Dippin’ Dots Popping Candy
is fun, crackling candy made with Dippin’ Dots
ice cream flavors, which got us thinking– what
would happen if we used it instead of ice cream? [LIQUID POURING] All right. Local brew, premium
St. Louis root beer. It’s Dippin’ Dots Popping
Candy, Banana Split flavor. I’m betting it may float. It might be a root beer sink. Isn’t it bad to put
Pop Rocks into soda? I was just going to say that. Are we going to die? Isn’t that one of
those urban legends that they tell kids not to do? No, it’s a fact. It’s a fact, Danny. That our stomach’s
going to explode. We’re going to die. All right, here we go. First and final. Hold on! Get ’em in there! OK, fine. They’re very poppy. Very fizzy. So much carbonation. Mm-hmm. The candy coating gets really
soft with the root beer. It’s odd. I wouldn’t expect banana split
flavor and root beer flavor to go well together. But these are delicious. I’ll see if it root beer floats. I think they’re going to
float for a little while and then sink. I think they’re just
going to sink like stones. OK. Oh, like stones. Oh, some of them
came back up, though. Oh, yeah. As they start to bubble up. That’s really fizzy. Ooohh. Whoa. Is this going to be, like,
ultra-carbonated now? No, it completely
flattened it out. Next item. That was delicious. [CASH REGISTER DING] On to dessert. Rainbow Ice is not
quite ice cream. I think it’s more like sherbet. I’m just going to dump them
in there and then, like– Yeah, just– Pour it down like a drink. Dump. Dump and bite. Yeah. Cheers. Rainbow Ice waffle cone. [RATTLING] There’s a tartness to it. Oh! So the Rainbow Ice is way
different than the Banana Split. Mm-hmm. You know what
these remind me of? Trix. Yeah, like Fruity Pebbles? Mm-hmm. But more creamy than that. It’s a weird crunch because you
got the crispy-crunchy waffle cone with popping candies
exploding everywhere. I think this would be good
as a topping on ice cream on a waffle cone. Bring on the next one. Yay. [ROOSTER CROWING] Good ole American apple pie. With Banana Split on top. Just like my grandma
used to make. You know what I’m going to do? Life up that crust. Lift up the hood, there? Yeah. I either made this
better or ruined it. Ruined it completely. Hunh. What’s going on over there? It’s like they’re fighting
in my mouth, but it’s good. I’ve got hit with a
lot of Popping Candy. Pie and ice cream go really
well together, right? Yeah. Pie and candy is very
different– but candy that tastes like ice cream. I know. I can’t decide if I
love it or hate it. I think I like it. That’s right in the
middle, I think. Sometimes they surprise you, get
you in the back of the throat. That’s what happened to me. That was the fight
I was talking about. I think, in this case, the
candy goes better by itself. And the pie goes better– I liked the
poppingness of the pie. I liked the pie
popping in my mouth. But I didn’t like the
crunch to the pie. Yeah, crunch in a pie is weird. But I liked eating the
pie and having the stuff popping in my mouth. That was kind of fun. Well, that’s just fun, anyway. That’s what makes
these so awesome. Mm-hmm. Yep. [MARIMBA TUNE] So we’ve got a little
cross-promo here. Ice cream sandwich maker– cookie? Wafer? Cookie. Wafer. Wafer. And then, Dippin’ Dots
Popping Cotton Candy, Mint and Chocolate. I’m not a huge mint
and chocolate fan. But for the sake of science,
I will give it the old college try. Cheers. [CRUNCHING] Mmm. So it’s crunchier than
an ice cream sandwich. Mm-hmm. It’s got a good flavor. It does have a
really good flavor. I feel like I’m eating
an ice cream sandwich. But I’m not. Mm-hmm. The cookie is really good. It is really good. When you get enough Popping
Candy in your mouth, and cookie, it’s
pretty much just like eating an ice
cream sandwich. But it’s crunchy. I mean, I really don’t like
mint and chocolate that much, but this is pretty good. I’m proud of you. Stepping out of
your comfort zone. You’re developing
into the adult man– You always know I could be? –that I always
knew you could be. I’m proud of you. Thank you. [MONKEY CHATTER] So, I’m going to be
honest with you right now. I’ve never had a banana split. Get out. Is that, like, a common
thing, to have a banana split? Yeah. It seems like an excessive
amount of ice cream. But we’ve got everything but
ice cream on ours right now. Right. Because this is our ice cream. OK. This is every
flavor, too, right? All right, make it happen. Make it rain. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. That looks amazing. That is a lot. That’s not too many. It’s a lot. But it’s not too many. And with that, I’m going. There we go. Piece of banana. And you’ve got to
have a cherry on top. Cherry on top. [CRUNCHING] Whoa. That is so many– so many flavors! A whole bunch is
happening right now. Wow. Oh. That was challenging. That was, like, mind blown. Too much happening. Too many flavors. Everything was happening
in my mouth that could. Oddly enough, the mint explodes
to the top of the flavors. Oh, yeah. It goes mint, banana, cherry. I’ve got one more in me, and
I think that’s all I can do. It’s overwhelming. It is so over– It’s like a hostage
situation in my mouth. There’s just a lot at
stake, for some reason. I think we found
the line and then pole vaulted with rocket boots
just way the heck over it. This was too much. That is too much. Holy moly. I feel like I’m gonna hurt. Yeah, I already
hurt– in my belly. Grab the 20-pack of
Dippin’ Dots Popping Candy, and tap the videos on the
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