– [Narrator] Life’s full of ups and downs, but there are moments
so unbelievably awesome, you just can’t help but say, “Hey, I might just be the
luckiest person in the world.” That’s certainly the case
for the people coming up. So without further adieu, here are the luckiest
moments ever recorded. (cheerful music) Golf can be quite boring to watch, but this shot definitely isn’t. Watch as Darren Clarke, during
an important competition, gets some Happy Gilmore luck, as his ball bounces back into bounds
away from the water. I wonder if his shot was followed by the standard golf clap. Next up, an inspiring story dating back to the first World War. Someone’s Great Grandfather
got shot in the chest by a German soldier. I know what you’re thinking. How is that his luckiest day? Because he was saved in the
luckiest way imaginable. In his breast pocket, were coins that absorbed
the bullet impact. Life is priceless. But in this case, it only
cost some loose change. Here’s evidence of a real life Spiderman. This guy collided with
the car in front of him on his motorcycle. But the impact forced his
body to go up in the air, make a complete flip, and safely land on the roof of the car. If there’s one thing
people all around the world equally hate, it’s traffic. What should be an hour of driving, turns to three hours of
wasted time and energy. But not in this guy’s case. Somehow, all of the
traffic lights turn green, and I’m pretty sure he got the
most punctual award that day. Best day ever? Well if you’re this guy, you’d
want to treasure this memory for the rest of your life. No other guys showed up
to his hot tub party, but that’s not his loss. In fact, he just won
the teenage male lottery by getting to chill, or
should I say warm up, with all of these ladies. Maybe he’ll grow up in the
footsteps of Hugh Hefner. Thank you technology. If this guy wasn’t wearing
any safety glasses, then the exploding angle grinder disc would have easily sliced his eye. That’s a grim sight. And he’d have also lost his
sense of sight if that happened. As always, safety first. I get it, multitasking isn’t hard for you. But then again, should
you really browse Facebook while taking a wiz? If you need a warning, here’s one. Thankfully for the guy, it fell in the most
convenient way possible. I think he’s learned his lesson, though. If you’re thirsty this
summer, there’s no better way to hydrate than a slice of watermelon. And this one is the best of them all. Just look closely. There’s barely any seeds or rind. Which means you get more of the red, juicy, and sweet goodness. I’m not saying you should
always wait five minutes before closing time to buy a donut or two, but it’s definitely a tempting offer. This guy just wanted a couple
of donuts, but the store had enough remaining dough
to create a massive donut. Is this what you call
a family-sized donut? Do you love chocolate? How ’bout Kit Kat? What if we told you that
there are rare Kit Kats out there that without the wafer itself. Yup, this one is made of
pure chocolate goodness. If you have a sweet tooth,
this is paradise itself. We all know about those
two-for-one promos. But what if you could get three drinks for the price of one? This isn’t exactly a promotional sale, but it looks like the
fundamental laws of physics sided with this guy, when he
went to this vending machine. Fish sticks are pretty delicious, and more is definitely the merrier. Instead of just 18 sticks,
someone got 20 of them. Is this a case of false advertising? Yup. Should you be mad? Only if you don’t like fish sticks. Imagine this. You’ve got a huge delivery
to make in an hour. Right in front of you is a tunnel that doesn’t seem big
enough to fit your truck. What do you do? Well if you’re this man, you go YOLO! Luckily for him, his truck just managed
to fit in the tunnel. Oh, Apple. That lucrative company with the overpriced iPhones and iMacs. But wait, what if I told you there’s a way to get an iMac for cheap? The condition? Patience and sheer luck. Someone managed to find
a fully working iMac for, get this, 20 bucks at a thrift store. Ah, winter. While the cold weather is good
for a hot cup of chocolate, cleaning up all snow on
one’s roof, can be so tiring. But it looks like this
guy found the solution. Somehow, accidentally,
he cleared all the snow without getting hurt. This guy and his pal just wanted to show off their snowboarding skills, and it looks like he created a new trick. It’s called trip and fall
down with a 360 degree turn. And I’m honestly going to
give him a 10 out of 10, for the shock value alone. If you’re working at an office, one of the most satisfying tasks, is to shred all the
excess paper documents. But one guy realized he
needed one crucial piece of information from a single receipt. Usually, that would take hours to find, and it might even be
impossible if the information is cut up into separate chunks. Thankfully, the shredder didn’t
tear up what he needed to take note of, and he
found it straight away. Have you ever heard of the
Crater of Diamonds State Park? It’s located in Arkansas, and the best thing about going there, is that you get to keep any and all of the stones you can find. For a woman named Clark, she found a 3.69-Carat white diamond. Is this the best stroll in the park ever? Absolutely. Let’s talk about ice cream. Yes, it’s delicious, but it gets annoying
when it starts to melt, and your hands get all sticky. Luckily for this guy, the
ice cream store he went to found a practical solution. Mini marshmallows! Now, there won’t be any ice
cream leaking at the bottom. Plus, a free marshmallow. Cleaning an old piano
at a community college isn’t particularly exciting. But this isn’t your ordinary piano find. 61-year-old piano technician,
