Glen Glen Glen Glen Glen Glen has
this been soaking long enough No
so this is Christmas cake or fruitcake recipe depending on your point of view looks
good it does I’m are you sure it’s a you sure you’ve soaked it long I haven’t so
a lot of people have a lot of theories about how to make fruitcake some start
in January for the following Christmas and some people really want it to sit
for a long time I as soon as it comes out of the oven I know you really need
it ready to go I feel like it could do with
a little more a little more brandy mm-hmm sure this is attrition for us
who’s also a tradition in my family we eat each of my aunts and uncles make
different kinds and then switch and share I really like this dark one so I
make this at the end of October beginning of November and it generally
doesn’t make it never makes it to Christmas Day
so here’s how I made it you start out by mixing up the dried fruit and that’s
candy pineapple candied cherries raisins currants candied peel and then you pour in some
brandy and you give that a stir some people let
that sit for weeks or months usually I let it sit for a couple of days or
sometimes I’ll do this on a Sunday and then the following Saturday I’ll move on
to making the cake and the cake is pretty straightforward
in a big bowl I mix together flour baking powder baking soda salt allspice
cloves cinnamon and nutmeg and then in another Bowl I cream together butter and
brown sugar then I mixed in molasses and some of our
homemade strawberry jam and then I whipped in five eggs and then I stirred in the flour mixture once the flour mixture was stirred in I
poured in the fruit that had been soaking in the brandy and then some chopped walnuts you could
use pecans or pecans if you wanted to once that was all mixed together put
that into a baking pan lined with parchment paper it’s also greased and I
stuck that in the oven once it comes out of the oven you let it
cool down until it’s fully cooled take a piece of cheesecloth and you soak that
in the brandy then you wrap the cake in the cheesecloth and then you wrap it in
plastic wrap and you stick that in the fridge for as long as you can and that’s
pretty much it so a couple of times during this period we’ll add a little
bit extra brandy as we wrap it wrap it and you rewrap it and you keep it in the
fridge this will you know keep in the fridge of the freezer for oh yes it is
one of the things about it yeah it’ll it’ll keep for a very long
time if you can keep from eating it and a lot of people have pretty harsh
opinions about ok it’s very rich and where you can eat many many pieces I can
eat a small piece and then I’ve done yeah I think part of it is that people
just take a big piece like it’s cake cake it’s and it’s not overwhelming it’s
really there it’s really dense and rich and me wrong you could also use rum you
don’t need to use brandy a dark rum works really well at all points
and you can mix up any fruit that you want as always making this always thick
and you know if I like the mango with dried mango in it well I know my
mom puts a coconut in hers which you’re not that for yeah that’s not for me but
if that’s what you like in it I mean it’s very versatile you can make a lot
of changes to this so tell us what you think about fruitcake you opened a big
door there please do cuz I I want to know why people don’t like it what was
your bad experience with it that you don’t like fruitcake thanks for stopping
by give this a try you’ve still got time to make it before Christmas
put the brandy way