Hi Bold Bakers! You have seen me make over a hundred mug meals,
so you know by now that they are easy, single-serving recipes that take no time at all. Right now I am gonna share five brand new
recipes with you that you can make ahead so you have one to eat every day of the week. So let’s get started. So I’ve got some exciting news, today is the
launch of my Mug Meals Month. Every day in September I am going to be launching
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find out how you can get my Mug Meals e-book for free. Okay, now let’s get started with my first
make-ahead recipe which is quiche in a mug. So you’re probably wondering how do you make
a quiche in a mug? Well it is really simple and we’re gonna
start out by making the crust. So into a microwaveable mug we’re going
to add in our flour, baking powder, baking soda, and salt and stir these all together
with a fork. Now as always, the recipes for these mugs
can be found on BiggerBolderBaking.com and also don’t forget to tap that subscribe button
so you don’t miss out on any of my upcoming videos. Okay, this is looking good, now into our dry
mix we’re going to add in our liquid. So here I have some milk, and a little bit
of olive oil. And then go back in with your fork and you
just wanna mix this together until it forms a batter. This is the crust for our quiche. Okay perfect. So now for the egg, this takes a little bit
of skill. All you want to do is crack an egg on top
of there, straight onto our base, add in a little bit more milk, you can also use water,
then I’m gonna add in some flavor, so here I have some grated cheese, so sprinkle that
in there, and then I have some lovely cooked ham, now if you don’t eat ham, don’t worry
about it you can totally leave this out, you can add in different vegetables, whatever
you like. So now here is the trick. Stir this egg mix all together without disturbing
the crust. You want to just leave it where it is. We’re just stirring together the egg, the
milk, and all of those mix-ins. lovely, because at the end of the day we want to end up with
two layers: crust and egg. Perfect. So here we have the perfect make-ahead breakfast
or lunch, loaded with protein, it is a full meal. So all you want to do is wrap this in cling-wrap,
nice and tight, and then pop him in the fridge, and he will live happily in there for two
days, and then just pop him in the microwave whenever you want him. So when you’re feeling peckish and you’re
ready to eat your quiche, pop it into the microwave for roughly a minute and a half
to two minutes. So the timing I get for my mug meals is based
on my microwave, which is 1200 watts, so check the wattage of you microwave because your
cook time may vary. So I know you can’t smell this but trust me
it smells amazing. Oh, my gosh. So you know when this is cooked when it’s
firm on top and there’s no more wet egg. So now I’m simply gonna garnish this guy with
a few scallions on top, because that’s all it needs. Aw, this quiche looks simply delicious. So it might be kind of hard to fathom what
a quiche in a mug tastes like, but it has like a soft crust, its kind of breadth, and
then the egg and the cheese on top, mm, this is absolutely delicious. You’re gonna love it. So if you’re anything like me, you love pasta. But when you cook it off for yourself, you
cook way too much, and then I eat it all. So here is a perfect way to make a single
serving pasta dish. I’m gonna show you how you can make ahead
a delicious Fettuccine Alfredo. So for this mug meal you want to cook your
pasta in advance, which you can totally do in the microwave. I’ve done it before in a previous video for
Mac & Cheese, all you do is pour water over your pasta, pop it into the microwave, and
cook it until your noodles are tender, and then drain off the water. So here is my fettuccine, nice and warm, now
lets make our sauce. Into your mug, add in butter, cream, Parmesan,
ground pepper, and garlic powder, and then mix it all together with a fork. Now if you don’t have garlic powder, you can
always use fresh garlic, that will taste really good too. Now you probably noticed that this mug meal
is not for the faint of heart, I would say maybe keep this for a Thursday or Friday treat
meal. That’s what I would do anyway. So there you go all the pasta is coated, now
we have a meal ready to go, all you have to do is pop it into the microwave for a few
seconds and heat up all those ingredients be form that sauce. So just cover it in cling wrap, and then you
and leave this in the fridge for up to two days. Okay so its pasta time, remove your cling
wrap and then pop this guy into the microwave. So all you’re doing here is heating to create
that sauce and melt the cheese. So you want to cook it for roughly a minute
and a half to two minutes. So I can smell garlic in the air so I’m pretty
sure our fettuccine is done. So once your microwave dings, go ahead and
get a fork, and sit up your pasta, and you’ll see that sauce that we created, cream, the
melted cheese, man, this has my name written all over it. Just check that out, amazing. So you just want to garnish this with a few
fresh herbs and enjoy straight away. I’ve been dying to try this. Okay, just as I suspected, this mug might
have to come with a warning, because it is absolutely delicious, and once you make it