Martin Blackhouse, found nearly a thousand coins dating all the way back to as far as 1847 inside on of the pianos he was restoring. And they were made of gold and silver. Museums can legally acquire them, but Martin got his share as well. Winning the lottery once is
already considered lucky, but what if you won it
20 times in a single day. This woman got a ticket
with all 20 scratch items, amounting to 4000 dollars. She didn’t win millions, but the odds were surely in her favor. Football and beer, two
of our greatest pastimes. A guy just wanted to enjoy his alcohol, but got so much more. He found the golden beer. What does that mean? Oh, nothing much, just free Super Bowl
tickets for a lifetime. Thanks to a Bud Light promotion. A middle aged couple was
just walking their dog in their rural property
in Northern California, when they stumbled upon eight cans of rare gold coins,
buried around an old tree. The total value of these coins, a whopping 11 million dollars. Let’s hope our dogs can lead us to a million dollar treasure, as well. Maybe the iMac from earlier
isn’t a piece of tech you want. So what about an old, and
beloved, Leica camera? This gorgeous product was on sale for, get this, five dollars. Leica cameras can easily go beyond a thousand dollars apiece,
so that is a massive find. Going to the park to read a
book is incredibly therapeutic. As for this lad, he was
enjoying his huge book on the diversity of birds,
when the actual bird described on the page he was
viewing, landed right on it. Looks like the bird wanted to
do some bird watching as well. Ah, basketball. This guy shot too high, but the ball hit all the right places to
land where it should. Now that’s a lucky shot. How ’bout baseball? A man went to his aunt’s place to help her clear out the attic. As he was cleaning the area,
he found some very old, and very rare, collectible baseball cards dating back to the 1950s. All in all, these cards
totaled a million dollars! Oyster is cheap, yet delicious. But what if the oyster contains
something more valuable? Phillip Preece bought his wife six oysters worth 49 pennies each. His wife Terry, then found a
pearl in one of those oysters. With the help of her peers, she got a new pearl ring worth 500 pounds. Steve Flag had been
searching, for many years, for his biological mother. One day, he miraculously found her working as a cashier at the
same store he worked at. Somehow, the two people treated each other as mere co-workers, for several months, only to find out that they
shared the same blood, when Steve requested
background information from the agency that
arranged his adoption. Here’s an even crazier family reunion. Two men, Walter Macfarlane
and Alan Robinson, had been friends for
more than six decades. Macfarlane wanted to
find his birth father, so he took a DNA ancestry test. The surprising result. His best friend is actually
his long-lost brother. Up next, is a story of
survival and triumph. A 25-year-old soldier wanted
to flee from North Korea. And he managed to do so,
but South Korean doctors had to perform surgery on him,
due to a parasitic infection. Now, one of his dreams was to
taste Choco-Pie once again. So the company, Orion Confectionary, gave him 100 boxes of his
favorite snack, for free. Here’s another moment of
courage and sheer luck. A man from Puerto Rico needed to have a life saving transplant in Dallas, Texas. However, Hurricane Maria,
was already reeking havoc, and the airport was in chaos. Then, one of the airline
employees helped him out and got him his ticket. If this happened any later, he wouldn’t have had his transplant. There’s nothing worse than dropping your keys down a storm drain. Luckily for this guy, they somehow got stuck
just between the railings. Upon looking down, he must have breathed the
biggest sigh of relief. In Sweden, a couple had lost hope in finding their long-lost wedding ring. It was lost way back in 1995, but Lena Pahlsson got
the surprise of her life, when she found it 16 years later attached to a small carrot she harvested from their family garden. It had grown through the ring. Virginia Fike, from Virginia, bought a couple of
lottery tickets, one day, and used the numbers of
her parents anniversary and their ages when they got married. As it turns out, she
made the right decision. Two of her tickets got her
a million dollars each. Secret Santa occurs each year on Reddit. Basically, strangers buy each
other presents for Christmas. For a woman named Alicia,
she managed to get, none other than, Microsoft founder and billionaire philanthropist, Bill Gates, as her Secret Santa. She received a letter, a
donation made in her name, and 12 gifts, ranging from Zelda mittens, to special edition Xbox One controllers. Frane Selak has lived a life of risk amounting to seven dangerous incidents, such as, a bus crash and a train wreck. But he’s always survived, so after 40 years of not
having bought a lottery ticket, he decided to buy one. The heavens must have been watching because he won a million
dollars at the age of 76. Nichiren, was a Japanese Buddhist, who lived a prominent
life in the 12th Century. He was ordered to be
executed by the authorities; however, as Nichiren was
about to get beheaded, lighting hit the sword and
killed the executioner. His execution was halted, and he managed to live
for several more years. Finally, this is undoubtedly, the most amazing and luckiest event ever. A 62-year-old man, known
as Edwin E. Robinson, was struck by lightning in 1980. He was not only deaf but also blind. He lived because he
wore rubber-soled shoes, but the most extraordinary thing here is that the lightning restored
his sight and hearing. Nature truly is phenomenal. So, If you feel like
you’re having a bad day, just think of the better days to come. Don’t lose hope because luck
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