There are six infinity
stones and six colors of M&M’s. Coincidence? Justin Warner here. This episode of Eat the Universe
is sponsored by M&M’s candies. The Infinity Gauntlet is
one of the most powerful tools in the Marvel universe. Today, I’m going to
show you how to make an Infinity Gauntlet
cookie using new hazelnut spread M&M’s. All in a snap. This is a pretty standard
shortbread cookie recipe with a few twists. But where this cookie
really gets powered up is from the hazelnut spread M&M’s. It is a galaxy-wide
established fact that shortbread cookies
and a hazelnut spread are more delicious together. We’re going to start
by making the dough. Here we have some butter. Next we’ll add some sugar. Now we’re going
to cream together the butter and the sugar. I bet Thanos wishes he
could cream the Avengers. [BLENDER WHIRRING] And next up, we’re
going to add some flour. This is kosher salt. You
think Thanos will be salty if the Avengers defeat him? For that classic
Infinity Gauntlet look– some yellow food coloring. I’m going to use a
Time Stone to make this process a little quicker. Now we’re going to shape
the dough into a disk, wrap it in plastic,
and chill it down. It’s a big disk, bro. It’s time for
Thanos to chill out. Now that the dough is chilled,
we’re going to cut it in half. And then half again. Flour up my rolling pin. I’m gonna roll this out. Like so. Now that we’ve
rolled out the dough, let’s forge this into the
shape of the Infinity Gauntlet. Just trace your hand. It’s just like Thanksgiving. Once you’ve traced
your hand, just add a little cuff on
the end to give it that real gauntlet feel. Now just cut it out. If I had the Reality Stone, I
wouldn’t have to use scissors. Watch your fingers. To reinforce our
gauntlet, we’re going to need some armor plating. And to do that, we
need a ring cutter. One, two, three, four, five. We’ll use a slightly larger
cutter to house the Time Stone. All right, let’s see what
this good guy looks like. So in addition to
providing some extra armor for the Infinity
Gauntlet, this is where the Infinity Stones will land. Let’s add some articulation. You can’t snap if you
can’t move your fingers. Now we’re going to use our
hazelnut spread M&M’s to make some divots in our gauntlet. This is where the hazelnut
spread M&M’s will land once we’ve baked the gauntlet. All right, we’ll
slide this on a tray. We’ll just bake this off at
350 degrees for 10 minutes. Now we just have to
add the hazelnut spread M&M’s as Infinity Stones. In order to affix our hazelnut
spread M&M’s Infinity Stones, we’re going to use
a little icing. First up, the Time Stone. The Soul Stone. With new hazelnut
spread M&M’s, you don’t have to go to
nearly the trouble that Thanos did
for the Soul Stone. It’s just the orange ones. We’re going to use one of
these for our Power Stone. Our Space Stone. The Reality Stone. Finally, the Mind Stone. So there you have
it, our hazelnut spread M&M Infinity Gauntlet. Which new hazelnut spread M&M
chocolate candy Infinity Stone am I going to try first? I think I’ll go
with the Soul Stone. Hazelnut spread M&M’s and
shortbread cookies, what a duo. New hazelnut spread
M&M’s are in stores now. That’s all we got
for Eat the Universe. We’ll see you next time.