you’re not going to want to stop. Mm, yum. Okay, lets go see what other mugs we can make
in advance. So our next mug recipe is a little treat for
yourself to have mid-week, just to keep you going until the weekend.  It is a make-ahead sponge cake. So as always were gonna start out in a microwaveable
mug. So into this we’re going to add in our butter. Now you’re want to pop this in the microwave
and let it melt for around 20 seconds. Then, when your butter is melted, go ahead
and add in your egg, sugar, vanilla extract, and a little bit of almond extract. Now don’t worry if you don’t have extracts
you can always leave it out but they just do add a lovely favor to your little cake. Then all you want to do is take a fork, and
then mix them all together. So into this were going to add in some flour,
baking powder, and a little pinch of salt, and then go back in with your fork, and mix
it together until it forms a batter, and there’s no more lumps. So this is looking good our batter has come
together, now I’m gonna take some cling wrap, cover him over nice and snug, and pop this
guy in the fridge. Now he can be made 24 hours in advance, but
you know what? You’re probably gonna eat him by that stage
anyway. So you know that time of day when you’re feeling
something a little bit sweet? Go ahead and remove the cling wrap from your
mug cake, and then pop it into the microwave. So cook your mug cake for roughly a minute
to a minute and 30 seconds, or until it’s firm on top. Oh man cake is done and just look at how big
it got! This is mug cake perfection, check this guy
out, he’s nice and big, and at the top he’s nice and firm, there’s no wet cake, that means
he’s perfectly cooked. I like to top mine off with some freshly whipped
cream, a few seasonal berries, and a dusting of icing sugar on top. Mm, I don’t know if it’s nostalgia, but there’s
something so simple and a sponge cake, with berries, and cream. Mm, you’re gonna like this one. Let’s move on to our next mug. So I’m really excited about this next mug
meal because it is loaded with protein and fiber. It is a make-ahead vegetarian chili in a mug. So now this mug meal could not be simpler,
literally put everything into your mug, and stir, and you’re done. So into our mug, add in your onion, carrots,
sweet corn, kidney beans, and tomato sauce. And then for flavor, add in chipotle powder,
and some cumin, and then simply stir it all together. Go ahead and wrap your chili in cling wrap,
and then just pop this guy into the fridge, hell be totally fine in there for up to two
days. So now as fast as the chili was to make, it’s
even quicker to cook. So pop it into the microwave until its nice
and hot, for roughly a minute and a half to two and a half minutes. I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing
this smells, we are going to top this off like you would a traditional chili, we’re
going to add on some sour cream, a little bit of cheese, and then some avocado on top. So I have to admit this is a pretty legit
looking chili, check that out. But I’m not gonna fill up on this guy, because
next I’ve got dessert coming. So now this next recipe I am always getting
inundated with requests for and this is my first time ever making it, so I thought why
not make it in a mug—it’s a microwave mug Blondie. Into your mug, add in your butter, then pop
it into the microwave for a few seconds until its melted. Into your butter, add in your sugar, vanilla
extract, and milk, and then stir these all together. Into this add in your flour, baking powder,
and salt, and then stir together to form a batter. So now no blonde would be complete without
a few little delicious add-ins. so I’m going to toss in some white chocolate chips, and
some chopped up caramels. Now these are optional, you can leave them
out, but you add them in there and its gonna take this Blondie to a whole other level. And then just simply stir those guys in. I have to say I think this Blondie in a mug
is going to be a new fan favorite. So now all you wanna do is cover this guy
in cling wrap, and then pop him into your fridge for up to two or three days. So when I want my dessert, I want it fast,
so luckily this Blondie only takes roughly a minute to a minute and 20 seconds to cook. So this is the first time I’ve made a Blondie
in a mug, no it smells amazing in here so I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be a good one. So I know I only had to wait a minute but
this is finally done, and it looks way better than I expected! It’s all caramel-ly and melty, and the little
bit of salt we put in there, its gonna taste amazing. Now I’m gonna garnish this guy with a little
scoop of vanilla ice cream, and a little drizzle of caramel sauce. Okay, this is what I have been waiting for. Mm, and it’s still warm, there is a lovely
taste of caramel, and the salt that we put in there, oh, my gosh. This is a serious Blondie in a mug. Mm, the one thing I regret is not making this
sooner. I know you’re going to love it. Whether you’re looking for a snack on the
go, or even a quick meal, something sweet or something savory, there is definitely a
mug recipe here for you. Now for a limited time, you can download my
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