A very simple and perhaps a lowly recipe
but yes, it can be delicious and delightful that is brought memories of
the Philippines to my Belgian friend, an NGO expat to Mindanao. A simple dish
from corn starch from the Philippines. Romulo sourced the ingredients in
Holland and guess where he is cooking! Join the excitement and find out. Your
Maja Blanca is really very delicious I’m reliving my time in bukidnon in Bisaya let’s join drew Romulo and his small
kitchen, warm welcome to our cooking series. Sarang collect we’re here in
Holland Romina today we’ll be cooking a very quick recipe it’s a dessert as
Emily and it’s called maja Blanca for those who are new to this channel is the
Objective is channel to showcase our easy recipes to the world recipes from the
homeland at the same time expose our palate our
binoy palette to easy and simple adoptable recipes from other countries
you’re watching channel 1 there will be an interesting story to this recipe the
recipe is primly home that I’ve acquired the ingredients in Holland were aware
and we’ll be adding more complications about this make it exciting because it’s
very simple and this for the ingria is produce
recipe the original version requires only coconut milk sugar and corn meal
and corn flour I should say that cornmeal is Dutch cornmeal but the
recipe evolved into its current version into a more modern version as an option
we can add corn kernels sweet corn and condensed milk and as an option this
coconut convenient roasted for toppings to give that white Maha Blanca more
perceptible Brown coating or brown dusting on top
roasted coconut I have a gay not an empowered coconut that a fresco paneer
but I sourced this from the supermarket and it’s a dissident coconut which can
be stored for a long time you might be wondering well why are you not cooking
there where we’re doing vajura ingress the skin more excitement to this said
recipe by bringing them abroad will be cooking them abroad will be cooking them
in Belgium so join me for this Maha Blancas journey see you in Belgium
better and you will forget our accessories some production I’m perhaps
a bandana to give this more Pinot I feel known and then I work with very bad see
you later in volume hello welcome to Belgium and in my I’m
in my French kitchen nice will friend hello everybody hello everybody and just
speak like this a house you say yeah yeah yeah but it would be saying to our
friends from Mindanao and see who he speaks beside Domenico and Obama Oh Karen Karen as requested is this a Brit
actually it’s Maha Blanca and I did it now as nindo kayo window and Allah make
Milano so this was the bag that you saw me and
Carla will we are unpacking this is our very basic requirement basic need of a
secret ingredient my zina my sin is corn flour and da and sugar this is the only
requirement basic but as I said in my my in my earlier you have to make the
presentation correctly in my earlier blog it also evolved to include
condensed milk mm-hmm and corn kernels that’s it and to be crated later we need
DISA cated or coconut and this is from Holland mm-hmm well coconut from Holland
banana this so it’s easy I’ll show you yeah we just need 3/4 cup and just let
you do yeah yeah and watch the AEM after good in average it works yeah yeah yeah
so just 3/4 cup just approximate 3 ports I can give you a cup
yeah but it’s good to put this over here not cup measuring cup first together got
that yeah the the coconut cream or coconut oil and we add 3/4 cup of this
approximately teaspoon Oh steering or was this the recording was
able to the see see it’s very easy
Wilfred I thought it’s just go go think go go dude want any more at all maybe
better put macbook yeah look sue knows economic Bluto I even forgot what is
this all this is London we’re scared yeah now I understand remember whisker Kingdom would be fine this is stupid for a small one recipe
just dissolve your flower like this the soul and while a stirring was fearing
you know what I should have pre-warm the the liquid it’s better to dissolve flour
and warm yeah yeah yeah my mistake I was so excited
unless just a bit that is the milk yeah and sugar
Wilfred if you’re not using milk we will be needing 3/4 as well but since we’re
using milk all condensed milk just 1/4 cup gotta help me add it will print
please one 1/4 1/4 cup approx yeah you tell me when it’s in a few more
more three more thing yeah and that’s it yeah by the way we’ll be giving you the
complete description and proportion of the ingredients in the description box
below yes Maya no purvey Aaron Allen revista
no yeah what this improv is that improvised yeah this is improvised this
is not improvised this is how simple take the recipe okay yeah we’re ready to
order since there are we should have sifted it
really and I got too excited imagine you are so excited because
you’ve come to Belgium yesterday because of the because of this recipe imagine a
recipe that originated from the Philippine Islands and then I purchased
the ingredients in Harlan and I’m cooking it in Belgium wow that’s
exciting it’s that’s exciting yeah we’ll just
boil it so just boil it I think one well warning here am I just
gonna whisk it yeah to break the loaves globules imagine
whisking bulk cooking never seen before pull their channel born there every week any look on general
well to see what you have been cooking okay so sometimes I try already some
recipes of you like today I will make your file yeah
and then the other week I could also with coca-cola it was nice I was
surprised by the result it smells like cinnamon yeah yeah and then also the de
Mexican food it’s chili cool Danny every paste some Mexican lip stick smack Oh
tex-mex okay it was nice so I am one of your followers yeah how die forever yeah
thank you and talking about followers I would like to thank our followers or our
regular viewers in America and in Canada because they comprise the next biggest
