3,2,1… oh man! Hi Bold Bakers! My Bigger Bolder Baking cookbook is all about
helping anyone to bake with confidence anytime anywhere. This is why I have Charlotte, my Bold Baking
sous chef. And we are going to make, Charlotte… what
are we gonna make? We’re gonna make a recipe from my cookbook
so this is an exclusive recipe from my book. Do you wanna tell them what we’re gonna
make? Yeah it’s Irish Shortbread. Bigger Bolder Irish Shortbread. So this is a recipe that I grew up on in Ireland,
it’s a really really lovely buttery cookie. And you said you love shortbread right? I love shortbread. Charlotte loves shortbread. So that’s why when we went through the book
this is the one we stuck with. This is from chapter one and chapter one from
the book is, do you remember what it is? It is Bowl and Wooden Spoon. There you go, good girl. And that chapter is the first chapter so it’s
really great actually for little hands, or maybe you don’t use machinery or anything
like that. There are lots of cookies in that chapter
and there are some crumbles and crisps and things like that, so you can really make an
array of desserts without having to use a machine. Yeah. That’s good. So the first step Charlotte is to… preheat
the oven to 300 Fahrenheit or 150 degrees Celsius. So the good thing about this recipe is it
can be made in a traditional oven, or what we’re gonna do today is make it in a toaster
oven. Loads of people don’t have big ovens and
they maybe only have toaster ovens and I don’t know if you know this but my kitchen, Charlotte
knows, my kitchen’s very really small, isn’t it Charlotte? Isn’t it smaller in real life than it looks
like on TV? So small. So small. Is that a good toaster oven Charlotte? Yeah. Is it dirty? Go down to this one, number two. In a large bowl, cream together the butter
and sugar with a wooden spoon until pale, light and fluffy. Perfect, now our butter here, do you see that
word? It’s really important. Softened, that’s right softened it’s really
important. When it’s written in a recipe to use softened
butter, you have to use softened butter. Yeah, it’s really important, it’s so important. It is important. See when you’re doing this by hand, Charlotte,
you have to have the ingredients nice and soft to mix it, if it’s too hard you’re
not going to be able to mix it by hand. Then what are you gonna do? Have to churn it. We’ll have to use a hand mixer or something. Okie dokie here’s what we’re gonna do
I’m gonna add in the butter. And then I’m gonna get you to measure the
sugar, how much do we need? We need a half a cup. Half a cup. So I’ve got a quarter of a cup here and
I’m gonna do two of those. Lovely. Now, Charlotte, how strong are you? Show me your muscles. Those are good muscles I think they’re bigger
than mine. So here’s what we’re gonna do we’ll
share doing the mixing if that’s ok. So you start out, and what you have to do
is cream the butter and the sugar and all that means is you have to mix these two together
really well until they’re pale, light and fluffy. So there you go, and if you need to I’ll
hold the bowl. So creaming is a very basic, actually one
of the first baking methods you would learn. Something I learned as a kid because we would
make a lot of cookies and buns, things like that. So we’d have to cream together the butter
and the sugar. So the whole entire chapter, the first chapter
is a lot like this, so it’s a great kind of introduction to baking, it’s a good way
to kind of start out and then build-up towards the end where some of the desserts might be
a little bit harder. That’s lovely Charlotte, ok I’ll give
it a go now. Watch how strong I am. Man I’m so strong. Now you go. I really can. There you go. That looks pretty smooth. That’s perfect, good woman. You did awesome. So Charlotte what’s our next step? Add the flour and corn starch. Mix very lightly until you have a smooth dough. Gorgeous, I’ll give you that guy. I think I’ll be able to do that. If you want I’ll level it off to make it
better, because you always level off your spoons when you’re baking. You don’t have to worry about getting flour
on the floor because Kevin cleans up after me. Here I’ll make it dirtier. I didn’t say that, she did. In you go, lovely, one more. Gorgeous. Now how much of the corn starch? Corn starch? One cup. Just one cup. Just one cup. Do you know why we add cornstarch to our cookies? Why? Because it kind of makes them drier so it
makes them really crispy. And there’s loads of butter so it’s a
really buttery cookie and then it’s kind of dry and crumbly which is actually a really
