Welcome to How To Cook That, I’m Ann Reardon
and today we’re going to make this beautiful macaron tart. Now it has chocolate mousse
in a tart shell at the bottom, then an orange creme brulee with a raspberry glaze over the
top in the middle and then passionfruit macarons around the outside. Now you don’t have to make all aspects of
this dessert, you can choose just one and make that but this is in response to those
of you who have been asking for an entremet dessert which has all these different elements
to it. And thankyou to YouTube and Screen Australia
for flying me over here, you’ll see that I am not at home. I am in LA and I’m here as
part of a grant with YouTube and Screen Australia. You’ll see some videos on my channel starting
in January, there’s a series of 4 videos called The Sweetest Thing which have been produced
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I hope you’ll enjoy those when they come. When I film and edit it’s a really fast turn-around
but when you have professionals involved it’s a really slow turn-around so you’ll see those
later. Now the first thing we need to make for this
dessert is the brulee part of it and we need that to freeze so that we can glaze it, so
we’ll make that first. The ingredients you’ll need for that are cream,
egg yolks, sugar and grated orange rind. Add the orange rind and the sugar to the cream. And all the recipe quantities can be found
on the howtocookthat.net website in grams and ounces and cups and I’ll put a link to
that below. Heat the cream mixture until it just starts
to boil then remove it from the heat and let it sit. Preheat your oven to 300F or 150C. So once that’s been sitting for 15 minutes
so you’ve got that orange flavour really infused all through, we want to whisk it with the
egg yolks. So the first thing we’ll do is whip that up. Pour in a little bit of your cream. Whisk it through and then pour in some more. Now these bowls, we want to bake them in the
oven in another bowl with water in it. And what that does is that it just makes sure
that it has an even temperature the whole way through and it doesn’t go over the boiling
point of water. Because we’ve got those egg yolks in there
we don’t want our creme brulee to curdle. If it gets too hot it’s going to do that which
means it will split and you’ll have little chunks that look like cooked egg and then
a layer of oil which is not what we’re going for. So what I want you to do it grab another bowl
and then put a dish cloth or a teatowel in the bottom, a clean one, and put the bowls
on top and that just stops them sliding around. We’re going to add this into here and just
strain them through a fine sieve and that’s because we want to get rid of the little pieces
of orange rind that we have in there so that’s it’s nice and smooth. There we go. Now what we want to do now is put that in
the oven and then once it’s in the oven we’ll pour the water around the outside. It just
makes it easier not to spill any as we go. Once they are ready they will be set but just
a little jiggly in the middle still. Pull them out and then let them cool on the counter
and then put them in the freezer because we want them to freeze so that we can glaze them. To make the pastry shell we need flour, butter,
sugar, one egg and some vanilla. Using you fingers and thumbs rub the butter into the
flour until it looks like fine breadcrumbs like this. Add the sugar and stir it through and then
add in the egg and the vanilla. Mix them really well just push down using the back of your
spoon until it comes together and starts to form a dough. Place it between two sheets of plastic wrap
and roll it out. Then peel off one layer of the plastic and
use the other one to help you lift up that pastry and flip it onto the base of your tin.
Then peel of the other sheet of plastic and use a knife to trim around the edge. Then
place that into the base of your tin. Roll out the remaining dough into a thick
snake then use the rolling pin to roll it flat to make a long rectangle. Use a ruler and a pizza cutter to cut two
long strips for the sides of the pastry shell and just cut right through both layers of
the plastic wrap. Peel the top layer of the plastic off and then working with one half
at a time lift the strip and add it into the tin around the edge. Making sure that it is
joining onto the base. It has to be sitting right down there. Smooth it out using the
back of your finger then remove the plastic wrap and trim to size so that it fits and
makes the full circle there. Add a circle of non-stick baking paper to
the base and more around the sides. Next add ceramic baking beads or you could use rice
or some beans here. And this just weighs it down so it bakes flat so the pastry doesn’t
puff up in the oven. Then bake in the oven at 350F for about 10 minutes. Then remove
the ceramic baking beads and the baking paper and bake it again and this is so that it can
crisp up. That should take around another 10 minutes. Once it is cool line the pastry shell with
melted chocolate, now you don’t need to temper this. It is just there to provide a barrier
between the pastry and the mousse so that the pastry stays crisp and crunchy. Next for the passionfruit filling for our
macarons you’ll need passionfruit syrup and milk chocolate. Tip the chocolate into the
syrup and just microwave that for 30 seconds. Then stir it really well, then give it another
30 seconds and stir again, you’ll see it’s nearly melted but it has a few lumps but it
is important that we stir it in between, you can’t just put it in for the whole time. Give
it another 20 seconds more in the microwave and then stir again and that looks good. Place
that in the fridge to chill. For the macaron shells you need icing sugar,
sugar, almond meal, egg whites and colour, make sure you use a powdered colour not a
liquid one or your macarons won’t work. Add the sugar to the egg whites. And then sift together the almond meal and
the icing sugar using a coarse sieve. If you use a fine sieve they won’t go through. Some
people have told me they’ve spent an hour trying to sieve their almond meal, you need
to have a course sieve. If there are any little chunks of almonds left at the end you can
discard them. Now that is done you can whisk together the
egg whites and the sugar. Now I want you to keep whisking until it is thick enough that
you can turn the bowl upside down without it falling out. Then whisk it again for another
two minutes. Now I do have a timer on my mixer and I make sure that it’s 2 minutes. You want
to make a dry meringue and then you can add your colouring at this stage too. So it should
look like this, it’s really quite dry. Pour the almond and icing sugar mixture in
and begin to fold it in. Now this is the step with macarons which most people seem to have
trouble with. The first thing you want to do is get rid of all the dry bits. So fold
the bottom and then if you can see dry bits there just scrape across to mix them in, fold
down the bottom and scrape across to mix them in. Now you need to fold some more. Scrape
down the sides of the bowl, scrape off your spatula so you don’t get some over mixed bits
that are on the spatula. And then keep folding around and down and over the top and keep
folding until you get like a lava consistency, so when you drop some off the spatula it should
slowly move down. Now if instead of folding you just stir, stir, stir, stir you’re going
to get a liquid, it will just really drop the air out of it and it’s not going to work.
