Hello and welcome back to Cooking by the Book with Baltimore County Public Library. Today, I’m doing a little bit of a different
cookbook. We are doing Thug Kitchen. It’s a bestselling cookbook even though it’s
been out for two years. It’s still on the best seller list that’s
based upon the popular blog that encourages you to – well, I won’t say that. But eat like you give a – let’s say “fig”. Today, I’m going to be making peanut butter
buckeyes. If you haven’t had them before they’re delicious. I would probably describe them as a cross
between a peanut butter cup and a truffle. If you have had them before you know that
they are delicious and today I’m putting a little bit of a different twist on them. We’re adding a crunch from a surprise source. So they will be different from the traditional
ones you’re used to. So step one, we’ll gave away the source of
that surprise crunch. It’s actually comes from millet which is a
whole grain. It’s sort of – I would describe as a cross
between quinoa and couscous perhaps. When you cook it, it puffs up a lot. Some people who do low carb diets will even
mash it in place of mashed potatoes. But we’re just going to toast it like you
would a nut or the seed that it is. We’re going to do it on medium heat so that
way it cooks quickly enough. But it won’t burn if you look away for a second. They say you can use any oil you like. They recommended coconut or grape seed oil
but you can also use vegetable or olive if that’s what you have. I’m actually going to do a spray. It only calls for a half teaspoon. In that way, I get my pan coated and it’s
easier. Let that heat up for about 30 seconds before
you add your millet. This will take about 3-5 minutes to get it
from that really pale blond color to a nice toasty. You’ll start to smell it toasting too. So now, we’ll leave that to cool. We’ll start making our peanut butter dough. I already have 2 Tablespoon of flour in there. You could probably substitute gluten free
if that’s your thing. Then, I’m adding a quarter cup of powdered
sugar and 2/3 cup of just natural peanut butter, plain creamy. And vanilla, 1 1/2 teaspoons of vanilla. Oh, before I mix this – before I get my hands
messy; I’m going to set up. You want to make sure that you have enough
room in your freezer for your cookie sheet. That’s why I’m using my probably least pretty
cookie sheet because it’s the only that properly fits in the freezer. It doesn’t matter because I’m going to put
parchment paper to lay it on anyway. You’re not using it to bake. You’re just using it to hold them in the freezer. Now, I can mix together my peanut butter dough. Ok, now our dough is set. According to the recipe, we should get about
24 of these and this is the fun part. If you have kids around, they can help you. Simply roll it into little balls and place
it on your cookie sheet until you 24 and now they’ll be in the freezer for about 30 minutes
to 2 hours to set up and chill. Your peanut butter balls have sufficiently
chilled, it’s time to dip them in chocolate and make them buckeyes. The book is very good about teaching you different
methods of cooking different grains – different cooking methods. For melting chocolate, they do give you two
options. I’m going to do the lazier microwave way. Which is, you just put it 25 second increments
and take it out and stir it in between until it’s all done. Okay, it took about three rounds on 25 seconds
to get it that smooth. In the cookbook, they do say that if your
chocolate starts to lump up or seize you can add a little bit of coconut oil. So I’m just going to do that in case. It makes your chocolate a little smoother. Now, we combine them. There’s a couple – they do say you can use
a fork to do this. I like using just barbecue skewers. You can also use toothpicks. If you are serving them at a party, you can
use those little fancy ones. I’m just going to do – this is why is helps
to have them set up in the freezer ahead of time. There’s our first buckeye. Don’t worry about the holes for now. I’ll put them in the freezer and about 10
minutes later you can just press them right out because like I said it’s the play dough
consistency. The spoon really helps to really enrobe the
chocolate all around it and kind of give it a little fork lift to transfer it over to
the platter. You see why we use parchment paper because
it does make quite a mess but it’ll pop right off when you are done. Now that they are all chocolate dunk, I’m
going to put them in the freezer. The recipe says for at least three hours to
properly set and chill. Now that they had their time to chill with
the chocolate, they are either ready to be shared amongst friends or enjoyed solo with
your favorite novel. I’m currently reading Terry McMillan latest
I Almost Forgot About You and loving it. So I think I’m going to go do that now. But as always thanks for joining us in your
library BCPL as we cook by the book.