lovely texture to have in a cookie. So we’re gonna get a cup of corn starch. So let’s have a look Charlotte. Mixing. We’re on to mixing we added in our flour
we added in our corn starch. So what we have to do now is, is it mix it
together until you have a smooth dough. Do you think you’d be able to make this
cookie by yourself ? Yeah. To be fair you kinda technically have I just
stood here and handed you stuff. I know. So for all the recipes in the book I give
a little anecdote or story on where the recipe came from and what it means to me. Shortbread was something my sister used to
mak. Lots of the kids in my family used to make
different things. I remember George would make profiteroles,
Suzanne made chocolate cake and CarolAnn used to always make shortbread. And it was very very similar to this and it’s
really easy, a really great recipe for kids, it’s only a few ingredients and you can
do it all by hand. You’re doing good, Charlotte. Will I do a little mix? Get in the bowl! There you go do you see how it’s starting
to come together? Do you see now why I said softened butter? Yeah. Yeah it’s really important. This is crumbly dough, yeah this is starting
to come together, yeah. Perfect I think you did great, this is looking
lovely it all kind of came together. So now all we have to do is push it into our
baking tin. So Charlotte it says in the recipe we need
an 8 by 8 tin and that’s what this guy is. It’s the perfect size and it makes nice
thick shortbread. You want to see my trick for buttering? When you have butter wrappers, you grease
your tin with the wrapper. And then you can now put it in the bin and
you’ve got a greased pan. Wow. Genius, huh? Genius. Instead of just taking a stick of butter and
just. Exactly, yeah. I came up with that, I invented that. Don’t ask anyone else but I did. There we go. And then we’re gonna line it with parchment. What is our next step, where are we at? We’re at four. Press the dough into a pre-papered pan. Ok lovely, Charlotte if you wouldn’t mind
get the dough into the pan there. Lovely, you’re doing good. Good job. So Charlotte do you mind getting your hands
dirty? No I like mixing, I’m gonna get you to put
your hands in there and form it into the tin. Then we’re gonna cut it into sticks after? Yeah. Always thinking one step ahead Charlotte. There’s a buttery… you can just smush
that back in there it’s ok. Okie dokie. Nothing saw nothing. Nothing saw nothing. So what I’m gonna do is cut it into fingers,
so what you want to do is just kind of make an indent, and you can imagine as it bakes,
it’s already gonna have, we call this scoring, it’ll already have these lines in there
so it’ll make it much easier to cut your final shortbread. And what I’m gonna get you to do because
I think you’re gonna be good at this job, is… Oh, prick the holes in? Prick the holes in the shortbread. Gorgeous Charlotte that’s great. All done. So check that out, Bigger Bolder Irish shortbread
that Charlotte made. Basically, but I helped, I helped. Remember me helping? So we’re gonna pop this in the oven now. You wanna bake your shortbread enough so it’s
a lovely light golden brown on top. Charlotte our job is done for now, let’s
go take a break. Ta dah! Wow look how gorgeous that looks. Do you notice that it kind of puffed up a
bit? And if you push down on it, it’s kind of
firm underneath your finger. Nice? I’m just licking the crumbs. I’m just licking the crumbs. Charlotte in a word, what does it smell like
in this kitchen right now. Baked butter!Baked butter, that’s exactly
what it smells like. You see the way our lines stayed? So you can imagine that a cookie that’s
half butter is just gonna be absolutely delicious. Look at that, yeah, isn’t that gorgeous? That looks so great. So Charlotte how do you think we did? Does it look like the picture in the book? Gorgeous, let’s see on the other side. Yep. Just like it, you wanna try a little bit? Yeah. That’s good. It’s good, huh? Just a tiny bit sweet, but all in all good,
yeah it’s very good. Very crumbly, also very soft, soft though
and crispy. But it’s really good, yeah its crispy on
the outside and soft in the middle because of all that yummy butter. It’s a pretty easy cookie to make with just
like 4 ingredients. If I come to your house one day will you make
this for me? So as you can see this is just one recipe
that anyone can make anytime, anywhere and I’ve got over 100 more in my cookbook. It’s Charlotte approved, right Charlotte? I love it! Thanks would you buy my cookbook? Aw thank you. Say goodbye now to everyone Charlotte. Bye!