Hello, welcome to sinem’s kitchen. Today we have a tangerine milk dessert with you I want to share my recipe. your guests will impress you with its visual and taste it’s a yummy milky dessert. Very healthy with plenty of vitamin C for a delicious dessert recipe 1 pack of vanilla pudding 3 cups of orange juice I used ready-made orange juice. You can also use freshly squeezed orange juice I cooked pudding with stirring I cut six tangerines in half. I placed the flat part down. I picked one small pomegranate. Sprinkle in the spaces. for custard 2.5 cups of milk half cup of semolina 2 fingers missing from 1 glass of sugar I covered the stove. 1 tablespoon butter half lemon juice If you love dessert you can use 1 cup candy. 1 night or 5-6 hours will also suffice. I keep it in the fridge. I waited for 5-6 hours. Honey’s ready. I also prepare orange pudding as starchy jelly. You can prepare it that way. I’m adding the material list to the description. Looking from there starchy. But it’s more delicious than pudding. That’s why I make pudding. I’m using vanilla pudding It is both very easy and very tasty. I want to show you a slice. It’s delicious. I hope you will try and like it. Waiting for your comments after trying. Make it easy for everyone who will. Bon appetit to everyone. Good-bye to see you on my next recipe.