Hi guys! I’m Zeba Kohli and I have a
wonderful Easter recipe lined up for you. It’s called the Easter chocolate trellis
with whipped cream and mango and of course the secret ingredient. You need to
watch my entire recipe and you’re going to discover something exotic, delicious
and totally cool. And I’m going to show you a nice Easter trick. Let’s get started. So I’m trying to make sure that the piping bag has been very very thin
it has been cut very very thin and I’m going to make a delicious chocolate
trellis. So well tempered chocolate takes about 25 to 30 minutes to come to a
perfect crack. So I have a pretty little white bowl which is quite a standard white
platter actually not a bowl and here we are. Thick caramel. Let’s chop our mangoes. So the one thing
you have to make sure of course is that you washed your mangoes very well. I particularly like when I can see
something pretty. Shall we go check if our chocolate trellis is ready? So we need to be very gentle with this. So whipped cream and mangoes delicious.
There’s a lovely perfectly burnt sugar caramel. Thick like toffee. A non-dairy
whipped cream and of course no dessert is complete without something green. So
what I like is a matcha powder and what we will do is just dust the cream
lightly. And so amazing! I love matcha. matcha has a lot of nutritional
properties they say and actually when you blend it well with a lovely like as
a latte or in the summer, you know, something cold, it’s it’s pretty
delicious. and here we are the chocolate trellis with mango and fresh cream with
a hint of matcha.