group of Watchers aside from our our compact chips in the homeland thank you
and I’m growing was this growing group of viewers also from the UK special
thanks to George deterred King doors thank you for the royal approval a manís
will make this creature to normal well Freddy let’s see because this is there are how many
guests are coming I think there would be at least yeah and this will not serve
much so I’m making it sweet so it’s person will just be eating small portion
yeah and this is secret you don’t have marks make it powerful and while I don’t
know let’s just do this first avoid multitasking when you’re cooking that’s
what I learn imagine cooking and yep doing it editors and the same time for
something it’s not mean you see now it’s getting a thicker well frankly we’re
asking something yes so the only thing you have to do is boil yes if you could
you mix everything together and then you start boil yeah boiling and how long you
have to board and really solidifies okay yeah it’s not so many firing if you can
could pace or panda Kate in Tagalog you can make this what’s that my flat middle
okay yeah if you can make indicate or Cola in ilocano you can make this it’s
easy it’s just gonna go thicken gothic your god think Almirall yeah Alma don’t
think I’m alone just like depending starts for for clothes
look it’s not thickening but where did you taste this first the
girlfriend in bukidnon in bukidnon yes yes okay whenever there was like Fiesta
or abetting they called Maya Blanca it’s Maha Maha Blanca okay
sorry Maha Blanca sabaki no nor serega we didn’t Marja my tongue yeah Duke
Aiona car but book it No so I come visit ya it’s not like it used
to be yeah but like is this the problem now it’s that’s why you exercise yeah
you know what you know what there are lots of Mosiah
youtubers in holland but you don’t watch me I don’t know why didn’t like me why
because you’re Ilokano but thank you to iv-e who’s supporting
it but he’d imagine we have you’re very successful with your program because I
have a built-in yeah and the buildin embassy watches Channel and I forgot to mention at low plane
because this is lemurs and think is ready to be put into the
mold hit me let me just face it if it’s really done Manavi
la me I think FC versus where they put also
like reasons yeah no this raises is coconut resist
yeah it works whatever it not you have yeah or fruits dried fruits yeah you can
make your own version you can add anything except for Oh perhaps yes a
savoury Maha Blanca without the sugar but for yes China because Opia works why
not my block of it world to strive it makes listen check again laughs you don’t need this one Anita
Anita I need each other I’m roasting coconut to top it okay
and basically I think this is too big this sick little things small I already put it
here actually it’s too late I will say it’s perfect it’s too thin for
presentation the Malaysian would be surprised all
weight away at this moment I’d like to remember our friend who say it’s not
with us today really now it looks good but it’s not yet done
I have to cook before I have to do this coconut small portion with patience were able to turn the
coconut into light brown silvina we’re not making coconut coffee with a meager coverage that we have
sprinkle a bit looks nice and delicious how long I have
to wait before I can try because now it has to cool down you have to bring this
to or put this into your crease mmm what accelerate the cooling down or just
to be to take refrigerator and come to it to try it will be good really you
will cry missing bukidnon yeah sure Ami’s move it on every day I put it in
the fridge yeah I’m curious Wow looks delicious look at this my god
let’s change to our friends with our visitors let’s go to our garden come
with me okay introducing introducing Maha Blanca far from my patria harada
Rincon del Sol querida – patria as the pinnacle at the Ilocano filipinas after
the peanut hermit wave low is in a loco moco Romy don’t worry I can have a few
pieces yes really yeah because it’s totally I
know it’s so delicious maja Blanca which is really made for
well cradle Wow thank you very much Romy I will invite
you more often so I can try more of the Filipino taste yeah lessons learned
if you cook more maja Blanca you earn more hospitality credits from well
prayer if you bring Maha Blanca you’re all
invited to my place yeah hello was invited to my house yeah a beautiful
garden I don’t have to research more than the thumb bone Sanborn yeah you
have to do some more research because I would like you to teach me how to
prepare the Bisaya but total Maha Blanca it is so delicious as soon as long as you pledge allegiance
to the Philippines this may be a bit dated but I love the Filipino food okay
I love the Philippines thank you very much throw me thank you
by the way all my friends in the Philippines by yourself it’s a bizarre
yes yeah Josiah’s oke again euro and told us party begin they know and we
don’t forget to say thank you swell to our friends in the Sun just Mindanao boo
kidding throne and Cebu but to the rest of the Philippines and our friends to
our friends outside the country in the United States in Canada in UAE Australia
Europe and Beyond thank you for joining us
your Huyen uncle here greeting you today from boat only half of my friends here
the our cameraman yeah a Ludo was no longer with us we’d early
remember we’d like to say thank you for watching until next time from our
kitchen in Holland or come our regarded Yosemite and that concludes how we’re maja Blanca
episode I’d like to close with our channels national anthem for even
forgive me unban Queenie cow and baby guy to cooling quick come panel logic
and blinker on your Maha Blanca is really very
delicious of course I like an angel pissing on my tongue so delicious it’s
I’m reliving my time in booking Nam in Bisaya oh you’re welcome you’re welcome
thank you very much fuck you