Today I will be making Mango Shrikhand. This is a refreshing yogurt based sweet dish. Shrikhand with mango makes it very delicious dessert. This exotic dessert is easy to prepare. Shrikhand is often served with puris. This recipe will serve 6. To make Mango Shrikhand, we will need: 3 cups of plain yogurt, 1 cup of mango
puree, 1/3 cup of sugar, 1/4 teaspoon of crushed cardamom. For garnishing, 1/4 cup of Mango
cut into small pieces, 1 tablespoon of sliced pistachios (pista). First we need to make the hung yogurt or thick yogurt, for that I use the strainer and put the muslin cloth
or cheese cloth over and the strainer should be over the bowl. Put the yogurt in it and squeeze it lightly. As you see lot of water will come out. Gently squeeze the excess water out making sure you are not squeezing the yogurt. So, after this, just leave this
in the strainer. Remove the excess water and put this into the refrigerator for 3-4 hrs.
We are putting this into the refrigerator so yogurt does not get sour but in between do squeeze the excess water out every half n hour or so. I have already made this thick yogurt or hung yogurt. As you see it is very thick, consistency of cream cheese. I am ready to make the Mango Shrikhand. For that first I will put the hung yogurt or thick yogurt in a bowl. Add the cardamom, and mix it well. Okay, so now it’s smooth. Add the mango pulp. Mix it together. Gently fold it so you can see some shades of yogurt and some shades of mango. It looks pretty. This is the time to add the sugar. Now it depends on how much sugar you need. It depends on how sour was mango or how sour was the yogurt. So, start mixing some of the sugar. Mix it again. Just again folding gently. This is the time to taste, that if you need more sugar or not. I think i don’t need any more sugar. So I
have used about 1/4 cup of sugar. So, Shrikhand is ready. But, serve shrikhand chilled. So, I will leave this in the refrigerator till I am ready to serve. So, I am ready to serve the shrikhand. Now garnish it with few pieces of mango. And some pistachios. Mango Shrikhand is ready. Looks beautiful. This is ready to serve. Mango Shrikhand is very refreshing dessert. Serve cold and garnish it with mango and pistachios. Enjoy this delicious dessert
with your family and friends in your next get together. Thank you. Till we meet again,
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