Alaska’s home. All three of my girls have
been born here, my husband and I met here it’s just, it’s home. I’ve picked
berries for as long as I can remember but then I was just like whoa spruce
tips, what else can you do with them? So I just started researching because
obviously they’re in abundance in Alaska. So the spruce tip is the new growth from
the spruce tree, so the tip. The big tender green part is the part that you want to
pick. So you can see that the difference of like the mature spruce,
the needles like stick out more. Versus when they’re the tip, they’re
still compact, they’re still super soft, like you can brush them back and they’re
not prickly in any way. This is my favorite time when they’re like super
super tender. They turn quickly it’s like a three week period at most. It’s
actually a superfood! It’s so high in vitamin C. Just pluck it off! I’ll fill up
a gallon bag at least. I have three daughters, their names are Rosalie, Rowan and Reverie. They are my husband’s and my whole world. We do everything with them, we live for them. It’s really fun to do this with
my daughters. This is a memory we’ll always have. So we’re gonna be doing some spruce tip
jelly. My grandmother made all of her jelly and all of her jams, and I always
really admired that about my grandmother. (Wash them) And I thought it was important for me to carry that tradition for my family. So that my
girls can remember this is what we do with mom. We’re gonna let it boil like that for
like three to five minutes. They’re all turning pale because the water is
heating them up I think. Wanna put the lid on my love? Yes! It’s
heavy. That’ll steep for four to twelve hours and then we’ll strain it and turn
it into spruce juice and make our jelly. So I just pulled this out of the freezer,
it’s frosty. Stick it in. See how the jelly sticks to the back of the spoon?
It’s good! This is one of my girls’ favorite jellies. It’s way more citrusy
than Pine-Sol-y. My husband I are aware of what we put into their bodies. I know
where it all came from, like there’s nothing I can’t pronounce on the back of
my jelly jars. So as long as this one’s been alive, she’s gonna be nine in three
weeks, I’ve never bought jelly. So her favorite jellies are spruce tip, fireweed
and dandelion and that’s what she gets on her sandwiches.
It’s just so cool because it’s so abundant, so easy. I picked all the spruce
tips I’ve done for two batches of jelly plus syrup in my backyard, like, I didn’t
even have to leave and if you do have to leave, if you don’t have that many spruce
tips you just walk on one of the trails and you’ll fill a gallon in an hour. This was kind of like my dream. I wanted
my kids and my husband and he’s like my favorite person ever, and my kids are my
favorite people ever, and we have our life and we have these special memories
of like cooking in the kitchen and playing in the woods and I don’t know if
it gets much better than that.