hi everyone for today’s episode of food
illinois for going to make an easy filipino dessert cheesy Maja Blanca we
will need 1 cup cornstarch dissolve in 1 cup of water 1 can of 390 grams
evaporated milk 1 can of 392 grams condensed milk 1 kind of 15 point 25
pounds whole kernel corn 1/2 cup of sugar 400 ml of coconut milk one can of all purpose cream and cheese for
toppings pour the coconut milk in the large pot and bring to a slight boil
using low to medium heat add the condensed milk evaporated milk all purpose cream and sugar and corn and mix well continue to mix the mixture for 15
minutes until it is about to boil while stirring frequently add the time starch mixture while
stirring constantly to prevent any lumps the mixture will become very thick and
will work out your arms immediately pour the mixture into the
mold and flatten the top topped with grated cheese and let the
Maha Blanca cool down in room temperature before putting in the fridge here’s the finished product of our
cheesy maja Blanca dessert the sweet Filipino dessert is so easy to
make and uses easy to find ingredients try to make this and let us know if we
satisfy your sweet tooth enjoy hi guys did you like this recipe
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