. Then to keep them flat place another
sheet of baking paper over the top and add some weight onto it. If you don’t do this
they will just curve slightly as they set. Then for your basic set up remove your paper
carefully and place it onto your serving dishes. I am using tiles because they are completely
flat and they are low cost. Then add a candle, sharpen your chocolate pencils using a new
clean sharpener of course. And then leave a few of the chocolate shavings on the tile
just for presentation. For a more elaborate set up you can add some
different coloured chocolate paper and pencils, a modeling chocolate eraser, the recipe for
the modeling chocolate is on the channel. And a mini piping bag of ganache which can
be used for finer details onto the artwork. If you want it to be colourful you could of
course use candy melts to make different coloured pencils or colour white chocolate using oil
based food colour. Light your candles and you are ready to serve.
Make sure you have your camera ready to take a photo of your guests creations before they
eat them. And have plenty of spare pencils and paper
on hand so everyone can draw as many pictures as they like. What painting would you like to see drawn
in chocolate? Why don’t you give me a challenge put the painting or artists name in the comments
below. I’ll give you a couple of weeks to get your requests in and then the one that
has been requested the most I will do that one for you. Thanks for watching, and if you are new to
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