So make sure you’re folding not stirring. Place at mixture into a piping bag and using
a template pipe little circles of macaron mixture onto non-stick baking paper. You can
print out a template from the howtocookthat website I’ll put a template that’s this size
on the recipe recipe for this particular dessert. Slide them onto a baking sheet, and then you
can reuse that template for the next one. And then bang the tray on the counter several
times to get rid of any air bubbles, now if you don’t do this they will crack so make
sure you do this as soon as you have piped them. While I’m here in LA, LG asked if I wanted
to check out their new LG Pro Bake convection oven. So I thought I’d test them with this
recipe because macarons are so finicky on oven temperature. Now they reckon in their
new oven you can put two trays of things in at once and the temperature will be even the
whole way around. I would never do that with my oven at home with macarons because what
happens is the bottom tray always cracks, the top tray is fine but the bottom tray no
good. So I thought I would put it to the hardest test I could think of and bake two at once,
so I’m a little bit nervous but let’s see if it can handle it. The top tray is looking gorgeous. And there you, they’re done, let’s take out
the top tray and then let’s have a look at the bottom tray – oh my goodness they’re perfect
little macarons, not one has cracked. I honestly did not expect that. I need one of these ovens. Let your macarons cool completely and then
fill them with the passionfruit ganache. This tastes both of chocolate and passionfruit
at the same time. Then add the lids, and before you fill them it does help if you match similar
sized ones together so that when they go on just look right. For the glaze we need glucose or corn syrup,
sugar, red food colouring if you want a brighter coloured glaze, white chocolate, gelatin,
cornflour, raspberry puree and I just made this by heating some frozen raspberries with
lemon juice then straining it through a fine sieve to get rid of the seeds. Some cream
and water. Add two tablespoons of puree to the cornflour
and two tablespoons to the gelatin and stir it through immediately. The gelatin will absorb
the water in the puree and it will soften up the gelatin nicely. Place the water, sugar and glucose syrup into
the saucepan and stir over high heat. And you want to keep stirring that until it just
comes to the boil and you can see that all the sugar is dissolved. You shouldn’t be able
to see any more sugar crystals there. Then add your cream, then the raspberry puree,
followed by the cornflour mixture. Keep stirring that continuously and it will start to thicken
up. And once it thickens you want to keep it on the heat for another minute to let all
the starch granules in the cornflour burst so it doesn’t taste floury in your mouth.
Remove it from the heat and then stir in the gelatin. The heat of the mixture will just
melt that. If you want a bright red then add in some
food colouring. Pour the mixture through a sieve onto the
white chocolate. Then after a minute stir it through and the
white chocolate will now be melted and will stir through all the way there and your glaze
is done. You can just set that to one side to cool. For yummy chocolate mousse inside that goes
inside the tart shell you’ll need cream, milk, chocolate, gelatin, sugar and you’ll also
need some egg yolks. Add some milk into the gelatin and stir that through and again this
is just going to bloom the gelatin so it absorbs the water and softens it so you don’t get
lumps when you add it later. Whip your cream using electric beaters until
you get soft peaks, you don’t want to over whip it. And then set that aside on the counter
so it can come to room temperature. In a saucepan place the milk, sugar and egg
yolks and heat them until they get to 186F or 86C. Then immediately remove it from the
heat and stir through the gelatin until it is melted. Pour this mixture through a sieve onto the
chocolate, just like we did with the glaze. And then Leave that for a minute and then
stir it through until it is well combined. And once that mixture is room temperature
we want to fold it through the whipped cream. Pour it in and fold it through, keep scooping
right down to the bottom and keep going round to evenly distribute the chocolate through
the cream. Then pour that into the pastry shell to fill it with the mousse and place
that in the fridge to set. To get the frozen brulee out of the bowl place
it in some hot water. And this will met the outside layer so you can tip it out. Your glaze by now will be set, so you want
to microwave it for about 20 seconds just to melt it a little bit but you don’t want
it hot or it will just slide right off your dessert because it will melt a layer of the
dessert. Put the brulee on a glass over another dish
and then ladle the glaze over the brulee and let the excess drip off, give it a little
shake and a tap it to get rid of any air bubbles. If you want a more intense colour you can
freeze that for 10 minutes and then give a second layer of glaze over the top. Tidy up any drips from around the base. And
then very carefully lift it up and place it into the centre of your mousse. Now add your macarons one at a time around
the edge. And your dessert is done. Subscribe to How To Cook That for more cakes,
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